School Walkouts Continue in Calif to Protest Immigration Bill

30 03 2006

From Free New Mexican:

On California's Cesar Chavez Day, at least 14,315 students walked out of at least 16 Los Angeles-area schools from the San Fernando Valley to the wealthy coastal enclave of Pacific Palisades, said Monica Carazo, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Several hundred people marched along a downtown freeway. More than 1,000 circled the downtown City Hall and some met with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in his office. The demonstrators walked about a mile before they were escorted off, CHP Officer Joe Zizi said. Some could be cited. "They were in the middle. They were in all lanes," he said. In Santa Ana, police cars were sporadically pelted with rocks and bottles by knots of protesters, Santa Ana police Lt. Baltazar De La Riva said. "They've damaged a few units," he said. Nobody was hurt and only one arrest was immediately reported, he said. Other arrests and possible injuries were reported as students marched at a mall in Riverside. "It's resulting in bottles and rocks being thrown," police Lt. Bob Meier said. He did not have further details but said the department had put "everybody we've got" at the scene.

What is this France? These people think they are making us want to give Amnesty to illegal aliens? Where are the arrests?

"Of course there should be amnesty (for illegal immigrants). We've been here for many years. We work hard. We contribute to the economy of the U.S.," said Belmont High School student Fermin Vasquez, 18.

I guess that is a yes. This is just pissing off Americans around the country; I think they are actually helping our cause with this kind of behavior. We deserve Amnesty? How does one deserve Amnesty while their very presence in this country is continually violating our laws?

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Mexican Flag Flies Over Condominium Community

30 03 2006

This one really gets my goat!

From TC Palm:

The Stars and Stripes have been replaced by the Mexican flag at Chasewood North, and residents of the condominium community off Central Boulevard are puzzled as to who made the switch.

“I woke up Sunday morning and looked up from my patio and then realized that the American flag wasn’t on the flagpole,” said Sue Miller a Chasewood North board member. “What captured my attention were the colors — at first I thought it was an Italian flag, but one of our residents said it was the Mexican flag.

“I went to the flagpole, to see if the American flag was maybe on the ground, but they took it, and they cut the rope to get the American flag down and the Mexican flag up as well.”

A best estimate of when the switch took place is Saturday night. Chasewood South, which also has a flagpole at its entrance was untouched; its American flag was still flying from its 20-foot flagpole.

At the present time, Congress is in the midst of a debate about immigration, seeking to radically change the immigration laws, perhaps by allowing the approximately 11 million illegal immigrants in the country to have a path to citizenship. But Miller said she can’t figure out why this national debate would result in the American flag being stolen and replaced by a Mexican flag in Chasewood North.

“I’m flabbergasted that someone would do this, and I’m wondering why here,” Miller said. “We have some Hispanic residents here, but not a large Hispanic population, and I’m curious if this occurred anywhere else in town.”

It may be several weeks before the Stars and Stripes once again fly over Chasewood North, according to Miller, who at one time was the resident manager of the complex.

“We tried to get the flag down but couldn’t, so we need to hire a company with a boom truck to get up there and replace the rope and put up the American flag,” she said. “I would guesstimate that this would cost $500 or more to do.”

So are pissed off yet? Don’t worry I will keep working on it!

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Why Won’t The Government Listen?

30 03 2006

Cross posted by Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

In this scathing Op-Ed by Tony Blankley titled “Mexican Illegals vs. American Voters” he opines:

The Senate is attempting to legislate into the teeth of the will of the American public. The Senate Judiciary Committeemen — and probably a majority of the Senate — are convinced that they know that the American people don’t know what is best for them.

National polling data could not be more emphatic — and has been so for decades. Gallup Poll (March 27) finds 80 percent of the public wants the federal government to get tougher on illegal immigration. A Quinnipiac University Poll (March 3) finds 62 percent oppose making it easier for illegals to become citizens (72 percent in that poll don’t even want illegals to be permitted to have driver’s licenses). Time Magazine’s recent poll (Jan. 24-26) found 75 percent favor “major penalties” on employers of illegals, 70 percent believe illegals increase the likelihood of terrorism and 57 percent would use military force at the Mexican-American border.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll (March 10-13) found 59 percent opposing a guest-worker proposal, and 71 percent would more likely vote for a congressional candidate who would tighten immigration controls.

An IQ Research poll (March 10) found 92 percent saying that securing the U.S. border should be a top priority of the White House and Congress.

