The Controversy over Illegal Aliens

9 07 2010

This topic is constantly being discussed as any topic this controversial. The
thing that bugs me is that people think amnesty is a good idea. It cracks me up
when people say that they have rights, when they clearly don’t. To argue the
point they misuse quotes from the Dec of Independence or Constitution.

This is a very simple issue. These aliens are criminals. They are breaking all
of our laws and showing no respect to us or our country. Let me pose it to you
this way�would you allow a murder to roam around freely with no consequences?
Would allow a rapist to continue raping women and children? Would you allow a
pedophile unlimited access to your children? Would you allow a robber unlimited
access to your things and your money? The obvious answers are no. So why would
we allow these criminals to roam free? It is the same thing. Why would we give
illegal aliens amnesty? That is a reward. Giving them a reward instead of
consequence for bad behavior and breaking the laws doesn’t make any sense.
That’s like giving a terrible child a reward for horrid behavior, or a murderer
a slap on the wrist.

If amnesty is granted to these criminals this not only sends the wrong message
but it sets a very, very bad precedent. This would be welcoming Mexicans into
this country with open arms. It would allow them to continue to harm our
economy, steal our jobs, and continue to commit crimes against us. How would
that appear to other countries? Drug cartels will think they can come over and
take over the country. If you think anything good will come out of this you are
sadly mistaken. This is a sad ploy by Obamanus and his Obamalites to try and
create a dictatorship, to secure their votes so they can stay in office long
enough to make this country the opposite of what it should be. There plan is to
turn this into a country ruled by 1 person, 1 party, and no elections. That is
not how we, as a country, are set up. We need to take a continual stand against
this fascist gov’t and their insane tactics.

Arizona took a stand, which is within their Constitutional rights to do so. We
need to lead by their example and take this country back. We need to follow the
sanction states that refuse to give the gov’t their money, or follow their
unconstitutional laws, such as the notorious health care bill. We will leave
that for another discussion entirely. The lawsuit against Arizona is extremely
frivolous. It is a waste of tax payer’s money and AG Holder should be ashamed of
himself. This issue gets bleeding heart liberals in a tizzy because they think
with their hearts instead of their heads. That is why we’re in the mess we’re in
with an inexperienced bumpkin as president! Wake up people! Ignore the
propaganda! It is time to think with your head logically. Giving criminals
amnesty does not make sense!

When Gibbs was asked by a press woman, why the administration was going after
Arizona only and not the Sanction states, he said “I don’t know”. “I will find
out for you though.” He said I don’t know because there is no answer. It’s that
simple. Even the White House has no idea why there going after Arizona. That is
just plain laughable. Obamanus’ poor performance is being noticed by everyone,
including political analysts on both sides.
Larry Sabato stated “Everything he’s doing is a disaster.” Nothing Obama is
doing is helping him right now, it is only hurting him.

Dick Morris says that ” Obama is polarizing because he is going too far to the
left.” They both agree that Obama has gotten himself into a corner; he just
keeps moving more and more left. They both agree that the election in 2010 will
be lost by him and the Dem party. If Obama keeps this up he won’t be re-elected
in 2012 either. We all know he won’t anyway. The only option for him would be to
call a state of emergency so he could stay Pres temporarily. That would be the
only way to stay the election. I don’t think it will get that far. He is not
that smart. This huge takeover is bigger than Obama though. He is definitely
part of it, no question.

This Amnesty or shall I say Obamanus’ Immigration reform, is not reform at all.
It is away for him to get votes, that’s the only reason he wants to give
illegals amnesty. They are criminals and need to be deported. We need to
strengthen our border with the allocated funds that was approved under Bush for
doing so with a double fence. We need to remove our troops from overseas and
place that at the border where they are needed. If people want to be citizens
they need to do so legally. All of these aliens who are here now, should lose
that privilege indefinitely. Why you ask? Well, it’s simple. They are criminals
and have been here for years illegally, showing that they have no respect for us
or our laws.

When people break the law they get punished not rewarded. This is everything,
the truth, whole truth, whether you like it or not. This shouldn’t be a
controversy, this issue is as simple as it gets. It’s worth the cost to get
these people out of our country because then we would be saving money in the
long run and our economy can start to recover. Everyone will argue they have
rights; yes they do in their country, not in ours. They are criminals. They are
not citizens, therefore they have no rights. Time to wake up America! We need to
support legislation like Arizona’s. We need to get back to our Constitutional
roots. The Constitution is the law of this land. It is not to be interpreted. It
is as written. We were meant to have small gov’t, free enterprise, traditional
American values, all of which have been thrown out the window.

It is time to take this country back. The federal gov’t is set up to work for
the states. It is not the other way around, contrary to belief. I am sure all
the libs will read this and go into tizzy but I could careless. The truth hurts
sometimes people; time to actually read the Constitution to see what it actually
says. No interpretation needed.

If you would like a free copy of the Dec of Independence and Constitution all
you have to do is visit the Heritage Foundation at

Also visit my blog for more posts about various other topics at

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If
you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more.
Afterwards, email brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level
you would like to participate.

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15 responses

24 09 2010

Brian- The second point you make about stealing the jobs. You don’t want to know if you are this angry already. Most employers have nothing to fear. Thousands of jobs at thousands of companies hire illegals. The worst thing? It isn’t Americans doing the hiring, hoping to take advantage of desperate illegal workers. It is illegals that run their own businesses and illegals that are hiring managers taking advantage of their own countrymen. This is also something that will not be addressed unless it reaches magnanamous proportions. Even then a company that finally warrants an audit have months and months of chances to correct the paper work (I-9) of its current and former employees. When you finally take this company to court, a fine is all they get. The workers that have been “found” to be lacking documentation have already been “fired” and re-hired with a new ID. A typical company, like an oil change garage, has an astronomical amount of employees (hundreds at one location), mostly foreigners. It takes several months with several full time auditors to bring a case to court, only to gather some fines. Nothing happens to the illegals, as I stated before, illegals will not be dealt with AT ALL.

