Flag Vandalism Mars Memorial Day in Several States

1 06 2010

Screw the local police, I’m calling on “we the people” to find out who did this. My husband wants to know why the FBI is not looking into this. Since it happened across state lines they have jurisdiction. But they are probably too busy going after militia’s and any law enforcement that are pulling over Illegal Aliens in Arizona.

From Fox News::

From Oregon to Minnesota to Ohio, vandals trampled on Old Glory over the Memorial Day weekend. In one Ohio town alone, approximately 25 American flags were found set ablaze on Monday.

I will be keeping an eye on this as I know it will be an evolving story. At least I hope it will be. But you can never tell what the Lame Stream Media thinks is important.




2 responses

13 06 2010

Get used to seeing more of this. Not so long from now, it will not be politically correct to display an American flag in any context.

5 06 2010

Oh Please!! The federal government do anything about flags being desicrated? Obam stopped the AG from investigating the Black Panthers investigation when they were in Philadelphia in front of voting booths with their clubs.

What a sad state our country has become. OK, I agree, let the people do something, but beware of being placed on some government ‘list’ for domestic terrorists.

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