Yet, according to a National Journal survey of Congress, 73 percent of Republican and 77 percent of Democratic congressmen and senators say they would support guest-worker legislation.

As much as I am usually distrustful of polls, this is disturbing, showing a consensus that the American people are for tightening up of border security and curbing the influx of illegal aliens” or as the PC crowd would call them, legal citizenship challenged. The sellout of the 12 members of the Senate Judiciary committee is appalling, but perhaps even more appalling (to me perhaps) is this:

Beyond the Senate last week, in a remarkable example of intellectual integrity (in the face of the editorial positions of their newspapers) the chief economic columnists for the New York Times and The Washington Post — Paul Krugman and Robert Samuelson, respectively — laid out the sad facts regarding the economics of the matter. Senators, congressmen and Mr. President, please take note.

Regarding the Senate’s and the president’s guest-worker proposals, The Post’s Robert Samuelson writes: “Gosh, they’re all bad ideas … We’d be importing poverty. This isn’t because these immigrants aren’t hardworking, many are. Nor is it because they don’t assimilate, many do. But they generally don’t go home, assimilation is slow and the ranks of the poor are constantly replenished … [It] is a conscious policy of creating poverty in the United States while relieving it in Mexico … The most lunatic notion is that admitting more poor Latino workers would ease the labor market strains of retiring baby boomers ? Far from softening the social problems of an aging society, more poor immigrants might aggravate them by pitting older retirees against younger Hispanics for limited government benefits … [Moreover], [i]t’s a myth that the U.S. economy ‘needs’ more poor immigrants. “The illegal immigrants already here represent only about 4.9 percent of the labor force.” (For all Mr. Samuelson’s supporting statistics, see his Washington Post column of March 22, from which this is taken.)

Likewise, a few days later, the very liberal and often partisan Paul Krugman of the New York Times courageously wrote : “Unfortunately, low-skill immigrants don’t pay enough taxes to cover the cost of the [government] benefits they receive ? As the Swiss writer Max Frisch wrote about his own country’s experience with immigration, ‘We wanted a labor force, but human beings came.’ ” Mr. Krugman also observed — citing a leading Harvard study — “that U.S. high school dropouts would earn as much as 8 percent more if it weren’t for Mexican immigration. That’s why it’s intellectually dishonest to say, as President Bush does, that immigrants ‘do jobs that Americans will not do.’ The willingness of Americans to do a job depends on how much that job pays — and the reason some jobs pay too little to attract native-born Americans is competition from poorly paid immigrants.” Thusly do the two leading economic writers for the nation’s two leading liberal newspapers summarily debunk the economic underpinning of the president’s and the Senate’s immigration proposals.

The fact that I (I can’t believe I am going to say this) actually agree with Paul Krugman who works for the (gulp) NY Times. At this moment I am sure hell is freezing over and pigs are suddenly growing wings and flying now.

Under such circumstances, advocates of guest-worker/amnesty bills will find it frustratingly hard to defend their arrogant plans by their preferred tactic of slandering those who disagree with them as racist, nativist and xenophobic.

When the slandered ones include not only The Washington Post and the New York Times, but about 70 percent of the public, it is not only bad manners, but bad politics.

The public demand to protect our borders will triumph sooner or later. And, the more brazen the opposing politicians, the sooner will come the triumph.

So legislate on, you proud and foolish senators — and hasten your political demise.

To which I say, vote out every senator and congressperson who chooses to appease the illegal immigrants against the will of their constituents whom they were voted in by.

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Stop Congress From Rewarding Illegal Aliens!

30 03 2006

CFIF-Secure Our Borders has a blast fax campaign that sends faxes to The President and the 55 Republican Members of the United States Senate. They are debating this issue right now.

How much do you care about stopping Amnesty in any form? Well, you can put your money where your mouth is now.


RE: The American People Want Real Immigration Reform

The American people demanded secure borders and common-sense controls on immigration, but instead of giving the American people what they demanded the Senate is set to act on a “scamnesty” bill.

Under the guise of a Guest Worker Program, this “scamnesty” will reward as many as 11 million to 20 million illegal aliens for violating our laws by coming to this country illegally.

Majority Leader Bill Frist said it best:

“We are a nation of immigrants built upon the rule of law. And so many legal immigrants have played by the rules when coming to this country and making a life for themselves and their families. We should not break faith with those who played by the rules, so I will not support amnesty. We respect the rule of law and those who made it here the right way, and are trying to make it here the right way, rather than reward those who came here the wrong way.”

I agree. The American people want secure borders and real immigration reform. Give the American people what they want!


