Social Security for illegal Aliens?

26 08 2008

I have brought this up in the past, but it is time to re-visit this lunacy!

When Social Security was created in the 1930s, intelligent observers said it would fail. Its first recipient, Ida Fuller, contributed less than $25. After 35 years of retirement, Fuller died, having pocketed nearly $25,000. Not a bad return. At the program’s inception, numerous workers paid into the program compared to the number of people receiving benefits. That’s the situation no longer. With baby boomers retiring soon and the so-called trust fund filled with IOUs, the Social Security system is headed for disaster.

Now President Bush wants to add a few million people to the rolls of Social Security. Adding more Americans would be bad enough. But Presidente Arbusto wants to bring Mexican citizens onto its rolls, most of them now illegal aliens.

The president’s position is hardly surprising, given his amnesty plan for illegals and the not-so-secret blueprint for melding the United States, Mexico, and Canada into a North American Union that would erase American citizenship and sovereignty. But perhaps the effrontery of the idea, which slaps the face of every real American who involuntarily contributes to Social Security, will sink this ship before it sails.

Go read the whole article...

This is how our government takes care of it’s citizens. This is unbelievable, isn’t it? Social Security starts losing money, as is,in 2015. Now El Presidente Bush wants to give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens? They already receive Welfare benefits, free education for their children, credit cards, home loans and now social security benefits?

We have got to keep hounding our elected cockroaches…

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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4 responses

23 08 2009

my aunt who has never lived in the usa but married a resident is receiving 500 per month, never worked a day in her life. she is forever talking against the usa and i love her dearly but thats where our money is going to MEXICO! we are dishing it out there alot of old folks from mexico that have never worked here but are residents are now getting 600 from ssi and they have never worked here but because of family unification, they are here now we have to take care of them. makes me angry that the reason we have to stop automatic citizenship, and we have to end welfare, food stamps, wic to illegal aliens even if they have american children. thats the reason they come here to anchor

13 11 2008
pale rider

Here are current videos of illegal aliens crossing the border – every day and night. Social security, health care, education, subsidies? Right

11 11 2008
Bob Tallon

I guess the only fair thing to do would be to move out of our homes after we pay off the Mortgage. Give it to the poor and down trodden. We can then move into the streets and give our homes to the homeless and illegal immigrants. We can send our pensions and whats remaining of social security to the lawyers to disperser to the down trodden. Oh yea the lawyers get 33% for all the hard work they do. Any rich company owners get to keep their homes they are to important and they will employ the folks who now pay taxes after we hand over our homes and pensions.The priests and pastors are also to important they help give everything to the poor they must be kept wealthy because they talk to God and need to remind us of how bad and what sinners we are and how our lives must be sacrificed to save our souls. In summation the Priests, Pastors,Lawyers,Politicians,Business Owners, must be kept wealthy to re-disperse our middle class goods that we did not deserve . Remember it is the middle class of America the workers who are despised by all the leadership of America.

29 10 2008
Tom definitely for term limitation

You said: We have got to keep hounding our elected cockroaches…

Let me give you something to think about fellow citizen……..”Just who is it that elects and more often than not REelects these cockroaches for term after term until they retire as life long career political cockroaches?”

To discover the answer to the question you may want to go look in your own mirror especially if you have voted for one or more of those cockroaches more than once.

And don’t be offended fellow citizen…..Twenty or so years ago, I took a good long look in my own mirror and discovered the only person I could point a blame finger at for those elected cockroaches was the person reflected in the mirror….myself.

This mention to you, or anyone else for that matter is simply an offer of advice, and a problem only us voters can resolve.

I simply started looking at the elected official issue like an employer would employees, and are we voters the employers of elected officials? It simply boiled down t this. if I hire someone and that person isn’t doing the job he/she was hired to do to my satisfaction….I would dismiss him/her and find another person that can fill the job. To do otherwise is idiotic.

With all this said can anyone that reads this honestly say they are satisfied with the job the current democrats and republicans in congress are doing? If anyone can say they are satisfied they have my pity.

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