Center for Immigration Studies Publications

1. American Dhimmitude: The road from amnesty
by Mark Krikorian National Review Online, March 30, 2006

EXCERPT: `'What we're seeing in the streets is a naked assertion of power by outsiders against the American nation. They demand that we comply with their wishes and submit our immigration policies for their approval, and implicitly threaten violence if their demands are not met. Far from being a discussion among Americans about the best way to regulate immigration, the illegal-alien marches have been marked by the will to power: ubiquitous Mexican flags, burning and other forms of contempt for the American flag, and widespread displays of blatant racial chauvinism and irredentism.''

2. Guest-Worker Programs Are a Dead End
by Mark Krikorian
Human Events, March 27, 2006

EXCERPT: `'In short, guest-worker programs are both immoral and unworkable. But their appeal is enduring, because they can satisfy the immediate economic demands of an important constituency while pretending not to have any adverse consequences on the rest of society. Our country has too often succumbed to this temptation for policymakers to be able to claim ignorance of the guaranteed outcome of another experiment in servile foreign labor.''

3. Dropping Out: Immigrant Entry and Native Exit From the Labor Market, 2000-2005
by Steven A. Camarota
Center for Immigration Studies Backgrounder, March 2006

EXCERPT: `'Advocates of legalizing illegal aliens and increasing legal immigration argue that there are no Americans to fill low-wage jobs that require relatively little education. However, data collected by the Census Bureau show that, even prior to Hurricane Katrina, there were almost four million unemployed adult natives (age 18 to 64) with just a high school degree or less, and another 19 million not in the labor force. Perhaps most troubling, the share of these less-educated adult natives in the labor force has declined steadily since 2000.''

4.Two Sides of the Same Coin: The Connection Between Legal and Illegal Immigration
by James R. Edwards, Jr.
Center for Immigration Studies Backgrounder, February 2006

EXCERPT: `'Because of the inextricable link between legal and illegal immigration, there is no way to continue massive legal immigration and reduce illegal immigration. To cut illegal immigration, legal immigration must be curtailed. To assert otherwise attempts to maintain a fiction that is unsustainable, judging from fact and experience.''

5. Guestworker Programs: Do They Make Sense for America?
Panel Discussion Transcript
National Press Club, Washington, D.C., March 3, 2006


Bill King, Retired Border Patrol Agent; managed 1986 amnesty in western region

Mike Cutler, Fellow, Center for Immigration Studies

Philip Martin, Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of California, Davis

Steven Camarota, Director of Research, Center for Immigration Studies

Moderator: Mark Krikorian, Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies

6. Legislature Should Act to Ensure Banks Can Verify the Identity of Account Holders
by Jessica M. Vaughan
Testimony prepared for the Joint Financial Services Committee, Massachusetts General Court (state legislature)
Boston, March 7, 2006

EXCERPT: `'This bill does not deny financial services to illegal aliens. It simply prevents financial institutions from relaxing their security standards in order to tap this market. Many believe that this `unbanked' population should have access to legitimate and regulated financial services companies, rather than keeping money under mattresses or relying on black market lenders. If this bill is adopted, illegal immigrants will still be able to open accounts if they can obtain a passport from their consulate. The standard of issuance for passports is much higher than for the matricula consular.''

7. Verification of Employment Authorization: Federal Basic Pilot Program is an Effective and Employer-friendly Tool for Immigration Law Compliance
by Jessica M. Vaughan
Testimony prepared for the State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee, Colorado General Assembly
Denver, February 21, 2006

EXCERPT: `'This legislation is a realistic approach to a difficult and complicated problem, and is consistent with the direction many states are moving, and probably the federal government, eventually. It is not a silver bullet, but should be viewed as part of a larger strategy to deal with illegal immigration that relies on partnerships between federal and state authorities, and between government agencies. This strategy acknowledges that the population of more than 10 million illegal immigrants can not be apprehended and deported one by one; nor is the federal government likely to enact a mass amnesty to legalize this population. Instead, lawmakers should rely on an array of policies to increase the day-to-day enforcement of immigration laws, diminish the draw of employment, and encourage voluntary compliance with immigration laws. Eventually, those who are here in violation of our laws will realize that they can no longer hide or gain access to the benefits intended for legal residents, and a large share will choose to return home on their own.''

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39 responses

2 07 2014

I live in New Zealand and we are so cut off from the world .my issue has been watching an immigrant who used marriage to my elderly father to gain a good life in New Zealand and every thing others paid for including my parents house .I also hate the fact that she arrived with months of our mother death into a house containing my younger siblings and bought her child here and beat him up in front of my siblings .when my father was older and sick and dying she left him alone and walked out of the marriage .then when he was dying he wrote a last minute will and left her the house my mother paid for .I want more she had more rights than my mother who paid for by working a home for her children .I hate her and would love to find some body some where to have our story told media won t tell it here might hurt her feelings as she an immigrant has more rights here than I do my father was asked for money up front before she married him ,the immigrants are just raping our country and these women con men out of hundreds of dollars .my father had six children and she came first and spent most of our mums money before she was cold in her grave .so if you know of any body who would like the rest of the story or to write a book with this or you need stories for your course ours is a good one .who lives off a cancer patients money and what sort of government puts her needs first .

