Song: Take Back Our Country

18 04 2008

Richie Collins Sent me a link to his song Take Back Our Country. It is a Song About Illegal Immigration and is worth listening to and sharing.

Get your copy of the Take Back Our Country song burn it to a CD and get ready to PLAY IT LOUD on May 2008 this is the next planned march of the SPAM (Spanish People Advocacy Movement)! WANTED: Established Male Artist, Establish Male Bands wanted to sing this song! Let’s negotiate you putting this song on your next album release! I am not a singer; I need someone to sing this song for me with a band….etc…. Send me your videos at, but you got to get the song first.

This is my way of doing my part to fight this illegal invasion of our country. This video is a National Boycott against illegal immigration and everything it stands for. All Legal People of this land know there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. And “The American Axis of Evil” know they have done this wrong! (The American Axis of Evil 1. The President 2. The Congress 3. Anyone who thinks illegal immigration is ok, this is done all for GREED. You don’t sell out the country that I served in proudly USANG FOR MONEY! HOW MANY BILLIONS DO DICK CHENEY need? This is harming this nation. Most of our United States Representatives have allowed these illegal aliens to linger in our country. WE THE LEGAL PEOPLE of the United States demand that you DEPORT everyone that has entered illegally! They must come in this country the right way! Please join me at my Blog and to get your copy of Take Back Our Country go to

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One response

22 04 2008
Juan Reynoso

FAX: 210-481-9725 PHONE: 210-481-9725
April 22nd, 2008

I am an American patriot. I am black, white, Latino, Chinese, Japanese and many other race and cultures, but I am proud to be an America. We are united by our language, our constitution and our Bill of rights, our history is so rich and our people is so diverse because we come from every corner of the world many of us have experienced discrimination, exploitation and injustice, but we stand through this adversity because we believed in our country and our constitution and have the conviction that justice will come by working together and stand for justice and the rights of us the American people.
Today we have an enemy within our country, our own people, I am talking about Americans that for the love of money and power sale out and betray us. Many of our elected officials in the congress, our corporations, the American Chamber of commerce, some State Governors, Mayors, Religions leaders they all turnout to become traitors, they all forgot that as Americans they have an obligation and that is to stand by and defend our constitution our sovereignty and the rule of law.
The number one traitor is our President George W. Bush, this president complete forgot his duties, he voided our constitution our sovereignty and the rule of law, his open border policy, free trade and the Iraq war, cost Americans their liberty and their right to pursuit their happiness through employment and better economic conditions, this President have manage to transform millions of hard working Americans into economic slaves, many of these proud Americans had to work two jobs to be able to support their families, we have over 10 millions Americans in food stamps dependents of this Government handout, this president had kill the pride, the soul and the drive of these Americans to provide for themselves. This is not the America I know and is going to get worse if we the people don’t wakeup and take action to change this path of self destruction.
Every politicians that support amnesty to illegal aliens is a traitor, companies that employ illegal aliens are traitors, any city or state that fail to enforce the immigration laws are sanctuary to illegal aliens and are traitors, our State Attorney Generals and the Federal attorneys that fail to prosecute illegal aliens and drug traffickers are traitors.
We the people have the obligation to stop this madness, we can not depend on our government to protect our country and enforce our laws, they are corrupt; they had voided our constitution our sovereignty and the rule of law, we the people have to enforce our laws and restore our constitution and the rule of law.
We must join Tom Tancredo organization and any organization that promotes real action we are tired of writing letters to politicians and news media that fail to read and acknowledge the will of we the people.
Our candidates for President they all ignored the will of the people, the system is rig, one of them will become President and will pass legislation that will grand amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens that are here for the money they don’t care about our country our laws our language or our heritage. We need to open our eyes and see what happened to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Huston and hundreds of cities in our country. I say enough is enough, we are not going to take it any more, we need to take action and let the world know that this is our country and we will defend it.
4038 brave soldiers are dead defending a foreign nation and thousands of Americans are also dead by illegal aliens and Mexican drug traffickers as consequence of the policies of traitor George W Bush and the incompetence of our justice Department and the dept. of Home land Security.
The Bush administration betray our trust, his national and foreign policy is the root of this catastrophic economic crisis, this President push millions of hard working Americans to extreme poverty. We Americans can’t take this any more our backs are against the wall, we must fight back and take our country back.

Juan Reynoso an American Patriot.
Being an American Patriot, means, be willing to die for our country defending our constitution our Bill of Rights, our sovereignty and the rule of law. Any one that voids these principals is nothing but a traitor. We can not said that we are Americans and at the same time stand for issues that are not in the best interest of we the people, or void the rule of law, our constitution and our sovereignty.

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