South Carolina, Illegal Immigration, and Huckabee

10 01 2008

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LawHouse speaker unveils plan to curb illegal immigration in SC (hat tip Mary Chamberlain and Alipac)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. –House Republican leaders unveiled an immigration reform plan Monday that would bill the federal government for the cost of detaining illegal immigrants and prevent illegals from attending any public college.

“I’ve heard a loud message from South Carolinians all over the state and they are overwhelmingly saying we need to do something,” said House Speaker Bobby Harrell, who estimated 75,000 illegal immigrants in the state.

However, the number of illegal immigrants is difficult to determine.

The latest Census estimate puts South Carolina’s Hispanic and Latino population at roughly 130,000. Advocates say it’s probably more than three times that number.

Changes to the state’s immigration laws have failed to pass the Legislature in recent years.

“We believe the time is now – that the public has made it very clear they want this dealt with,” said Harrell, R-Charleston.

Under the plan, the state would seek an agreement with the federal government to enforce immigration laws and be reimbursed for training officers and detaining illegals. The proposal would also restrict state money for communities declaring themselves sanctuary cities, which aid illegal immigrants without reporting them to the authorities.

There are currently no sanctuary cities in South Carolina.

Also see Huckabee Opens Crack in the Truth, from the Uncooperative Blogger

I keep pointing out Huckabee reminds me of Bill Clinton and now we can add lying to the list…

From The Washington Times:

Mike Huckabee yesterday contradicted his own top immigration surrogate, announcing he will not support a constitutional amendment to end birthright citizenship for children born in the United States to illegal aliens.

Also see:

New Hampshire independents say yes to amnesty and no to free speech… at Conservative Common Man

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email brianbonner90- at-gmail- dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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6 responses

11 06 2008
jer mynor

Lindsey Graham may be a pro-illegal REPUBLICAN official, but unless you
all realize that the Congress is in charge of making Laws (representing )
“WE, The People”……and that Congress is “DEMOCRATICALLY” controlled.

Simply go to and look up any and all of the
Senators records on the immigration page. If their record of voting is
either a “D” , OR an “F”,
you know very simply then, who should be voted (out) of the “PEOPLE’S’ Congress….!!!

If we the People stick together as AMERICANS , rather than Party members,
and voting according….We can get rid of those who refuse to heed their Constituency.
Otherwise there is no need to complain…its really up to you to act…..

4 06 2008

Don’t forget to boot Lindsey Graham out on June 10 2008

Lone Protester- Lindsey Graham Returns to His Roots
by The Voice — published on June 2nd, 2008
Terry Funderburk
The Lone Protestor

Lone Protester- Lindsey Graham Returns to His Roots


The South Carolina State GOP is currently holding its convention in Columbia and Senator Lindsey Graham took time from his busy schedule with John McCain to make an appearance. Without McCain, if you can believe that. According to an article in our local newspaper, our state GOP is very worried that the party has done itself ¡harm¢ in recent years. They used the wrong choice of words when they say that, I think, something like ¡almost destroyed the party¢ fits a just a little bit better. I mean, what more ¡harm¢ can a Republican Senator do that is worse than insulting the people that voted for him? What better way is there to destroy the Republican Party than by turning your back on the people that you are supposed to be representing? What better way to ruin it than by calling the citizens of your state ¡bigots¢?

Congressman Mike Pence was the keynote speaker and he said that Republicans need to return to their roots or risk rejection by the voters. Hey Mike, give them until election day in November to think about it. That way they will have a lot of free time to dwell on why the voters tossed their sorry asses out in the street where they belonged all the time. Hell, we have given them since 2006 to get their act together and they still continue to live in their fantasy version of America where they dictate what will be, instead of listening to the people that own this country. Instead of acting like our servants, which they are by the way, they would be our masters.

Now here is my favorite part of the article, Senator Lindsey Graham of the great state of South Carolina gets up. He agrees that the GOP needs to ¡adjust¢ their leadership. Do not worry one bit, Lindsey, my backstabbing friend, there is going to be a major readjustment in the leadership of the Republican leadership, come November 2008. It is called election day and at the end of it, most of the dirtbags, hopefully will be readjusted and gone. You know the ones that I am talking about? Senator Graham says ¡the problems that Republicans have suffered have been self-inflicted wounds¢. Well, he sure knows what he is talking about here, I mean, what could be more like a self- inflicted wound than telling a racist organization, where he was guest speaker, that he would tell the bigots (us) to shut up. I would say that is a major self-inflicted wound, on the order of a sucking chest wound. How can he tell us to shut up when free speech is guaranteed under the US Constitution, that same document that he swore to when he took office?

I do not know what the Senators answer to that question is, since he doesn¢t have time for us common people. I do know that most of my fellow South Carolinians are fed up with him. If he is smart enough to say that the GOP needs to adjust their leadership, then he should be smart enough to realize that he is major part of the problem. With all the rest of the pseudo-conservatives like him. If they want to continue trying a lighter brand of conservatism, let them, let them lead their party down the road to destruction for a few more months. Because, at the end of the trail, they are going to feel our wrath at the voting booth. And when it is over real conservatism is going to be a majority in the GOP because most of the ash and trash will be gone.

And on June 10th, Senator Graham is going to feel the initial wrath of the citizens of this great state. That is our primary date and we are finally going to get our chance to give him our response to his claims of bigotry. He called us bigots, but we just passed some of the most stringent anti-illegal immigration bills in the country. Without his help by the way, because he was too busy working for the other side. And South Carolina is the state he was supposed to be representing. He is too busy these day, representing the interest of LaRaza and John McCain, than to worry about the people of his state. Remember one thing, Lindsey Graham, on June 10th, your ¡bigots¢ in South Carolina will be giving you our response.


11 03 2008
Frank Prather

Thank god your doing something for years now i’ve seen enought here in North Charleston SC to make me sick. I can’t believe how many are here and getting free health care along with free schooling now i see gangs starting up & every where you look now there they are. Thanks you so much anything I can do i will .

9 03 2008
Emily 511

Sad but true. No matter how many generations we worked to make the USA strong, illegals just walk in and suddenly have free healthcare, interpreters at hospital expense, free schooling. I had to sit on a trial of a cocaine smuggler who worked out of his locker at a restaurant and was wanted for crimes in 2 other states. I had to take 4 days from work for this and didn’t even get paid. Hope La Raza can help him return to his native land after 10 years in jail.
We can’t afford 20 million illegals, and half of them think they ‘owned’ California b/c they are so ignorant they don’t even know any real history, just oral history of how they settled it… pathetic

5 03 2008

Governor Mark Sanford on Illegal Immigration

15 01 2008
ida bennett

i want to know why government not doing anything to get rid of illegal immigrants the only person i know of who speaks against illegals is ron
paul seem other government is afraid to address this issue and having those people here is a big problem the illegal are getting benefits not easily given to america born citizens. when illegal have babies here the whole family benefits these people are getting benefits i am constantly denied i can’t get medicaid nor ssi benefits but the illegal gets both by just having babies in this country and this is wrong i have mental disorders and can not get ssi but illegal women children gets ssi they gets medicaid wic, food stamps, free housing free education they open up businesses in south carolina and have not been in this country five years some people in government have to be helping the illegals being able to get benefits that america citizens not getting. i live on a zero income here in south carolina with no medical insurance and is not getting any help from government here and i votes
this is farer than being sick to me it like our governments officials gone crazy
thank you for your time and concerns.
ida bennett

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