Judge Denies Preliminary Injunction Motion

1 11 2007

TULSA, Okla. (AP) _ A federal judge denied late Wednesday a request by Latino groups to block the implementation of a new state law targeting illegal immigrants, paving the way for the bill to take effect in a matter of hours. In a two-page ruling, U.S. District Judge James H. Payne wrote that the plaintiffs failed to introduce evidence in support of their motion.

The Latino groups sought the preliminary injunction to stop the new law, which would bar illegal immigrants from obtaining jobs or state assistance and make it a felony to harbor or transport illegal aliens.

Payne threw out an earlier attempt by the group to stop the measure, saying the plaintiffs could not show they were harmed by a law that hadn’t taken effect yet.

In its second filing, the group added several unidentified illegal immigrants who have been told they must move from their rent homes because of the new law. [snip…]

Supporters of the new law said state legislation was needed because federal authorities had failed to act.

“They want to move Mexico here. They do not want to assimilate. I have a problem with that,” said Tulsa resident Dan Howard, a former Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper. [snip…]

Nina Perales, Southwest regional counsel for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, said there was more puffery to the law than substance.

Even so, she said many at the community level are concerned it will unleash immigration raids, increase racial profiling and split up families.

Why would it split up families? We are perfectly willing to send the whole family packing, that is your decision.

“It is a ridiculously redundant piece of legislation,” Perales said. “These are all federal laws that are already on the books.”

Really, it is a waste of time then and will accomplish nothing?

Hispanic activist Victor Orta said, “Our families have been receiving eviction notices that, beginning tonight, if they cannot prove their status here, they will be evicted.” [snip]

“I know 25,000 or more of my Latino people have been afraid and they have left this state,” Rivera said.

Hmm, seems to be working to me! If every state had these laws the illegal aliens would be forced to go back to their country of citizenry.

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One response

2 11 2007
throw em out

Way to go!!! Send them packing right across the boarder back to Mexico or were ever they came from!!!

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