Facts on the Cost of Illegal Alien Invaders

1. The number of illegal immigrants estimated to be here are from 12-24+ mil!

2. 5+ million cheat the government out of over $35 Billion a year in income taxes.

3. At the same time they receive $30 Billion a year in government benefits!

4. 96% of increased enrollment in public schools is due to immigration. Parents of those students contribute little or nothing in taxes to support education!

5. 2002 – American Hospital Assoc. paid $21 Billion in uncompensated healthcare..this does not include Government and private clinics costs. US Census Bureau 2003 report; 30.6% Hispanics vs. 9% other received means tested government benefits (welfare, healthcare, food stamps).

7. These 30.6% contributed NOTHING to the government while receiving benefits.

8. Taxpayers pay $12 Billion annually for illegal’s education. Add children born here to illegal parents = $28.6 Billion.

9. Providing dual language programs represents additional expense Of $290-$879 PER pupil PLUS free meals/books for illegal children in our classrooms.

10. 270,000 = number of illegal aliens spending time in our jails in 2003. 1 in 5 in our prison population are illegal aliens convicted of a felony AFTER entering our county illegally.

11. Illegal aliens displace approximately 730,000 American workers every year!

12. $20 BILLION in remittances sent back to Mexico last year! That’s a lot of $ taken out of our Economy to be sent home to their own!

FOR MORE FACTS & INFORMATON: Coalition Against Illegal Immigration, alipac and fairus

341 responses

24 06 2015

12 stars on the crown of the woman of Revelations 8, 12 tribes of Isreal, 12 constellations in the night sky (13 is a lie), 12 months of the year. I was born December 1st 1980. My name literally means, she who crowns victors or she who decides fate. my constellation is Saggitaurus even though I wasn’t raised to believe in the pagan religions there is still pretty convinving evidence to show that who I am is above you by your destiny to be a lowlife. low life as in beneath. you occupy the 9th circle of hell where the violent and manipulative liars literally boil in their own blood mixed with lava. my birth sign is the symbol of the creature that shoots you back down and keeps you from rising above any other. in ancient Greco/Roman era, I would be the one to crown the gladiators who defeated all their opponents through the trial games. let me tell you again, my name means ‘She who crowns victors’ ‘Victorious Miracle’ ‘Noble Woman’. and from what I can tell from watching your incredibly idiotic public behavior is that there is no one worth a damn on this planet.
you steal and get stolen from and complain about your stolen goods being stolen.
you smoke and get lung cancer and whine about not receiving medical treatment.
you live like and practice being sluts in
public and bitch when people call you what you really are. you are trash. you throw trash everywhere as if terraforming your environment into your real home. you are comfortable being garbage so you live like garbage in garbage talking as garbage talks whining the way garbage smells and you never bother to blame yourself for any of your own stupid choices in life that kept you as trash. try looking at your life in the mirror and stop pretending to have feelings. is being a bastard or a whore, a thief or a liar, a witch or a reject, is that what you are proud of? is stupidity something to gloat about? is stealing and bragging like typical primordial retards something actually worth bragging about? are you proud of yourself for being sluts or for sleeping with sluts? are you proud of being prowlers and stalkers, retards who can’t accept rejection? is that what you have to celebrate? yes. where you come from it’s normal to be as stupid as the ancient barbarians who only ever knew how to conquer through physical fist fights or through lies and theft. in your lowlife culture it’s normal to be a slut and spread diseases and stupidity through contaminated gene pools and to produce only unwanted bastard kids. that is normal at the low levels of life where you come from and where you are cursed to remain. jealous and hate is now disguised as ‘rights’ while rampant stupidity is now mislabeled as ‘choices’. satanic anti-christian paganism now disguises itself as ‘culture’ while satanic worship itself mislabeled as liberal democracy. prostitution hides under the new name of ‘immigration’. these are your demons that rule over you. change the letters of the word slut around to get the name of sexual sin: lust. you are cowards, sluts, bastards and rejects. no one wants you. that is entirely your fault. if you ever backed off and left us alone or better than that, if you ever repaired our Christian communities like cleaning up your garbage and left without stealing anything including what you paid for with our American money……… that would be such a shocker. that would earn the attention of the entire world and give us relief for once. sadly though, you’re neither that kind nor that smart. you are completely incapable of any form of kindness or intelligence or understanding. there is no evidence of any good kind of results from preaching to you, enabling you or even spoiling you. we Christians have been way too gracious, generous, hospitable, caring, naive, amd gullible into believing you were ever capable of anything good or productive. we will never be that victimized by your satanism again. God himself is removing the very foundations the earth was made from and you and your kind will fry worse than the dinosaurs. earth is no longer separated by the sea, the sky is no longer separated from the ground, the day is no longer separated from the night and the pollution that makes up the unbreathable toxins of space will no longer be separated by a magnetic protective atmosphere. your very planet is being undone and dying and the blood of inmocent unborn and of the innocent Christians you killed is the evidence God himself needed to justify himself killing you off. you are going to fry like the dinosaurs and return to dust. if you understand NOTHING of the bible, understand atleast that!

