Mexico, US Border, and America’s Safety

4 02 2008

Cross posted from Right Truth

The following video is from Strategic Forecast:

There’s an undeclared war on the Mexican/US border between Mexican Federal forces and the drug cartels, with spillover into the United States. The mainstream media isn’t giving this story nearly the coverage it merits.  Partially they don’t understand the implications, and partially it’s because the journalists who have covered this story tend to turn up kidnapped or dead.

This video of Fred Burton is just a taste of Stratfor’s intelligence product.


Mexican drug cartels and the impact of narcoterrorism on you, your family, and your business.

[snip] The Geopolitics of Dope (Mexico: The US Does Not Need a Gaza Strip On Its Southern Border…):

The current efforts by the Mexican government might impede the various gangs, but they won’t break the cartel system. The supply chain along the border is simply too diffuse and too plastic. It shifts too easily under pressure. The border can’t be sealed, and the level of economic activity shields smuggling too well. Farmers in Mexico can’t be persuaded to stop growing illegal drugs for the same reason that Bolivians and Afghans can’t. Market demand is too high and alternatives too bleak. The Mexican supply chain is too robust — and too profitable — to break easily.

The likely course is a multigenerational pattern of instability along the border. More important, there will be a substantial transfer of wealth from the United States to Mexico in return for an intrinsically low-cost consumable product — drugs. This will be one of the sources of capital that will build the Mexican economy, which today is 14th largest in the world. The accumulation of drug money is and will continue finding its way into the Mexican economy, creating a pool of investment capital. The children and grandchildren of the Zetas will be running banks, running for president, building art museums and telling amusing anecdotes about how grandpa made his money running blow into Nuevo Laredo. (continue reading at Strategic Forecast)

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