Your Signature Will Be Recreated Here

For a donation of as little as 20.00 you can Send your blast faxes.

Go send your blast faxes now!

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Students and School Flies Mexican Flag

30 03 2006

From Chron:

Reagan High School Principal Robert Pambello was ordered to remove a Mexican flag Wednesday morning that he had hoisted below the U.S. and Texas flags that typically fly in front of his school — a symbol he agreed to fly to show support for his predominantly Hispanic student body.

At nearby Hamilton Middle School, a child was asked to wipe off Mexican and U.S. flags painted on his face. Hundreds of other students carried Mexican flags during walkouts Wednesday — acts of protest that they vow to continue until Congress rejects legislation that would further restrict immigration.

“There’s no other way to be heard … It’s not the best way or the right way, but it’s our way,” Reagan freshman Jose Lopez, 14, said of the effort.

The Mexican flag has become a lightning rod in the immigration debate that’s consumed the city and the nation this week. Students say the flag represents their pride in the contributions Mexicans make to this country. Critics, though, said watching young Hispanics in the streets with the red, green and white flags is more than they can stand. These youngsters are in the United States and should — at the least — carry the U.S. flag, they argue.

“The whole thing just makes my blood boil,” said Bruce R. Wing, a 52-year-old Missouri City resident. “I want them all out of here.”

Wing said the Houston Independent School District should fire Pambello.

HISD leaders said no decision has been made about possible discipline against the principal, who declined interview requests Wednesday.

“It is appropriate to fly the flags of the United States and Texas over schools in the Houston Independent School District, since we are a public entity of the state,” HISD spokesman Terry Abbott said. “It would not be appropriate for the school district to advocate allegiance to a country other than the United States. Therefore, it is not appropriate to permit use of school district flagpoles for the purpose of flying flags representing other countries.”

Raul Ramos, a professor of Texas history at the University of Houston, said most Mexican-Americans see no contradiction in flying the Mexican flag alongside those of Texas and the United States.

“Most students at Reagan High School have relatives or ancestors from Mexico,” said Ramos. “The flag represents Mexican heritage as much if not more than citizenship.”

Calling HISD’s decision a reaction to cultural anxiety, he said, “it’s important for the school to make efforts to identify with the student body,” not vice versa. “The school, after all, reflects the ethnic identity of the students sitting in its classrooms.”

Nearly 60 percent of HISD’s 200,000-plus students are Hispanic.

Ok, I have a couple of problems here:

The school is supposed to relate to the children and not vice versa? The school, after all, reflects the ethnic identity of the students sitting in its classrooms? The kids are there to learn not teach. They should be being taught how to be a good American not teaching the school to be good Mexicans. This is just more Left wing idiocy! The Left through our education system is deconstructing our culture! You don’t teach them to embrace their foreign culture, you teach them to embrace American culture! You don’t treat them like Mexicans, you treat all students equally as Americans. If they are not American citizens than they shouldn’t be in our public schools.

Showing ones cultural heritage does not include flying a flag from another country on the school flagpole. However, He did put it below the other flags which is appropriate. But, if a non-minority, was to do something like this there would be an outcry about being insensitive to other students not of that heritage.

60 percent Hispanic? If I knew they were all here legally that wouldn’t bother me, but how many of them are illegal? That is our tax dollars being used to educate children that don’t belong here in the first place. People lose their homes over not being able to pay property taxes, and that is what pays for public education.

Pride in what Mexicans have done for this country? You mean the Mexican-American war? Gee, since my people, the Irish, pretty well settled this dang country why not fly an Irish flag? Or maybe we should fly a Chinese flag since they laid the tracks for the railroad? But people are going to defend this attitude.

As for the kids walking out? Who really cares other than the school because they are losing our federal tax dollars.

Some Reagan students said they will try to raise a Mexican flag again today. They said they want it to fly at least above the Texas flag on the pole.

“Just because you’re in the country doesn’t mean you can’t show your culture,” said Lewis Ramirez, 16, a sophomore at Reagan High.

And that is the final example of their attitude, they want to fly the Mexican flag AT LEAST ABOVE the Texas flag. That means they think Mexico is more important then their own state. It also means they would like to fly it above the U.S. flag. flying flags show allegiance, and we are supposed to pledge allegiance to the United States of America.

How do you think those that gave their lives to fight for Texas independence would feel about seeing the Mexican flag flying in Texas again? How about the descendants of those people who died during the Mexican-American war?

