Tyson Foods importing more immigrants with Leprosy, VD, TB

12 02 2008

Cross posted from Bear Creek Ledger

There seems to be a pattern with Tyson Foods and it’s policy of
importing non-skilled immigrants to work in their plants. Tyson also
appears to abdicate responsibility for the care of these immigrants to
the state! What I don’t understand is how these immigrants are allowed
access to this country with communicable diseases.

From the Huckabee state (Arkansas), once again, we hear about non-skilled immigrant labor being taken care of by the state.

Lonewacko reports on the 8,000 Marshalleese immigrants
(they are from the Marshall Islands) in Springdale, Arkansas (known as the “Chicken Capital of the World”).

Now, nine cases of leprosy have been found in that population (link):

Medical specialists say the Marshall Islands
have the most cases of leprosy, in the world. And the city with the
largest number of Marshallese people, outside the Marshall islands, is
Springdale. And [local Dr. Jennifer Bingham] says, it makes sense,
then, that leprosy is spreading to the city. “It’s from the Marshall
islands; that’s why we’re seeing it.”

Bingham says she is all for Marshallese people entering the
United States, after proper medical tests. But whether they’re
immigrants or not, she says people must stick to treatment, when
infected. And she says, when she treats those from the Marshall
Islands, this doesn’t happen. “We’re not getting the compliance that is
absolutely essential to take care of this process.”

There’s more on cases of VD and TB,

In case you missed the last story about Tyson – Tyson Foods now importing Somali refugees for cheap labor

Tyson Foods gets caught with hundreds of illegal aliens
from Mexico and Central America so they go to resettlement camps to
bring in Somalis to the small Kansas town of Emporia. Bear in mind
Tyson takes no responsibility for these refugees except for the job.
The town is left to deal with all the other extended family members and
social problems. I’ve spoken before of the problems relating to the
Somali refugees brought into Minnesota. What angers me is Tyson’s
disgusting behavior. Because of their importation of illegal aliens
I’ve long ago stopped buying any Tyson products.

Anybody wonder why I don’t buy any Tyson products?  Anybody wonder
if the “Huckster” isn’t in the pockets of Tyson Foods (just like the

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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).
If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn
more. Afterwards, email brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know
at what level you would like to participate.

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