U.S. Preparing Gitmo for Haitian Migrants

26 01 2010

The situation with Haiti is totally out of control now. This is outrageous. How in all that is holy are Haitians going to rebuild Haiti if They Are All Living In The United States of America!!!!

From The AP:

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba — The U.S. has begun preparing tents at Guantanamo Bay for Haitians migrants in case of a mass migration spurred by the earthquake, a senior official at the base said Wednesday.

About 100 tents, each capable of holding 10 people, have been erected and authorities have more than 1,000 more on hand in case waves of Haitians leave their homeland and are captured at sea, said Navy Rear Adm. Thomas Copeman.

I know Club Gitmo is not in the USA, but we own it, pay for it, man it and secure it. So what’s the difference. Oh wait, we don’t secure our own country. Where’s the fence?
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One response

14 02 2010

Well, just wait until our congress starts bringing thousands as refugees & relocating them in our hometowns to become citizens. As usual, our govt. takes care of everyone, around the world, except its own people.

If ur interested, there’s a new book just out (finally!!), a must read, about a small town in America that does stand up to federal tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution.

I recommend it cause it’s about what’s coming with Obama’s threat to us Executive Orders (E.O.) & bypass congress.

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