Since When do Students Dictate Police Policy? Or a School District Determine Who Can Go On Church Property?

9 11 2007

Cross posted from Miss Beth’s Victory Dance

If you’ve been anywhere near Southern Arizona this past week, you’ll understand that’s just what happened at a local high school. If you listen to or watch O’Reilly, you’ll have heard the story. Free Republic and Lone Star Diary have the story as well.

What you see above is the school this took place at–Catalina Magnet High School, in Tucson Unified School District, Tucson, AZ.

It all started November 1, 2007 when a student was caught in possession of illegal drugs. He also appeared to be under the influence of narcotic drugs. The police were called to the school to make the arrest. It was determined during questioning the student was also an illegal. His family had been here for six years, illegally. Tucson Police Department (“TPD”) called Border Patrol. The student, his brother (a junior high student) and his mother were deported. His father is being held for formal deportation proceedings.

On November 6, 2007, approximately 100 of his fellow students protested, showing up on school grounds ready to protest instead of attend classes. The protest led 5 miles to the police department headquarters downtown.

Their complaint? The presence of the police and border patrol on a school campus and the deportation of the family.

NOT the fact the juvenile allegedly had illegal drugs on his person. NOT the fact the juvenile appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic substance. NOT EVEN THE FACT THE JUVENILE WAS 17 YEARS OLD AND A FRESHMAN (how’s that accommodation working out for you?).

No, they were upset because they don’t feel safe in school when Border Patrol and the Police come on campus.

Now, were these little truants locked up? Of course not. Most of them had parent permission slips “excusing” their absences that day. MY parents would have beat my ass and I wouldn’t have been able to sit down for a month.

So what happened? The Superintendent of Tucson Unified School District (“TUSD”), Roger Pfeuffer, “met with the students” to “talk over” their concerns and then met with the higher ups at TPD.

From the Tucson Citizen:

In Arizona, public school districts are forbidden by law to deny an education to any school-age child living here, Tucson Unified School District officials said.

The district’s stance on the issue was clear: “We don’t want immigration laws enforced on our campuses,” said TUSD Superintendent Roger Pfeuffer. [Emphasis mine]


Pfeuffer said Villaseñor came out to speak with students after their meeting and pointed out that police never would have called the Border Patrol if police hadn’t been called to the school for criminal activity. [Empnasis mine]

Villaseñor said police have to ask the question of citizenship when they are taking someone into custody.

Community activist Isabel Garcia questioned that action. And, she added, “You should not have called Border Patrol onto campus.”

Villaseñor said Tuesday afternoon that TPD would no longer call the Border Patrol to churches or schools, although it will cooperate with the Border Patrol. [Emphasis mine]

My question? What on earth did a school protest have to do with TPD changing its policy to include CHURCHES? No one is touching that question.

Students reactions were typical:

Araceli Sanchez (14, 9th grader): “… conceded the arrested 17-year-old student and his family were in the United States illegally, “but, he was just another student.”

Jorge Guerrero (18, senior): “How can we learn if we’ve scared the Border Patrol is going to come for us.”

Mario Portillo (16, junior; identified by students as co-organizer of protest): “No matter if you’re an illegal alien, you have the right to an education.”

Notice anything about those kids? Not one white surname among them. Not one. A concession the snowball started with the possession of illegal substances, but it was turned around into a sob story for illegals. A police department changing policy, now stating publicly they will NOT DO THE JOB THEY ARE PAID TO DO BY THE LEGAL TAXPAYERS OF TUCSON so the “kids will feel safe”. The school district tying the hands of the police and border patrol from doing their jobs–much like congress ties the hands of our military in combat. And the school district now somehow dictating policy regarding churches.

A local radio station in Tucson has organized a counter protest as stated above. Tucson is a powder keg because of this and the taxpaying citizens are saying ENOUGH to the activists. YOUR VOICES HAVE BEEN HEARD AND IT’S OUR TURN. AND WE’VE HAD IT.

