Border Patrol Provides Free Taxi Service for Illegal Aliens

16 05 2008
Cross posted from Bear creek Ledger:

From the Corruption Chronicles:

Instead of arresting thousands of illegal immigrants who qualify for prosecution for entering the country multiple times, the U.S. Border Patrol simply gives them a ride home knowing that they will likely return.

In some cases the cycle repeats itself on dozens of occasions or more than 100 times with no consequences for the illegal border crossers. The illegal aliens get caught repeatedly and, rather than getting arrested or charged, they get a free ride south of the border. Most have no intention of staying in the U.S., but rather make it north to panhandle with their children in front of American businesses located near the border.

They mostly include groups of women who use their children to lure sympathy and money from Americans. They solicit at strip malls and other businesses far enough from the border to avoid federal agents. Then, when they are ready to return home with their dollars, they purposely loiter at stores near the U.S.-Mexico border and agents drive them back south.

Each year the agency in charge of protecting the nation’s borders gets played in this manner by thousands of illegal aliens. In the last fiscal year alone, nearly 500 Mexican women and children have been rounded up and returned home. One woman sneaked across the border at least 128 times in the past eight years and each time she used the Border Patrol as a free taxi service from El Paso Texas to her hometown of Oaxaca Mexico.

The Border Patrol admits that the repeat offenders qualify for prosecution, but claims that a crucial humanitarian factor—not separating a family—plays a role in its decision not to arrest the illegal immigrant women with children. Agents use a loophole that gives them discretion to keep adults and children united and out of prison. An agency spokesman justified it, saying that these particular Mexicans are coming to beg and not trying to further their entry into the United States.

Isn’t that so nice of the BP, not only do they not charge these illegal aliens with illegal entry but they then turn around and use taxpayers dollars to provide a free taxi ride. The Border Patrol goes from insult to injury with American citizens. I would suppose since none of these illegals are charged that would mean their biometrics are not on file. If charged, the second illegal re-entry would be considered a felony.

Hogwash to the justification used by the BP on separating the adults from their children. The illegal aliens choose to illegally cross the border with their children, it’s their problem if arrested. How about these illegal put their energies into finding work in Mexico instead of begging off of Americans. The BP is encouraging another generation of Mexicans to beg and sponge off of Americans, way to go.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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4 responses

22 07 2008
Jim Whalley

Just a further Post-Scripted addition… Now that the US corporations have discovered even more corrupt, malleable, and unrepresentative governments on the Pacific Rim, all the jobs they promised the Mexicans have disappeared to China, Burma, Malaysia… anywhere where human lives are discounted by a corrupt elite,and people who demand basic human rights and human dignity can be killed on a whim as ‘troublemakers’. I gotta say -‘It Makes Me Proud To Be An (US) American’ -NOT.

22 07 2008
Jim Whalley

Your analysis of the situation is faulty, and the lack of humanity in recognizing the forces that drive these people to come to the US to panhandle, and blaming them for a situation they did not create is appalling. If jobs are leaving the US, it’s not the fault of ‘illegal aliens’, but the corporate interests and their political whores who pass laws that allow, encourage, and promote US corporations to shop for the lowest wages and least labor protection, lowest environmental standards, and the most malleable law enforcement available. The principals behind the globalization movement are the same self-appointed elite that have been responsible for the majority of wars, famines, and other man-made disasters since the beginnings of corporatization in the Middle Ages. The majority of the people who have been forced to become trans-national beggars were once self sufficient campesinos ( smallhold farmers ) who have been forcibly displaced and disenfranchised at the instigation of corporate interests ( from guess where, since Mexico has had virtually no industry? Try Good Old Uncle Sam-it’s belligerent and acquisitive neighbor to the North, since the days of the US Revolution and the Monroe Doctrine, which declared the entire Western Hemisphere to be the exclusive colonial territory of the US.), first for forced-labor plantation farms, then for the oil ( PEMEX land grabs), and then for the cheap labor ( now that they had been displaced to the border cities looking for work, since they had been forced off their farms, and were homeless, penniless, and hungry ) needed for the American ( nominally US based ) corporations moving to the cheap labor – no environmental restrictions – no unions or labor protections – taxpayer subsidized factories set upon the Mexican side of the border ( the Machiladora ). Now the US factories have been empty for years, NAFTA allowed US corporations to ship jobs to Mexico and profiteer off the ( relative ) poverty of the Mexican worker and the corruption of the Mexican government, and ship finished goods back tariff-free; profiting doubly off the US labor force,because we not only had the value of our acquired skills discounted to nothing, costing us our standard of living, but had the added insult of having to pay for it out of our own diminished wages in taxes. Economists refer to this process as ‘arbitrage’, which is really a twenty-dollar term that means “You’re Getting Screwed”. If you don’t like the message, at least don’t blame the messenger. It will be being replayed here soon, as the quality of life for most US citizens drops to ‘third-world’ standards. I hope the Canadian economy stays strong, when we’re forced to panhandle for a living; because any other advancing economy is a long swim, not just a walk from here,and that Canadians are more tolerant of desperate US citizens looking for food, shelter, and work.

18 06 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Malatya

18 05 2008
Sam, a concerned citizen

Wow. I just woke up. This is getting to be a huge problem. Im not a single issue voter, but I might become one soon. Im a bicycle mechanic and I was able to scrape up $75 for the Minuteman border fence fund. Help these guys out, they’re protecting YOUR country. Help fund the fence! Are you going to wait for the goverment to do it?? If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

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