Survivor Details Massacre of 72 Migrants by Drug Cartel in Mexico

28 08 2010

From the AP:

MEXICO CITY — A wounded migrant stumbled into a military checkpoint and led marines to a gruesome scene, what may be the biggest massacre so far in Mexico’s bloody drug war: a room strewn with the bodies of 72 fellow travelers, some piled on top of each other, just 100 miles from their goal, the U.S. border.

The 58 men and 14 women were killed, the migrant told investigators Wednesday, by the Zetas cartel, a group of former Mexican army special forces known to extort migrants who pass through its territory.

If you read the entire article you come away with more questions than answers. Like what Marines? Does Mexico even have Marines? And, where were they migrating too? Oh, and by the way, our government trained the Zeta’s. WWhat a wonderful world we live in.
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