Undocumented Immigrants/Real Crimes 10/14

15 10 2010

Cross posted from Virtuous Republic:

Another crime perpetrated against an American citizen, this time in the Greater Cincinnati area, by an illegal immigrant. This one, like the others that I have presented to you, is the fault of every individual in the U.S. who opposes a secured southern border.

The courtroom of Judge Keith Spaeth was steeped in sorrow and bewilderment Friday as Alexis Ramirez, now 15, was sentenced for the rape, robbery, beating and kidnapping of 64-year-old Phyllis Mays in her Liberty Township home Jan. 11.The boy threatened Mays with the gun, hit her with it and sexually assaulted her. Then he ordered Mays to drive him to a money machine. On the way, he jumped out of Mays’ car and ran away with her purse.Assistant Prosecutor Brad Burress pointed out that, shortly after the teen’s arrest, Detective Jason Rosser said the teen told him: “Well, I guess I have to pay the price for having a little fun.”The teen also reportedly said: “How much time will I have to do? A year or so?”Feltner said the incident’s effects continue. “It sent a shoock wave — like you drop a rock in the pond, you see the ripples, and it’s still rippling� I’m just begging the court to keep him locked up for as long as possible.”David Brewer argued a shorter sentence would cost taxpayers less. His client is an an illegal immigrant who will be deported to his home country, Mexico, after completing his prison term, unless laws change by then. Read more….

An old lady’s life was ruined because as a nation, we simply have lost our way. Nothing is important, nothing is sacred, nothing is holy, nothing is special and thus, nothing is done to protect our nation, because it isn’t worth protecting.




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