24 09 2010

I can help with your questions. The original article :The Controversy Over Illegal Aliens”. I am guessing this was written by Brian. Well Brian, although I agree
with the point that all illegal aliens are criminally in the U.S. we can not do anything about that. This issue has already decided by our government. They will not be dealt with AT ALL. I can’t tell you how I know this, but, this is the truth.

24 09 2010

Dear Bloggers-

You speculate alot. Do you have any idea what the truth is behind your concerns? I do.
I dare you engage and ask. You won’t like the answers.

8 09 2010
Vicki Vail

Illegal Immigration Tip # 6 – I was looking for garage sales on Craigslist. I ran into a classified ad for a garage sale that was written completely in Spanish. How arrogant! This is discriminatory towards English-speaking Americans.
Tip: But the nice thing is that you can “flag” a classified ad and Craigslist removes it immediately. So I flagged it and presto, Craigslist booted the offensive ad off their server. While I was at it, I flagged another garage sale advertisement that said “Se Habla Espanol”. I think you can flag stuff on Ebay too. Search tips: Se habla espanol, Se hablo espanol.
Oh I am having so much fun with this…..

27 07 2010

Jeremy, you gotta be kidding….No Complaining????? That’s all “they” do…they demand that schools speak “their” language, that signs and official documents be in “their” language, they DEMAND health services, and they demand that immigration laws that concern them be ignored– and on and on and on….all the while flying foreign flags and claiming this country was theirs in the first place and should be “theirs” again…”they” seem to be uniquily unable or unwillinng to assimilate–which is what has caused this huge backlash

30 08 2010

What I cant believe is that a few judges that were APPOINTED to their jobs by self serving idiots get to decide that a MAJORITY of the country is wrong because it isnt politically correct to kick out law breakers.. I bet if I break the law by driving without a license or not have identification when i get pulled over , or I have broken some other law i am not gonna get a break. Why should we even feel sorry for these people? They knew they were breaking the law–SMUGGLING yourself across a border translates in any language. They hide out, well they used to hide out, Now we are expected to hide because they kidnap our kids that already are losing out on the tax dollars we are spending for their educations because in Arizona the courts decided we have a legal OBLIGATION to fund the education of an illegal student. We dont have any money for schools because of this. Now those of us that pay and pay every year have kids that get substandard education and now they are only going to be going 4 days a week. This is bull. I am tired of it all. I am tired of the bullys at my kids schools all being illegals and my kid cant defend themselves without getting into trouble and the illegals get away with it and know they are going to. What i really what to know, is what are we gonna do to stop all this from happening. I feel like i am letting my great-great grandpa , great grandpa, grandpa and father down for sitting by and just watching. WHAT CAN WE DO? WHAT ARENT THEY GOING TO SAY IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL?

AND Thank you Sherrif Arpaio and Jan BRewer for standing up us.

20 07 2010
Brian Bonner

We want all illegals out, not just Mexican, but we all know who the illegals are in Arizona, Mexicans. The other states do have european illegals and they need to go as well.

As to taking our jobs back? Every place where jobsite round ups have occurred, they were replaced by U.S. citizens; so your argument is fictitious.

17 07 2010

The reason Mexico gets blamed for most of the illegal immigrant problem is as follows:

57% of illegal immigrants are from Mexico
24% of illegal immigrants are from other Latin American countries
9% from Asia
6% are from Europe
4% are from everywhere else.

Source PEW

17 07 2010

this article is poorly written by Brian , and it has a lot of misleading information. We need to understand what we are fighting against, by providing the American people with facts so that we can defend ourselves of the menace that we are encountering, so we can`t not allow this type of behavior in this site, we need to specifically state the truth and not be like other sites full of garbage!

27 07 2010

i agree that the article is poorly written. firstly, comparing illegal immigrants to pedophiles, rapists, and murderers? i mean, are you serious? are you really serious? you completely invalidated anything that was said after that just by being so ridiculous at the start. if you’re going to make outrageous comparisons like that at least save them til the end so the average, sane people might continue to consider what you have to say with at least a partially open mind.

and yes, i hate to inform you, but “illegal” aliens do have rights. whether the consitution or the us code or whatever says they do or not, they’re people, and they are endowed with the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. that’s what they’re trying to achieve. just because you were fortunate enough to be born on one side of the rio grande and they were born on the other doesn’t make you any more important or any more special than them. hate to break that news to you, but the soil over which you were born has nothing to do with who you are on the inside. there’s plenty of people who were born in this country who haven’t done a damn thing to make it better and take advantage of other peoples’ kindness. why not let someone come here who’s willing to work their ass off and do it with a smile on their face, without bitching every step of the way about how rough their life is.

17 07 2010

I disagree! with the beginning of this article where it says that illegals have no rights well they do according to the US constitution just by simply treading on this soil, in other words once they get across they become rightful in many ways thats the main reason why we need to enforce a real border!

14 07 2010

how about a list of Companies caught hiring illegals?
Hormel meat processing has to be near the top of the list.

Could be used to boycott their products.

10 07 2010

I think illegal immigration was the major factor leading to the collapse of the American family farm…remember John Mellencamp and Farm Aid.. American family farms couldn’t compete with cheap foreign labor and as they lost their farms the Corporate farming businesses bought them out and farmed them with the same cheap labor they used to drive the family farmer out of business. More people need to be aware of this awful consequence of illegal immigration–maybe it can be reversed….without the cheap labor the corporations will not be as competitive

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