For Deportation to Work, it Needs Border Enforcement

1 09 2007

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My guess is that the Reuter reporter’s intention in her article, Deportees use “revolving door” to return to U.S., is to positively portray the pluckiness and determination of the deported illegals who return back to the United States. Of course, I could be wrong. But the one thing that should be taken away from this article is that deportation is nearly meaningless if we don’t guard our borders.

When a heavy knock came on the door of her Phoenix home, Mari knew that the immigration police had finally caught up with her. Arrested and held for a month in a U.S. jail, she was sent back to Guatemala on a prison flight.

But four weeks later, after raising a $5,000 smuggling fee, she was back with her family in Arizona.

As U.S. authorities step up deportations of illegal immigrants, a growing number of them, like Mari, are simply turning round and heading back stateside to rejoin families and resume their lives.

“Guatemala is no longer my home. All my roots are here in the country I have lived in since I was 15 years old … I felt I had no option but to try to come back,” said Mari, which is not her real name.

The little reported phenomenon of the repeat lawbreakers was highlighted by the high-profile case of Elvira Arellano, the Mexican illegal immigrant deported earlier this month for slipping back into the United States despite a previous removal in 1997.

“I know a lot of people in the same position as Elvira … their whole life is here,” said Mari’s husband, Samuel, who is also an undocumented immigrant.

“If they throw them out of the country, sooner or later they will be back.” Read more….

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2 09 2007

We have to stop illegal aliens from returning. We should adopt Mexico’s immigration laws. Two years in jail for being caught the first time, 10 years in jail for the second offense.

Enforce that a couple of times and word would spread.

But it will not happen. Why? Our politicians and big busessess want open borders and amnesty. It is rumored that Bush made a deal with Mexico and Canada for a North American Union and SPP, and that he has agreed to completely open borders in 2010.

That would explain why Bush in announcing his tough enforcement this August, pulled 1/2 of the border patrol off the border. So all the violent criminals ICE deports can come rigth back in. Also Bush finally promised 70miles of fence this year; only 13 have been installed, and border patrol has toask its employees to volunteer their time to build it! The employer verification system is a farce, it only applies to the largest corporations and does not catch illegals who are using a stolen American SSN.

Judicial “Watch has started a lawsuit. One Bush government document they have says since Americans will resist North American integration, they have to do it in secret, by “evolution stealth”. That highway in the west that Bushis pushing might be part of it, as well as letting teh Mexican truckers in.

Call your Senators, Congressman, and even state reps and demand to know what is going on. I don’t think any of this has been submitted to Congress for ratification.

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