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23 02 2008


Mondays at 9pm easternThe Halls of Valhalla – Conservative
Tuesday Through Thursday 11pm easternThe Uncooperative Radio show -Conservative
Friday’s 8pm EasternThe Patriot’s Pub! – U.S. history, the Constitution and the Founding Father’s

You can listen live, chat or call in without anything special to download! Except for the Patriot’s Pub which is listen only.

Of course, the shows are recorded and available for free downloads as well and appear on all my blogs side bars.

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One response

28 03 2008

Aside from terrorism Illegal immigration is the single greatest threat to African American’s. Not once have we heard Senator Obama speak to this major issue. For this reason alone African American’s should be running from him in droves. He’s as transparent as a store front window. A New Age, New World Order Globalist who will march us all to the gates of hell. When will these dreamers come to their senses? They are close to losing everything gained in the 20th century. And there won’t be anyone left to throw them a life line.

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