E-Verify Barely Survies But Needs Help

7 03 2009

We Can Still Save E-Verify and Need Your Help!  Can You Make One Phone Call??  More if you have time would be great!  Go to: www.numbersusa.com.  Countless Americans are out of work and hurting; your phone call could make a big difference!  


The E-Verify Program Won A Big Victory!  But, We Are Not Finished.  Your Calls and Faxes And E-Petitions Made This Happen, But Please Don’t Stop Before We Reach The Finish Line!  We Are So Close!


After Massive Public Outcry, Senate will get a Vote on Sessions’ 5-year E-Verify Amendment.


We Need EVERYONE To Call Their Senators over the weekend, March 6 and 7, leave a voicemail and call on Monday and URGE your Senators to support Sessions Amendment 604.  You can easily get all of your representative information at www.numbersusa.com.


What is E-Verify?  E-Verify is a free, simple web-based system that verifies employment eligibility of new employees. It is the primary means by which American businesses can easily ascertain the work status of new hires online – and is long considered a “Smart Business Practice.”


According to recent analysis, as many as 300,000 illegal aliens could receive jobs funded by the stimulus bill!  According to estimates from the Pew Hispanic Center, roughly 7.7 million illegal immigrants are employed in the U.S. in 2008. These are all jobs that currently unemployed U.S. workers–both citizens and legal immigrants–could and should have a chance to fill. 


Employers who break the law by hiring illegal immigrants create unfair competition in the labor market and depress wages for all workers. Legal Immigration Rocks!  Illegal immigration is, well ILLEGAL!! 

I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.  ~Edward Everett Hale

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3 responses

29 10 2009

I’m a legal immigrant and has been an American Citizen for a long time. I came the legal way 1974 got married and had a child. I worked, my husband worked. We paid taxes and sent our daughter to school and college with our money. I still work and support myself. I noticed years after I came things changed. I see Amrica changed, people and faces changed. Crimes increased and people behavior changed. People dress different, TV programs and Movies changed. Then, I became aware of the illegal immigrant coming to America from everywhere in the world, and no one saying anything or even care. I discussed it with my co-workers but they don’t seem to care, they only complain. Complain about homless Americans, FoodStamps programs, Welfare, etc. Politicians don’t care either, they just keep raising taxes to pay for the welfare and health covergare for those illegals. Believe me they are getting better benefits than legal American Citizens. With the new and improved Health Plan Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Reed and Mr. Obama they will get much better coverage and benefits. How in earth these politician don’t realize how much those illegals cost America? Enrolling their kids in schools and give them free lunch and free immunizations and health coverage. cost billions coming from our tax money.
I’ll be honest, I see that with my own people. Elders with good pensions and good living in their country come here to visit their kids and end-up staying and have a green care with health insurance, housing benefits, SSI, and in California they live like queens and kings. They go back to their country continue working and accumulate wealth and come once to America for their early health care and collecting their SSI. I’m sick of this, America need to stop foreigners abusing the system. Stop all these fancy visas from 10yr visitor visa, H1 & 2 or whatever they call them. Different kinds of visa that people use to come and stay. I know pregnant women come with their mothers and husbands as visitors to have their baby delivered in America and the baby get the American birth certificate. I thought hospitals were told not to give American birth certificate to a visiting mom, but I think no enforecement.
Thank you

13 04 2009

WARNING: Madam Speaker of the House and Senate Majority: Mrs. Parlosi and Mr. Henry Reid
Democrat party will lose the majority of the House and the Senate if they pass the “Dream Act” for Illegal Aliens. The Democrat White House also will be at risk if President-Obama signed the bill “Dream Act”. Please keep in mind, American Taxpayers and Voters are getting smarter and they are watching every action of their politicians who are supportive and associating with those politicians who represent Illegal Aliens, not American Taxpayers and Voters.
Remember During President-Clinton, Democrat party lost its majority on both Houses. If you are smart enough, do not let history happen again. Democrat Conservatives and Moderates please listen to your constituent’s concern, not to represent Illegal Aliens. AMEN!!!

15 03 2009
Steve W.

My fear is that the E-Verify law will be amended to make some sypathetic people happy. This is the biggest part of the problem. There are political figures hoping to someday get the illegal alien vote and are counting on the sympathetic hispanic vote now. As long as E-Verify can’t be breached we cold have a fool proof system. I live in Arizona. We have the worst problem with the illegals. Some people think of them as hardworking people who are just fleeing a bad economy in a corrupt country. The crazy thing is that the a large group of Mexican Americans who are real sympathetic. If you get to know many Mexican Nationals, most of them HATE Mexican Americans and use them worse than they use everyone else. We already have those people here, they immigrate legally. If it is too hard for you go follow the simple rules that we as citizens of the United States have to, then you are trying to get over in some way, anyway. The criminal types are NOT going to work for long, they are NEVER going to pay income tax, they are NEVER going to learn to speak English if they can help it, they don’t pay for car insurance, so when they run into your car, they are financially responsible. No problem, they just get new fake identification and NEVER go to court. Pay a fine? No, why? For another 24 dollars they can get a birth certificate and a drivers license that a policeman will tell you he imagines is fake, but he can’t prove it, a new social security card, and a new birth certificate, all with what ever name you pick. And when they don’t care about identity theft, they can get a social security card with YOUR SSN on it. They change their name to whoever they are this month and they have no problem with that. The name for that is Felony FUGITIVE, not immigrant. And, as long as the Social and ID numbers for YOU are not a problem with E-Verify, then, they are already here with the proper I.D. What about the people who are already here and not applying for work? And, do you get to E-Verify all of your Hispanic employees without being sued for racial profiliing? I know the stupid lawyers in the state of Arizona try to us racial profiling, as if we aren’t talking about Mexican Illegal Aliens? If a guy in a Santa Claus suit robbed a bank would the police get sued for rounding up everyone in a Santa suit? What is that, costume profiling? It would make just as much sense.

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