Linda Chavez, champion of illegal aliens in Arizona!

7 01 2008

Cross posted from Conservative Common Man

“Conservative” columnist Linda Chavez continued her assault on the nasty Americans that have a problem with illegal immigration in her latest column. “The Sound of Silence” celebrates the lack of reports stemming from Arizona’s new law requiring investigations of complaints by citizens regarding businesses which may be using illegal labor.

Chavez trumpets the small number of complaints that occurred during the law’s first week on the books as proof that the citizens of Arizona aren’t all that concerned about illegal immigration. Apparently the law is a waste of law book space to Chavez, no doubt joining any other sovereignty preserving law in that category. Linda likes the lovely lack of locals who complained about businesses employing illegals in the first week of the new year. She would have her readers believe that the good people of Arizona (only qualify as good people now if they aren’t complaining about illegals) all made “not mouthing off about poor illegals” as their primary new year resolution.

I can’t help wondering if there might be a better explanation for the Linda’s luscious lack of livid complaints. Two words come to mind… two words that Chavez blocks out when discussing her pet issue. These two words are common and sense!

My recent post, “Some Arizona businesses are having whine at their New Year’s celebrations,” dealt with the poor business owners in Arizona that were taking steps to conform to Linda’s least liked law. Could it be that the attention given to the law before it went into effect had an impact. No, I doubt it. After all how on earth could businesses laying off illegal employees have an effect on citizen complaints against businesses using illegal employees? Come on, that would be like people driving at or below the posted speed limit accounting for a lack of speeding tickets!

Linda leaves little doubt that she opposes any legal obstacle to liquidating our borders. I am afraid however, that common sense laws and the notion that they will be enforced do indeed have an effect. Let’s hope Linda’s idea of a Happy New Year is never realized. Let’s continue to give her something to crusade against, American sovereignty!

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email brianbonner90- at-gmail- dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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One response

22 01 2009
Lisa Stiver

I have few words of wisdom for Ms. Chavez and her fight for illegal immigrants. I am a US Citizen. On Dec 31st at 8 pm my 16 year old daughter on her way home was hit by an illegal immigrant. He was 3 times over the legal limit. My daughter was hurt and this coward got out and ran. They caught him over an hour later when he still insisted it wasn’t him after 3 witnesses identified him. We and our insurance are paying for my daughters medical bills. His – Carlos Garcia Torres – the state of Arizona paid for his. My tax dollars! We went to court yesterday in the Municipal Court house. My daughter stood up and told the judge that she has three places that her spine has been compressed, multiple nerve and muscle damage and the curvature in her spine is gone. She will never play basketball again. She has played since 5th grade. She can’t sit through a whole class at school. I spoke in front of the judge and told her of the nightmares my daughter has nightly, of watching them extricate my daughter from her car and have the hospital tell us they thought her neck was fractured. Carlos Garcia Torres never looked at us once, just listening to his interpertur. I asked Judge Teague for the maximum sentence on all 5 counts. The Judge asked the DA what his recommendation was. He said it’s not fair to have tax payers pay to keep this man in jail and he requested the minimum sentence and turn Carlos Garcia Torres over to INS. The Judge agreed and sentenced this man that changed my 16 year old daughters life forever to 30 days in jail with credit for the 21 he had already served. The Victims Advocate told us this is the hardest case when children are hurt and this is a common daily routine. The Prosecutor tells us that Judges in Arizona are great for guilty verdicts but they never give more then the minimum sentence to illegals. The only person that stood up for us was another inmate that upon the verdict yelled “30 days you got to be kidding”. Ms. Chavez your one sided justification is not felt here. If these people want to be in our country, they should have the same consequences. Mr. Carlos Garcia Torres will be deported within the next two weeks and back in our country illegally within a short time. This is justice? This is called a government scared to stand up and take control. This is called a system that is broke and no one has the guts to say it has to be fixed. This is a group of people that want to whine about how horrible it is in their country then come to ours and do the same things that made their country what it is. Perhaps they should stay in their country and stand up like we did for our rights and independence. Perhaps they should be accountable for their actions as we are. Don’t cry prejudice or unfairness in my world Ms Chavez. Come and explain it to my 16 year old daughter during her next physical therapy appt or while she is sitting in the stands watching her high school team play ball. Grow up and see the big picture. If you don’t like it here cross the border going the other way.

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