Guard the Border from Home

26 04 2008

Cross posted from The Virtuous Republic:

While the federal government wastes time with virtual fences that
don’t work, a citizen’s group has set up a camera system along the
border that will be monitored by volunteers sitting at their computers
at home.

Compared to the federal government’s $20 million fence, the American
Border Patrol spent $100,000 on a system that actually works! Those who
monitor the cameras will contact the Border Patrol when they see
illegals crossing the border.

If you want to volunteer, visit their website here.

A border security group has created a Web site that will let immigration hawks patrol the border over the Internet.
The American Border Patrol’s Virtual Vigilance program will let
people take control over a high-tech camera mounted on a 46-foot pole and watch people crossing into the U.S.
The idea is to help be the eyes for Customs and Border Protection officers.
Five cameras will be set up at the American Border Patrol’s ranch
near Naco and will provide coverage of about 20 miles. The group wants
volunteers to work half-hour shifts.
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol’s president, stood in front
of a projection Tuesday at the Marriott University Park and pointed to
an image of a wall federal officials say 300 illegal entrants go over
every day.
“Americans can sit in their homes and they can watch that wall,” he said.
Two of the group’s cameras are thermal and can see five miles into the dark. They cost $85,000 apiece, Spencer said.
Spencer also gloats that The Boeing Co. can’t get its $20 million
“virtual fence” up and running, while his folks developed the hardware
and software for their project at a cost of $100,000. Read more….

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration
(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link
to learn more. Afterwards, email brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com and let
us know at what level you would like to participate.




One response

24 06 2008

Born and raised on a DEEP DEEP South Texas ranch, Liberty and I, 66 year old twin brothers that have battled wetbacks on our property all our lives, can pretty well assure that the illegal alien problem is far far greater than that which is being reported at any time past or present.

We cannot imagine why vast numbers of people, tens of millions of people in both the democrat, republican and splinter group parties are so willing to see this nation my brother and I both fought for without a fight to illegal invaders and be forced to see our state and nation turned into third world entities exactly like the nation’s the illegal invaders are fleeing from.

This illegal invading army from the south, invading army is what it is, identified the perfect way to invade by NOT carrying arms, taking advantage of and relying on multitudes of soft hearted U S Citizens not to shoot them down as they cross our southern border. The proof of this previous statement is shouted out clearly by those multitudes of soft hearted mushy brined individuals that will soon regret if they haven’t already learned to regret their decision “that the path to liberty and justice in any nation IS NOT
as one’s first act breaking another nation’s law with their first illegal step across a border.

We are a nation of laws, and as citizens we are LEGALLY bound to abide by those laws; all of the laws period; not just obey the laws we prefer to and obey. Our overfilled state and federal jails and prisons full of U S Citizens are proof enough of that.

With this in mind, if we as citizens and our governing bodies and our law enforcing agencies are all that understanding and forgiving, why not then just forgive all law breakers, citizen and non citizen alike.

Because if we are to have equal justice under the law, which is the laws of our land, then we should have equal punishment under the law for ALL lawbreakers, citizen and non citizen alike.

The government and citizens of the United States did not create either the illegal aliens invading our nation, nor the situations in the nation’s from which these millions upon millions of illegal invaders are fleeing from, nor should the citizens of the U S A be required to feel guilty or be responsible for the downtrodden of this all too overpopulated world we live in today and welcome ALL COMERS legal entrants and illegal entrants.

Immigration like every other thing must fall within reason and kept under strict control and illegal entrants brought to task and dealt with for what they are, illegal invaders; man, woman, and child deported posthaste as soon as they are discovered. Either that, or open the doors of all our jails and prisons and turn loose those U S citizens, thousands of whom have been imprisoned for committing lesser crimes to do as they wish, legal or illegal as well.

Can any U S Citizen at all disagree and debate these statements with valid argument and not present ridiculous absurdity instead as defense and excuse?


Liberty and Freedom

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