Michael Johns Says Sealing America’s Border with Mexico Requires Urgency

19 07 2008

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Conservative leader and writer Michael Johns, a former White House speechwriter and Heritage Foundation foreign policy analyst, said last night that the United States needs to act with great urgency to secure its southern border with Mexico if it hopes to protect the nation’s security interests and begin reversing the many economic and other crises spurred by the nation’s apparent unwillingness to enforce federal immigration laws by fully securing its southern border.

Replays of Johns’ interview with the Grizzly Groundswell Network on Blog Talk Radio are available globally for replay from the 61.30 to 120 minute mark of the network’s June 30, 2008 show, available at:


In the interview, Johns challenges the conventional wisdom that Mexico’s illegal aliens in the U.S. are only filling jobs that Americans do not want, stating that nearly half of them–10.5 million of the 21.6 million illegal Mexicans in this nation–are illegally filling skilled jobs that almost certainly would be appealing to Americans at a time when unemployment is standing at 5.5 percent nationally. Johns stated further that the failure of the U.S. to seal its southern border from illegals represents one of the greatest ongoing security threats to the nation at a time when the U.S. continues to be embroiled in a global conflict against al-Qaeda and Islamic extremism.

Johns stated that the 21.6 million illegal Mexican aliens in the U.S. are ill-serving the U.S. economy, costing the nation approximately $397 billion annually in education, health care and other social services. Meanwhile, Johns says, Mexican illegals are returning large sums of their earnings–approximately $33 billion annually to Mexico and $283 billion annually to all of Latin America. He also said that the U.S. has spent approximately $1.5 billion since 2001 in costs associated with the incarceration of approximately 370,000 illegal aliens in the U.S.

As President of Phoenix’s Coalition for a Conservative Majority (CCM), Johns and his organization are actively supporting two Arizona ballot initiatives that would strengthen the state’s illegal immigration enforcement capabilities by empowering Arizona’s law enforcement officials to enforce federal immigration laws and make the state’s criminal trespass statutes applicable to illegal aliens in the state. The deadline for the submission of signatures for these two ballot initiatives is this Thursday, July 3, 2008.

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NY Times Continues To Whine Despite Having Two Open Borders Candidates

6 07 2008

Cross posted from Conservative Common Man:

The typical “woe is business” sob story drips with even more typical liberal hypocrisy. Business is the enemy and is always taking advantage of poor unsuspecting, ignorant people… that is except when we can use the plight of business to further our open border agenda! The fact that the NY Times has such a ridiculous whine fest on behalf of business in today’s spewing, is rendered even more idiotic by the fact that the next president is guaranteed to coddle illegal aliens. Their side of the issue has already won the presidency, but apparently that isn’t enough.

When a liberal rag has an agenda, no level is too low to sell it. In fact, the first example of the poor business given in the offending article “Employers Fight Tough Measures On Immigration,” details the plight of a business that didn’t have to hire illegal aliens… but the point is they might have to someday!

Mike Gilsdorf, the owner of a 37-year-old landscaping nursery in Littleton, Colo., saw the need for action by businesses last winter when he advertised with the Labor Department, as he does every year, for 40 seasonal workers at market-rate wages to plant, prune and carry his shrubs in the summer heat. Only one local worker responded to the notice, he said, and then did not show up for the job.

Mr. Gilsdorf was able to fill his labor force with legal immigrants from Mexico through a federal guest worker program. But that program has a tight annual cap, and Mr. Gilsdorf realized that he might not be so lucky next year. His business could fail, he said, and then even his American workers would lose their jobs.

“We’re not hiring illegals, we’re not paying under the table,” Mr. Gilsdorf said. “But if we don’t get in under the cap and nobody is answering our ads, we don’t have employees.” His group, Colorado Employers for Immigration Reform, is pressing Congress for a much larger and more flexible guest worker program.

I am too ignorant to see how the wages Mr. Gilsdorf pays are “market-rate” if he can’t find legal workers to employ at those wages. Oops, I keep forgetting the fact that he can find legal workers to employ! I would suggest that as soon as he can’t find legal workers to employ at his “market-rate” then it is no longer “market-rate.” Are we to assume that there is full employment in his part of Colorado? If not, how can “market-rate” wages not attract employees?

Mr. Gilsdorf is not alone in his agony. An electronics assembly company in California has 20 out of 90 assembly workers whose numbers don’t match the records of the Social Security Administration. Apparently anti-discrimination rules prevent the company from checking into the discrepancy. How exactly does that work? There is a system known as E-verify, perhaps this particular company might want to use it for the 20 employees mentioned. What would be the down-side of that?

Because of the antidiscrimination rules, the executive cannot check to be certain that the 20 workers, mainly Hispanic women, are illegal. Moreover, they have advanced through training, she said, and excel at their jobs, which require the repetitive assembly of tiny parts by hand, often under microscopes.

“I can’t replace those people,” the executive said. She said that despite offering competitive wages from $9 to $17 an hour, the company had failed over the years in repeated efforts to attract nonimmigrant workers because of the state’s tight technology labor market and because of the nature of the work, exacting and tedious. If the workers were fired or arrested, she said, she could fail to meet her contracts.

“If we have to terminate 20 people, that’s going to jeopardize 100 other jobs of people who are legal, Americans, people who are making a good living,” she said.

Angelo Paparelli, an immigration lawyer who represents the company, said: “This is not an employer who wants to turn a blind eye to lawbreaking. She is facing a tightening of the enforcement vise that does not take into account Congress’s failure to create a workable system.”

I see. The problem is that Congress failed to give these businesses that employ illegal aliens everything they wanted! McCain, Kennedy and the boys ought to at least get some credit for trying to cater to the American citizen undercutting employers. Heck, if the nasty… gasp… citizens hadn’t butted in the congress could have done their duty, which is apparently written in The Constitution as:

The primary function of the Senate and House of Representatives is to ensure the free flow of illegal labor to any company that does not want to pay “market-rate.” The rights of non-citizens will be protected before the rights of citizens will be considered and Congress shall pass no law that infringes on the employment opportunities to those that might cross our borders illegally.

Festering cesspools like the NY Times and Washington Post really do take issue with the government when it actually indicates some willingness to follow the will of the electorate. I suppose these liberal mouthpieces are in for happier days given the state of American politics. The next president is highly unlikely to follow the will of the electorate on this issue as both candidates seek to compete for the title of “an illegals best friend.” Too many Republican politicians seem to think the path to re-election is to act like Democrat politicians and too many citizens just don’t seem to be involved in the nation’s affairs. These factors spell gloom for our nation and her citizens, which of course is good news for the liberal rags.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email brianbonner90- at-gmail- dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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Mike Church’s Road To Independence

4 07 2008

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