Illegal immigrants worked at border agency in UK

6 11 2008

Seems everyone has border security problems, not just the US of A.

From timesonline

ILLEGAL immigrants have worked as guards for a government body responsible for defending Britain’s borders.

Seven security personnel were found to be carrying forged documents, according to disclosures under the Freedom of Information Act.

One has since been arrested, five have resigned and the other is on maternity leave, while her immigration status is investigated. They were working for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), which had responsibilities for border security until April.

The news that security issues have been entrusted to illegal immigrants will embarrass the government, which has repeatedly pledged to cut down on illegal working by foreign nationals.

The security staff, employed by a contractor that guarded buildings used by employees of the UK border agency and HMRC, were identified in December last year as carrying documents that were believed to be suspect.

I just love how the rest of the world thinks they have a right to look down their noses at us when it comes to our border security. Not that it’s the best.
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20 11 2009
Mitch Grosu

To the commenter above: You make a very passionate point, but I wonder where your logic is! You have to realize that this is not hundreds of years ago where borders did not exist. There are laws, and you cannot just break them because you do not agree with them. Many immigrants enter the US through the proper channels, be it with an immigrant investor visa, through marriage, via being a student…there are ways to do it properly and legally. Many people who come her eillegally could be doing so legally, but hey lack the ability to identify those legal channels. Still, some come out of pure necessity. It is unfair to point a finger at the whole US because they have laws like any other nation when it comes to border control.

17 11 2008
america is so beautiful

America?? United States of America = Immigrants, but whats “illegal” immigrants?? hmmm, I guess your a illegal alien if you come from the south of the border of the “USA”, and the color of your skin is brown..hmmmm..but what about the immigrants who came across the Atlantic ocean??? the color of there skin was white..hmmmm… what about that border? I guess they are not considered illegal aliens because they took the time to sail from Europe to north America, they took the time to steal the land instead of invading it..or instead of “crossing the border”…they just “crossed the ocean” Because the atlantic ocean isnt considered a border!! I guess.. and the same immigrants who murdered Millions of “NATIVE Americans”…hmmmmm…so I guess they are not considered illigal aliens because they just killed those who were here before them for thousands of years..those imigrants who crossed the atlantic ocean never did any sort of damage!! I guess people who have been settled on the same continent for thousands of years and just want to cross a border that wasnt there 300 years ago are “illegal aliens” all of a sudden….now I get it!!

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