24 06 2015

stealing something the way muslims steal history through plagiarism does NOT mean you invented it! mexicans steal into the United States of America but they by no means are ever entitled to any of it no matter how those freaks whine. black people are not entitled to any rights simply for being slaves, slavery does not make you equal to anybody, the entire purpose of slavery or abortion or theft or the sex culture or even of politics is to dehumanize you and you inturn have dehumanized Americans long enough and for once, this generation is standing against your demonic invasion slapping you with rejection. get used to it or get the hell out!

24 06 2015

try to view these bastards of other nations, these foreign thieves and liars more like the way Dante Aligheri who wrote the famous poem called ‘Dante’s Inferno’ originally called ‘the divine comedy’ saw them and instead of seeing them as individuals, try instead seeing black Arabs who lie about being black Americans and hispanics or muslims that disguise themselves as mexicans, see them instead as dead people rotting in a toxic river in the vestibule of hell with the United States of America as the boat or as the person in the boat that mexico, russia, china, islam, africa and all other nations and religions are trying to sink by climbing into and overcrowding our boat. illegal immigration, no, erase that political bullcrap and use the proper word which is and always has been: invader, invaders are like Dante’s vision of the damned, that is why their own countries fail, they run away because they are cowards and pagan whores and they are, well, damned, for lack of a more appropriate, fitting word.

that is the truth. you want peace? the only way that’s going to ever happen now is to kill pagan democracy and all the lies with it through accountability and deportations in the billions of all non whites and even of some whites.

if you knew anything about history which you obvious don’t even think, you obvious are retarded socially and morally, you would know that the ONLY true Americans are not merely white Christians but very specifically the DUTCH! and there is no such thing as a black dutch citizen without overwhelming evidence of their invasion of both the netherlands and of America. black slaves brought to the United States before during and after the revolutionary and civil wars were the original ‘illegal immigrants’. unlike the british bastards, the dutch always have been few in number and hard working victims of theft. no one else can make that claim with so much as a criminal record proving their guilt. so shut up you demon whores and take your debates back to hell with you, satan and shut up! the liar constantly lies about lying claiming to be victims while the real victims go completely unnoticed. the obvious truth every one now sees is as such, feminists are political whores, single moms are state prostitutes, homosexuals have proven to be child rapists, blacks are overwhelmingly violent, mexicans can only be as trustworthy as a pick pocket and arabs are the slave masters, bastards of witchcraft and experts at lying. the chinese ae communists, North Koreans are brainwashed, the Jews ae clueless yet spoiled and have no dna even remotely close to that of the ancient hebrews and the blacks who are brainwashed by these arab islamic child molesters were thugs and street gang pirates to begin with and never civilized. and to add to that list the british snobs are sore losers, Russia is run by a kgb member also a bastard, and there is no nation other than America that ever even attempted to end slavery which turned out to be our biggest mistake!!! so SHUT UP the next time you think about whining, try seeing yourself the way I have seen you, as a dead parasite wallowing in your own hellish misery with demons as your new political nannies LAUGHING AT YOU FOR BEING SO STUPID and falling for such demonic lies. positive reinforcement never worked with the children of satan but being your rug for you to waltz in on doesn’t work either so for once someone is standing up to you and giving you back what you have given and granting karma to you givjng you what you earned, what you deserve, like a huge slap upside your empty head and you still whine like a typical retarded caveman. public humiliation would do you a world of good. it starts by acknowledging your own stupid reckless destruction. it ends with the an apology and by you being held accountable for the damage you have done to all of society everywhere. if you still don’t feel shame for your satanic stupidity, than you really are unforgiveably beyond any hope or future. open mindedness equals empty headed as in stupid thoughtless dangerous and satanicly self centered! how dare you!

