Immigration cases being tossed by the hundreds

18 10 2010

isn’t this just lovely…

From the houston chronicle:

In the month after Homeland Security officials started a review of Houston’s immigration court docket, immigration judges dismissed more than 200 cases, an increase of more than 700 percent from the prior month, new data shows.

The number of dismissals in Houston courts reached 217 in August — up from just 27 in July, according to data from the Executive Office for Immigration Review, which administers the nation’s immigration court system.

In September, judges dismissed 174 pending cases — the vast majority involving immigrants who already were out on bond and had cases pending on Houston’s crowded downtown court docket, where hearings are now being scheduled into 2012.

Roughly 45 percent of the 350 cases decided in that court in September resulted in dismissals, the records show.

The EOIR data offer the first glimpse into Homeland Security’s largely secretive review of pending cases on the local immigration court docket.

In early August, federal attorneys in Houston started filing unsolicited motions to dismiss cases involving suspected illegal immigrants who have lived in the country for years without committing serious crimes.

News of the dismissals, first reported in the Houston Chronicle in late August, caused a national controversy amid allegations that the Obama administration was implementing a kind of “backdoor amnesty” — a charge officials strongly denied.

In recent weeks, some immigration attorneys reported the dismissals have slowed somewhat, while others reported they now have to ask ICE trial attorneys to exercise prosecutorial discretion in order to have their cases dismissed. Others, however, said they are still being approached by government attorneys seeking to file joint motions for case dismissal.

Well, we have to keep them in the country until we can get them amnesty right? The administration refuses to stop people coming into our country illegally and refuses to enforce the laws and deport them.

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2 responses

10 03 2011

March 7, 2011

Department of Home Land Security
Attn: Enforcement and Removal Operations
630 Sansome Street, Rm 590
San Francisco, CA 94111

Dear Sir/Madam:

Govind Pandey is an undocumented immigrant from India with a valid driver’s license and Social Security number which he claimed to have obtained under false pretenses. He does not have a valid green card a work visa, or any other form of legal documentation mandated for extended residence in the United States.

This person lives with his Indian wife who is also illegal in the country, at 4471 Manzanita Ave # 65 in Carmichael California, and works at Full stop & Save owned by Avtar Singh Atwal located at 10785 Coloma Rd. in Rancho Cordova California. Therefore, triggering a direct violation of Immigration Reform Act of 1986 outlawed the hiring illegal aliens (Section 8 USC 1324(a) (1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii))

Mr. Pandey frequently boasts of being influential and guarantees’ protection by the Rancho Cordova Police Department which he claimed to have develop a quid pro quo relationship with by allowing the COPS to receive free merchandize at the stores were he works.
More importantly the highly skilled imposter, master manipulator, habitual liar and Conman, is involved in a number of criminal activities while continuing to hoodwink local lawenforcment officials into believing he is a law abiding.

The Folsom Police Department have extensive documented evidence of harassment and threatening of law abiding citizens which resulted in a restraining order being granted against him by a Superior Court judge. Despite of the judge’s order to cease and desist, Mr. Pandey and his undocumented wife continues to stalked, intimidate and harassment of a single Russian mother who has refused to marry him for the sole purpose of obtaining a Green card for him. On a more important note this person recently vandalized the property of this single working mother causing over $6000.00 in damage, while the Rancho Cordova COPS look the other way.

My wife has called the ICE hot line to report this illegal immigrant which continues to terrorized hard working tax paying citizens to no avail.
As an American and veteran of two tours of the Iraq and Afghanistan war, I am requesting for Department of Home Land Security, which is charged in keeping illegal immigrants’ out of our country to remove this active criminal minded individual from our community.

While we do appreciate all the dedicated hardworking folks at ICE for doing their best in keeping our country safe from criminal aliens, we feel in the case of Mr. Pandey, your office should consider this person a major threat to all citizens and he must be removed immediately.

Thank you

Director John Morton
Washington, D.C. 20536

24 10 2010

We have a plan we just keep coming illegal or not….your country is to lazy and too greedy to stop us. Soon we will run the country, restaurants, construction, banks…your homes…we are there…humble as pie for now…look at corpus christi…California…We stick together and we win… I have seen how greedy employers justify hiring illegal aliens by saying they do jobs no one else will do. Not so. Its greed on the part of the employers. The negative impact on this country is a result. Illegals send a large part of there earnings back to Mexico. For every illegal immigrant hired our economy tanks by at least $10,000 per person yearly. Americans keep the money home and invest it here. I spoke with an illegal immigrant he said we are to lazy to stop illegal aliens and they could easily take over the country. He said we are in your homes with your children, you eat our food we bring, we are at your hotels, in your banks…Americans have been infiltrated and we have a plan to do more…Look at Corpus Christi and California we are here. Govt even calls us caucasian now…it helps there demographic numbers. Illegals bank on our laziness and greed. What is a cold war again

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