2 04 2014
always legal

Another MORON, with the american indian comment. I can tell your from illegal decent!!! thats the usual argument ! the treatment of American indians is sad. But get over it. its the usa now! and obay our laws or get out. If you want to talk unfair. How come illegals can break our laws ? and get away with it. But Americans go to jail. You get to break the law twice. Go Home your bankrupting america. with your hard work.

27 12 2011
Matt Stockman

You left out Dean Baldwin Painting on you La Raza Supporters page:

Here is their story check it out:

3 03 2011
Judy Dixon

I have a question that I hope someone can answer. My ex daughter-in-law was in the USA illegally. She is from Italy and had been here almost 8 years with her green card expiring. She went back to Italy and now wants to return to the USA. She has my 7 year old grandson with her and I would like to see her come back. My grandson will not move back to the USA without her. She paid fed., state, and soc. sec. taxes and never used any “free” government services.

I want my grandson back, please help!!!!! Any advice would be so much appreciated.

Where do I start to help her return? I am a US citizen born and raised here and of american indian descent.

13 12 2010

The emphasis in the “illegal immigration problem” is currently used as a political escape goat by the Republican party and others for the big mess that was left behind by the previous administration. The current recession and economical environment is a result of many other things (invasion of Iraq and Afganistan, wasteful use of resources). Statistically illegal immigration is not a cause of the budget deficit as it amounts to less than half of a percent of the total budget. Please do some research before investing your valuable time in the wrong cause. The more ignorant humans are the more they are inclined to not like people from other countries, cultures, religions, etc, invest in your “Education”. Do not let political organizations blind you wih wrongfully placed hate!!!

2 04 2014

Hey man, She did it wrong. All you have to do is sneek over from mexico and have your baby in the usa. auto american baby. man america is like a giant cookie jar! Your kid gets welfare, six of them and you could live off the welfare. And still dont have to be legal.You get food stamps, free school. Yea americans pay for everything. Americans work most their lives for SS. Man we just walk over the border, Complain to nancy pelosi, and she hookes you up. She and others in washington dont care about americans. this is what stops good people from becoming us citizens ! Its the demise of washington D.C. immigration enforcement. At the highest levels. Obama dosent give a shit about americas diversity. Dumb down america, and they in washington can legislate their pockets full. Remember washington is full of trail lawyers, and how do you know a lawyer is lieing? Make him president.

21 07 2010

for all the ignorant people here:

for most people that think that this country rightful claim is about who was here first! I`ve got something to tell them:

if they are right! then the rightful owners are the Asians from upper China because they crossed the bering sea into Ameica in what is known today as Alaska during the Ice Age thats the reason most American Indians look asian as well as a lot of Mexican Indians!

2 04 2014

Hay moron the american people own america. they founded it, they fought for it. your analogy is deeply flawed. a true example of the dumming down of america.

29 06 2010
Immigrant Investor Visa

It also just seems wrong to me that illegals regularly demand rights of any sort. They are called illegals for a reason! It is because they are, by their very presence, breaking the laws of the nation. Why should their protests be greeted by anything other than mass arrests?

18 11 2009
immigrant investor visa

Many interesting and passionate comments here, always nice to see that. My take on all of this is that we have to realize how difficult it is to come to this country legally. Unless you can buy your way in, the process can be impossible to complete. So, many come here illegally. I am not defending anyone, but if the processes for immigration were better put together, we might have less illegals and more contributors to these various funds (Social Security, etc.)

2 04 2014
always legal

So what! We have customs SO NO ONE DONT BRINGS IN PLAGUE` S OR SICKNESS and kills everyone. Hows your history?

22 10 2009

Filtration: Many water treatment facilities use filtration to remove all particles from the water. ,

23 03 2009

Ok first of all let me introduce myself. My name is lewis. I wont tell you my last name because is not your business. One thing i would like to clear here at this site that i think is worth nothing is………….. Do you all racist poeple who made this site know who were the first one here in the U.S.? May be you should go to school and learn some U.S. History. This country the United States Of American was founded by American Indians. They were the first one here. That is why this country is name as a country of immigrants. Anglos think they own this country which is not even close to be correct. Like i mention before Indians are the natives of this country. Second, Illegal immigrants come here to work and fill jobs that anglos would not even do. How many people you see on streets with a valid social security # no illness at all, looking around 25-40 years old and asking for money? Instead of asking for money they should be working their asses off like illegals. they dont come here to take away jobs from us citizens they come here to fill jobs that us citizens wont do. Thank you so much for your time and have a nice day!!! oh one last thing……People go back to school and take a U.S. History class please

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