Illegal Immigration State by State

Just hover over the state on the map to see the numbers.

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11 01 2016
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16 12 2011
Don Lange

I live in michigan and we have a large population of illegals here. Was hit by a drunk illegal who paralyzed himself and diabled me in the accident. He was not prosecuted nor deported, but instead gets to stay here so tax payers can take care of him. Meanwhile 2 years later I still have no income- no assistance. Disability was denied. He had no insurance or drivers license so there wasn’t any compensation in that form either
Where’s the justice?
What’s wrong with this picture?
Where’s our safe borders? I’m in Michigan how are illegals making it all the way up here in such high numberd?

19 10 2010

Ofcourse immigrant’s aren’t the problem, so stop saying immigrants if you don’t know what an immigrant is, let me help you learn what an immigrant is.

An immigrant is a person that enters a country the proper legal way, by going through the proper channels, getting the proper document’s, learning the language of the country, assmelating, and loving the country they are becoming a citezen of, and doing everything requiered of them by the government to become a law abiding citezen, and many many have done this, and many have waited many years, in true wartone countries for 5/10/20 years for their papper’s to go through just so they can enter this great country legally.

Now for the definition of an ILLEGAL alien, not “UNDOCUMENTED” WORKER, not “UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANT” but ILLEGAL!

An ILLEGAL alien is a CRIMANL no if ands or buts about it, an ILLEGAL alien is a person that enters this country ILLEGALLY without DOCUMENTATION, without going through the PROPPER DOCUMENTATION to enter this country.

They steal JOB’S and RESOURCES and SERVICES from the american citezens, they BRING THEIR GANG’S and LOYALTY OF THEIR NATIVE COUNTRY WITH THEM, which should not be allowed to continue to happen.

They protest for SERVICES and RIGHT’S they are not ENTITLED to, they AREN’T EVEN ENTITLE TO MARCH AND PROTEST AT ALL BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT CITEZENS OF THIS COUNTRY, they wave thier NATIVE COUNTRY’S FLAG, they STEP AND BURN OUR AMERICAN FLAG, but yet they are allowed to do so without being arrested and deported.

They get all of the help and privellage’s that american born or immigrated citezens can’t even get, and it cost the american citezens billions upon billions per-state to take care of these illegals while the american citezens are struggling just to scrap by, yet there’s no help for us U.S. citezens can’t get theamount of help, or the type of help that the ILLEGAL alliens get in this very country of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

When will something be done? i doubt ever, politions want the vote’s and the corporations love the cheap labour, it’s a win win for them and the ILLEGAL alliens, and a lose lose fornthe american citezens.

Sorry for the spelling, no time to proof read.

5 08 2010

Anyone in the NY/NJ area and wants to join our group NYICE and/or NJ citizens against illegal immigration, Please Email me at-

21 06 2016
mudheart (@mudheart)

can you explain to me how a foreigner here on the EB5 visa, spontaneously produces 10 jobs?

2 08 2010
eb5 green card

This is pretty much your classic debate on immigration, and as usual there is little new ground broken. How do people feel about the EB5 program? This eb5 green card allows immigrants to gain permanent resident status if they invest in a regional center. This creates 10+ american jobs per immigrant.

12 02 2010

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