This was the blurb from O’Reilly:

After marijuana was found in his backpack, a 17-year-old Tucson student was reported to police, who discovered that the young man and his family were here illegally. The family was deported to Mexico, setting off a protest by other students and school officials. The Factor welcomed Arizona Republic columnist Joe Garcia, who accused immigration officials of overzealousness. “Does the punishment fit the crime? In this case, I don’t think it does. Even his brother was yanked out of middle school and deported. There has to be some compassion and humanity and logic.” But The Factor endorsed the deportation. “Any illegal immigrant who commits a crime has to go, which is why I have no sympathy for the boy and his family. They shouldn’t be here in the first place.”

This has nothing to do with being a “hater” or a “bigot” or a “racist”. This has everything to do with enforcing the laws on the books. This has to do with the minority, an illegal minority at that, dictating police policy. This has to do with a bunch of snot nosed kids telling the police what they can and can’t do. This has to do with a power hungry school district refusing to cooperate with authorities. And the people have said–ENOUGH.

Jon Justice is the radio personality bringing this story to the public’s attention. Go to the website at 104.1 The Truth for more details. You can email Jon from the site and you can go to the lower left hand corner of the site to view the newscasts. Only one local news station, ABC affiliate KGUN9, covered the story.

This is from Jon’s page:

Friday Morning 11/09 9am

A Rally to Support Enforcement of Illegal Immigration Laws.

Military Plaza 6th Ave S. in Downtown Tucson

The people of Tucson who oppose the addition of a policy that states TPD cannot call immigration authorities to schools or churches (TUSD Policy 2119) are getting together Friday morning to show support that they want this policy removed. They also want confirmation that TPD will call immigration authorities whenever an arrest is made of an illegal immigrant, regardless of location. During the rally they will march to TPD.

If you cannot make the rally or want to join the caravan to Military Plaza, listeners to 104.1 The Truth are welcome to come to the radio station 3438 N. Country Club Rd. Tucson, AZ 85716 starting at 6am to sign a petition that will be given to TPD. This petition asks that the policy above put in place Tuesday Nov 6th by TUSD and TPD be removed.TPD needs to be allowed to enforce immigration laws and contact immigration officials in any circumstance.

BREAKING NEWS: TPD responded to a call from Rincon High School Wednesday morning over a student caught with Marijuana. The student is an ILLEGAL ALIEN. In accordance with the new policy change immigration authorities WERE NOT CALLED. He was booked into juvenile detention. Proof that our laws are not being enforced and TUSD has tied the hands of TPD.

More numbers and e-mail addresses – let your voice be heard!

Chief of Police, TPD: 791-4441

Superintendent of Schools, Roger Pfeuffer: 225-6060

Mayor Bob Walkup
(520) 791-4201

UPDATE II: Here are more numbers to call at Catalina Magnet and Rincon:

Catalina: 232-8400
Rincon High School:232-5600

Janet Napolitano
Governor of Arizona
Telephone (602) 542-4331
Toll Free 1-(800) 253-0883
Fax (602) 542-1381
Tucson District Office

Gabrielle Giffords
Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: (520) 881-3588
Fax: (520) 322-9490

Gabrielle Giffords
U.S. House of Representatives
Phone: (202) 225-2542
Fax: (202) 225-0378

Tom Horne-Arizona School Superintendent (602)542-5057

Terry Goddard-Arizona Attorney General, Phoenix (602)542-5025, Tucson (520)628-6530

UPDATE: It’s pretty simple: if the police aren’t going to enforce the law… if the schools aren’t going to enforce the law… if fear of upsetting a bunch of snot-nosed teenagers is going to prevent us from enforcing immigration laws, then it’s up to us. Here are the hotline numbers we talked about on the show:ICE: 1-800-973-2867

BORDER PATROL: 1-877-USBPHELP (877-872-7435)

I heard later in the day representative Raul Grijalva (Arizona District 7) was also involving himself in this. SURPRISE! He started at TUSD–and his daughter is now a board member of TUSD. Rather convenient, don’t you think?

This is happening in Tucson. It could just as easily be happening in your town.

More updates as they come in.