24 06 2015

maybe we are all immigrants but using that as an excuse to give these invaders the ‘benefit of the doubt’ is more political crap I just can’t swallow.

my grandparents from my dad’s side came to the United States legally. the hispanic/mexican majority commits the crime of illegally entering and having bastard children to boot but so do the Africans and the Arabs. there is a WORLD of difference between debating and aiding in their crimes the same as there is a huge noticable difference between helping someone and enabling spoiled thieving brats. but even white liberal single moms are nothing more than social whores with bastard children (that’s the correct dictionary term: Bastard) with the state as both their pimp and their clientel. any and all pagan anti-Christian anti-law and order societies have always been largely democratic and they are experts at lying. their pagan lies against accountability is a spell you need to learn to reject instead of falling for those puppy dog fake tears they give you. stop enabling the wicked lying law breaking demonrats and their spoiled bastard brats!!!

27 09 2013

white people are the illegal alien invaders and must be deported if they dont leave kill everyone of them……

14 05 2013
torrent kayak paddling jacket

The two murdered troopers, Power and Cahill, were men from good Irish families.
They had arranged a few signals between themselves.
He told Mother that his two black boys became very nasty the night time as we left
their camp; they yelled and sang during most of the night.

28 03 2013
hedy atkinson

call congress 24/7 to let them know – no amnesty; they feel we want this – 23m americans-no jobs-why we want this and now
Swbd: 1-866-338-1015 1-866-220-0044

14 03 2013

Exactly to the point. California s suffering the financial effects of illegal aliens. Welcome to the United States of Mexico.

30 11 2012
Flim Flam

Illegal immigrants, the word its self is a misnomer. They aren’t immigrants at all but terrorists & invaders, and though they aren’t setting off bombs at the local mall or bus station, the damage they are causing is the same. They are ruining the lives of citizens, disrupting/degrading our infrastructure, taking jobs they have no right to, and costing this country money in upkeep & support.

12million law breakers, 12million terrorists who’s first act on US soil was to p-ss on our laws. Then go on to denigrate and demonize the lawful citizens of this country, all the while breaking more and more of our laws & ordinances. Costing us more and more of our money, time, and energy.

And though most of us are in fact descendants of immigrants, we are descendants of people that arrived here LEGALLY, who obeyed the law, who sought to build-not people who invaded our soil, violate our law, and by their own actions labor to tear down everything our forebearers worked to build.

12million illegal immigrants-please?! Sounds more like an invading force 12million strong! Which is about 6x larger than our active/reserve/and civilian-attached military!!!!!!!!!

So to you who do not respect our law, do not respect our rights, do not respect what our country stands for, do not respect what it is we’ve built, do not respect what our parents/their parents/their parents before them/& etc built, and then demand we accept you. GTFO you worthless parasite. You are nothing more than a disease.

To immigrants here legally, I applaud you & ask why let illegals p-ss all over the hard word you went through to get here LEGALLY?

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