Congressional Leaders to Host “End the Bailouts: A Greek Forum”

19 05 2010

Pence Featured in Roll Call’s “Office Space” Series (VIDEO):

The Greek Bailout Forum here if you missed it this morning:

Le TARP: Too Big Too Fail Goes International. Awesome….

Today’s House Republican Leadership Press Conference (VIDEO):

Check out photos from the Forum earlier today here: #nobailouts

Against the VAT? Watch Congressman Pence discuss this and
other issues on “On the Record”:

Pence: American Taxpayers Should Not Be Responsible for Bailing Out

YouCut: A Project of the Economic Recovery Working Group:

Powerlines: CBO: Cap-and-Tax Will Force
Individuals Onto ObamaCare

Flatlines: CBO: ObamaCare Will Cost $115
Billion More

House Republicans Strongly Oppose A Value-Added Tax

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One response

16 07 2010
catherine a. haala

Only LEGAL people will get EV! The ILLEGAL people will still be out there doing ILLEGAL things! The world is crying out for accountability! This issue in not exclusive to the US!

Re: The Haala National Security/ID Technology
U.S. Patent No.: 6,934,861 B2 – Issued: August 23, 2005

If we are serious about protecting our citizens, families, friends, coworkers it is necessary to have a comprehensive National ID system. We should ALL be proud to be part of the solution.

CISI welcomes visitors, workers and students to our country, yet holds us ALL accountable. It could actually be helpful in setting up an effective guest worker program.

Key Elements:
1. An expiration date that expires according to one’s LEGAL (citizen, worker, guest, student, etc.) as opposed to a predetermined amount of time.
For example, the 9-11 terrorists were here legally, but their period for stay in this country had expired. However, they were still able to function in this country. Similar to an EZ-pass expiring, the CISI system would not have allowed them to continue to function until they went for a review and were renewed. Therefore, they could not have taken flight lessons, rented cars, purchased airline tickets or boarded a plane.

2. In order for any ID system to be truly effective, EVERYONE in a population MUST participate in the system. We must all be willing to be a part of the solution.

3. The card must be tamperproof and have biometric ID

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