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3 responses

18 09 2008
Linda Thompson

This doesn’t have anything to do with illegal immigrants but it does have to do with gangs. My Granddaughter is a sophomore at Seligman, Az. The hualapai tribe has been busing their kids up here to go to school. They have one but due to problems there, our school accepted them. They are bullies and have been heard to say “they were going to run whitey out”. They threaten and some of the students have physically been hurt not to mention the fact they are scared of them. The principle who is new to this school, told my granddaughter and some others that they could quit school classes and get their GED through the school. Does this sound right? Rather than fix the problem, which they probably get kick-back from the government, they would have our children quit. My Granddaughter is 15, just barely. She wants to go to college some day to be a nurse. I sure could use some in-put. Thanks for listening. Concerned grandma.

11 11 2007
Catalina Insider

If you want to make sense of this whole thing, follow the old addage – Follow the money!

What people fail to realize is that educating illegals brings in really BIG BUCKS to TUSD. Pfeuffer is a spineless bureaucrat who doesn’t give a care about Mexicans. The kid that got busted and the kids who protested were gang members. Everyone involved is in denial that Mexican gangs run the Tucson schools.

I am close to the situation and I can tell you that the teachers around me fall into one of two categoris: 1.) Those that are too stupid or sheltered to recognize gang activity and 2.) Those who are either past gang members who want to be loyal or those who are too afraid to say anything about it.

Let’s face it, those involved were gang bangers. Everyone knows, but very few people are willing to say that gang bangers are stupid and have really bad attitudes towards anglos. They refuse to learn or to even take standardized tests. They get put into “special ed” where they don’t do anything all day and leave class whenever they feel like it. TUSD has a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy on Mexican gang bangers. It’s an unwritten law that no one should keep very good attendance here or hassel the little gangsters while they’re doing business at school.

Money is behind the whole thing. Every special ed kid gets more money from the state than a regular student. In some cases it can be as high as $35,000 per dimwit illegal gangster. TEA and TUSD both have every reason to keep illegals in school – they pay! The union wants this money going into the schools so the teachers get higher pay for teaching “special” gansters so they protect teachers and make it so they don’t have to follow FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAW and turn the little criminals in. TUSD is the poorest funded school district in the country so they NEED the money that they get from illegal Mexican gang bangers. So everybody just lives in denial that we have a huge gang problem in Tucson.

The midtown neighborhood around Catalina used to be a nice place to live. Now, you can’t walk through them at night and on the weekends you hear shooting all night long – rival gangs protecting their drug territory.

As long as the schools here are set up to pay more for dumb gansters who refuse to learn, everyone in the system will give the little darlings everything they want. If the gansters don’t want the migra hassling them while they’re doing business then that’s what will happen. If the gangsters say that possession of marijuana is a “little thing” then that’s what TUSD will repeat like parrots.

This situation won’t change until the taxpayers wise up and get together demanding laws to get the illegals OUT of the schools – it’s the easiest place to find them becuase they have to provide so much paperwork to prove their citizens. If this country really wanted to get rid of the illegal aliens who commit the most violent crimes, it would start with the schools. These are PUBLIC places funded by PUBLIC monies.

We also need local state and federal laws to say the same thing – when illegals do illegal things, ship em back where they came from and make sure they don’t get back in. I heard that that family is ALREADY back in the states and their little gansters are doing business in the SAME NEIGHBORHOOD they just got kicked out of.

I have to remain anonymous because if I say anything about this at work, I could be fired, but the gangsters are arranging a protest at TUSD this Tuesday NOV 13th. The taxpayers who don’t work for the school district need to be there to tell TUSD to follow FEDERAL law and quit wasting our money educating gangsters who don’t belong in this country. There are also laws about bringing drugs into school property that should be used to check anyone who gets busted for drugs for immigration status. If the taxpayers don’t wise up and speak up then the gangs will continue to tell us what laws we can enforce in OUR schools.

11 11 2007
throw em out

I am so disgusted with those people!!! Do they know the definition of ILLEGAL!!! I personally am disgusted knowing MY tax dollars are being used the educate these wet back illegal immigrant scum. Two words!!! Vote republican!!! in the next election!!

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