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16 06 2010

Brian Bonner is the Uncooperative radio show host. He along with his lovely wife and producer Susan will bring you independent and conservative views on politics and culture through opinion and Humor. Find out what it means to be an Uncooperative Citizen of these United States of America! Join us Thursday, 6/17/10, 7pmEST @
Show Segments: Brian opines on the President’s speech from the Oval Office on Tuesday. It was Flag Day on Monday, what is that? Then, the Second Amendment Report. We will bring you the ultimate smack down: Islam vs Jesus. And we cont. with the Food Police and what they are up too, and in the end; Medical Madness.
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One response

18 06 2010

You are destined to lose…why? For one thing you are prejudiced…for example you line yourselves up against the moslems as if the Moslems have no point at all for example….listen you went to war against the moslems and you killed a lot of people so that the lost tribe of the Jews would take the palestinians land away from them!! You went to war for the wrong causes….though the Israelis may have some rights they do not have the right to persecute those people which is what they are doing….yet you direct yourselves against them…all the while funding tremendous deficits against us here!!! This war is killing us!!! And they are wars that we will lose, guaranteed…they are not winnable..

This war is wrong and for as long as you set yourselves against the end of it you will never ever have enough to stop illegal immigration….you will lose the battle and the war!!!! I mean what I say, and I guarantee the eventual outcome….if you want justice you must give justice, not expect justice when you yourselves are unjust…

If you want to stop illegal immigration you must first stop insisting on carrying on this exceedingly destructive war…a war that represents nothing of the American people’s true aspirations and manifest destiny….only then can you gather the political force needed to stop illegal immigration which frankly will kill this nation if it is not stopped….these two issues are the two most important issues in this nation and they are the two most destructive but you cannot solve one without the other.

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