Oklahoma Immigration Law a Model for U.S States

10 01 2008

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As I have said, take away the illegal aliens reasons for being here and they will just leave…

From USA Today:

Since 1804 was approved in Oklahoma, 15,000-25,000 illegal immigrants have left Tulsa County, the Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce says. Executive director Francisco Treviño bases the estimate on school enrollment, church attendance and reports from bus companies with service to Mexico.

“People are leaving to Mexico or Canada or other states,” says Jim Garcia, manager of Tulsa’s El Mercadito, a Hispanic grocery. He says sales have fallen 40% since Nov. 1. “A lot of people are going to Missouri or Arkansas because they think it’s safer.”

Arkansas state Rep. Rick Green, a Republican, says he has heard from a doctor who complained that illegal immigrants from Oklahoma have crossed the state line for medical care.

“With Arkansas being a very poor state economically, the concern is whether we can shoulder these expenses” stemming from any influx of immigrants from Oklahoma, he says.

Supporters of 1804 say the state will benefit from illegal immigrants leaving. “That’s money in our pocket,” says Carol Helm of Immigration Reform for Oklahoma Now.

There it is and every state should enact the same law and our federal government should enforce our immigration laws and SEAL THE BORDER.

Where’s the fence????

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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One response

17 01 2008

I have to vent!!!!

I just stood in line at a grocery store buying $37.00 worth of groceries. In front of me was a Spanish speaking (no English at all) family consisting of a well dressed 27 year old ( plus or minus) woman and 3 kids and what looked like her mom and dad. The 6 cans of baby formula was paid for with vouchers of some kind. The juice and food stuffs were paid for with a food stamp card. The items paid for with cash are as follows: 1 football, 1 pair of inline skates, 1 playground ball, one small ball, 3 large size slim-jim beef jerky snacks, a bag of fritos and some thongs.

The woman was decked out in gold jewelry, the 9 year old had a pierced earring and was sliding around on his brand new “wheelies”. I’ve seen a lot worse than this group, but it still got my blood boiling as I squeezed out my $37.00 cash for groceries and had no extra money for fun stuff or snacks because I was brought up to believe that welfare programs are in place for people who are really having a very tough time. I was taught you have to carry your own weight and programs like food stamps are reserved for people who are suffering! Looks like that was all BS and I’m mad as hell!

For those who say illegals are here to work and contribute consider these statistics heard recently on an NPR (National Pubilc Radio) broadcast. The average illegal immigrant pays about $10,000 a year in taxes and recieves on average $30,000 in various government benifits. NPR is known for being extremely liberal. I believe these statistics.

Yes, these hard working people do pay taxes, but they are not using our system fairly because they have not been brought up as citizens who actually give a damn about their neighbors in this country. Their allegance is to their country of origin and by coming here illegally, they have bypassed any education about how this country grew, developed along with the welfare systems etc. These illegals are ignorant and just take what they can get and really don’t care as long as they have full bellies and in-line skates!

I have feet of clay. I used to employ illegals and have developed close relationships with many of them. I now see the error of my ways as I see most of those former employees living much better than I am and bleeding the government dry while they buy houses, new cars and trucks, and overload the health care system.

Yes, we are all human beings and have basic human rights, but if we are to maintain a fair system and maintain a strong country, we must stop the illegal immigration and strengthen our legal immigration so that folks coming here will feel a sense of pride to carry their weight and be part of a great country instead of parisites sucking dry a system they had no part in building .

It’s just as maddening to see the overwieght “citizens” buy their cigarettes, beer and candy with cash while the gov picks up the tab for their food. The whole system needs reform, but for now, lets at least take care of the problem that is caused by the folks who are here against the law and have no right to be here using these systems. This will enable us to shine the light brighter on the folks who are here legally but are just plain bums with no pride in themselves.

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