L.A. mayor calls for temporary shutdowns of some agencies

14 04 2010

Both the city council and the mayor are to blame. Our elected officials are out of control, no matter where they hold power. Time to kick them all out and start over.
From the Latimes:

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa called for shutting down non-essential agencies two days a week Tuesday as he and City Council members remained locked in a standoff over the intertwined issues of electricity rates and the city’s worsening budget shortfall.
Villaraigosa’s action topped another day of threats and name-calling at City Hall.

Good, shut them down, less government is better government.

The latest escalation of the financial crisis began Monday when the Department of Water and Power took steps to withhold a promised $73.5-million payment to the city’s depleted treasury.

Villaraigosa blamed the action on the council’s rejection of an electricity rate increase, which DWP officials said was necessary to cover the DWP’s fluctuating fossil fuel costs and the mayor’s renewable energy agenda.

As for the renewable energy agenda, the start up cost for renewable energy is staggering. I know, because we are just starting to find that out, here on the Uncooperative Mountain. It’s really expensive to buy the equipment that is needed to do this, so if they can’t pay their regular bills, how do they pay to revamp the grid? And here is another question to ponder; how much of the budget goes to the care of Illegal Alien Invaders and their families?
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7 09 2010
Vicki Vail

Tip #5 – We are the Problem – We are the Solution

We all know that we are part of the problem and that is why we are ultimately the solution. This one is so simple that we should all be ashamed of ourselves for not thinking of it sooner. Heck let’s be honest – we all thought about it, but didn’t do anything. And now our homeland is being overrun because we did nothing. “All evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing”, Edmund Burke. Remember – if they can’t find jobs they won’t sneak over the border. In fact the opposite is true – they will self-deport back to their homes in Mexico.

Tip: Do not hire illegals. If you can afford a maid, you can afford to pay $10 more and get an American maid. If you can afford to pay someone to mow your lawn – you can afford the extra $10 to get an American lawn person. This is not rocket science – you know it, I know it, everybody knows it. We must refuse to hire illegals. Period. Tell your maid service and lawn service that you will no longer be using illegals. Tell them that they need to E-Verify and provide you with the proof before you will let anyone work in your home. Don’t pay them until they provide the proof.

Vicki Vail
visit ByeByeAmigos.com or Adios-Amigos.org for more tips

7 09 2010
Vicki Vail

Tip #4 – Garage Sales and Your Priceless Stuff

It’s important to understand that many illegals supplement their income by buying stuff at garage sales. Then they cart it down to the local flea market and sell it in their booths. Their favorite items are furniture and tools. If you are assisting them then you are part of the problem.
Tip: If you are having a garage sale – refuse to sell anything to anyone who is not speaking English or is obviously illegal. Just smile and ask them to leave (in English, NOT Spanish). Surely you aren’t that desperate to sell some little knick-knack? You can always donate it to Goodwill or ARC or another charity.

And remember – you don’t need to give anyone a reason to leave your home. Just say goodbye and send them on their way.
I’ll be back….
Vicki Vail
Visit ByeByeAmigos.com or Adios-Amigos.org for further tips

7 09 2010
Vicki Vail

Tip #3 – One Dollar Bills and Beer

I hope that you will enjoy this tip. Again – you need a black magic marker. This one can even be shared with your buddies over a beer and a game of Liar’s Poker.
Tip: Why not write on your dollar bills “Refuse to hire illegals” or “Refuse to speak Spanish”? Or just draw a circle with a slash through it and write Spanish in the middle of the circle. Have fun!!!
I’m just getting started….
Vicki Vail
Visit ByeByeAmigos.com or Adios-Amigos.org for more tips

7 09 2010
Vicki Vail

Tip #2 – Big, Fat Magic Markers

Are you tired of seeing signs in English and Spanish? I am. It’s disrespectful to Americans in our English speaking home. But there is something that you can do about it.

Tip: Carry a large black magic marker with you. A Sharpie permanent marker works well. When you see a sign written in English and Spanish – black out the Spanish portion. Please exercise common sense – do not do this in airports or in hospitals or in situations that could cause physical harm to someone.
Stay tuned……
Vicki Vail
Visit ByeByeAmigos.com or Adios-Amigos.org for more tips

7 09 2010
Vicki Vail

Tip #1 – Speaking Spanish – Absolutely never, never, ever!
This is the simplest of all the tips that I will be sending. But it is the one tip that each and every one of you can do easily. And it is extremely important.

Tip: Refuse to speak Spanish under any circumstances, even if you are fluent. If someone tries to communicate with you in Spanish or by pointing or gesturing – just smile, shrug your shoulders and refuse to understand them (the French do this all the time!). You can be polite and still refuse. Never say “Gracias” or “Buenas Dias” to anyone. Say “I’m sorry but I don’t speak Spanish”. Say it over and over if necessary. Try it. It’s liberating!! Remember they are in YOUR homeland.
More to follow………………………
Vicki Vail
visit ByeByeAmigos.com or Adios-Amigos.org for more tips

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