This is just going to work in the favor of those, like me, that want all illegal Aliens in this country gone. If you love Mexico so much GO BACK TO MEXICO! Those that feel this way and are LEGAL can apply to immigrate to Mexico as well.

Students said the makeshift rally was publicized through text messages.

A text message sent by an HISD student Wednesday encouraged more walkouts.

Part of it read: “Do ANY of you know how much money our schools make for each student that attends everyday … Imagine how much money they would lose if we didn’t go.”

Getting a FREE education is a privilege that should be appreciated, but these kids obviously don’t care. So I would suspend all of them, and if they did it again I would expel them permanently. Then they can have true solidarity with the poor Mexican people. They will have no education and crappy jobs.

I am sick of people in this country not appreciating what The U.S. does for them and everyone else.

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Silence From the Left

29 03 2006

Cross Posted from Violence Worker
You hear that?  Me neither.  The left is really, really quiet.  There is the usual babble about Bush lied (wretch), Iraqi Civil war (snore) and the domestic spying thing (yawn), but hardly a word.  I went to “Screw’en” Kos’ cave and the Moonbats are fairly silent.  In the afternoon open thread there was one comment.  Huffing and puffing Post had a link to an article.  The Wonkette?  Nary a peep.  Over at the disease-filled cesspool known as the Democratic Underground, there is a couple (literally) of pustules on the backside of humanity saying it’s all the evil corporations fault, but not much of anything do we hear from the usual suspects.  Curious.

Well I’m not silent and I won’t blame it entirely on employers.  I agree, the penalties for knowingly hiring illegals should be stiffened. Make it economical suicide if they are caught – close it down if you have to and give jail time to the owners. We need to also deal with the problem diplomatically and internally.

Diplomatic pressure should be brought to bear; that means some form of economic boycott or a reduction in aid, or both.

Make it legal for the military to guard the borders and allow them to apprehend people crossing illegally.

Build a damn wall – NOW!!!! Set instruments along the border to detect tunnels.  String a line of lights and cameras along it.

Use the Navy to help the Coast Guard patrol the borders.  Use the Air Force as well.  We have infrared and night vision.  Use it.  If some piece of parasite excrement raises a weapon, make it be his dying act.

Beef up port security.  Check a minimum of 25% of every container and use a dog to sniff every one of them as they come off the boat.  When we have the southern border secured, start working on the northern border.

If an illegal is caught, he or she will be fingerprinted and photographed and returned.  If they are caught again, 5 years in prison and then sent back.  Third time will get you ten years and life for the last.  The body need not be returned unless someone is willing to pay the freight.

Mexico is a third world crap hole that has festered long enough.  The only reason the thieves that run the government openly support their citizens to illegally enter the US is because that takes the burden off them.

Mexico is rough with illegals that enter from the south.  They don’t want illegals either.  We should follow there example.

It should be a FELONY to enter the United States illegally or to overstay your visa.  I don’t care what country or color.

If you come here legally, this is not Mexico, Italy, England or Kenya.  You want to be an American? Then be an American and I will welcome you with open arms – I don’t care what color you are or what country you came from as long as you are here legally.


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Border Fence Plan Catching Flack

29 03 2006

Cross Posted from Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

People are already complaining about the proposed border fence similar to the one in San Diego.

It is the most controversial proposal in a debate in the U.S. Congress over immigration reform that has split Republicans and sparked protests by Hispanic immigrants in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Detroit. Although the San Diego fence is seen as a success in cutting illegal immigration, the plan for the bigger barrier is struggling to win further support in Congress. Critics compare it to the Berlin Wall and say it goes against the American spirit of openness, sending the wrong message to the rest of the world about the United States. Calif. Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter, who authored the fence plan and estimates it would cost about $2 billion, points to a sharp drop in the number of immigrants nabbed heading for the United States through San Diego in recent years as evidence the security barrier works. In the early 1990s, some 550,000 immigrants were caught every year but with the addition of double fencing, high-tech surveillance systems and more border police, the number plunged to just 138,700 in 2004. "OVERRUN" "There is no doubt that its duplication at specific locations along our southern border will be equally successful and bring us one step closer to a border region that is no longer overrun by illegal aliens," Hunter said. But the U.S. Department of Homeland Security described the planned barrier, which would run for 698 miles, as a "stupid fence" and said it would most likely be ineffective, while the Mexican government slammed it as a disgrace.

Does anyone care what the Mexican government says about it? They can't even take care of their own people enough for them to stop wanting to come over here!

Despite the greater chances of either dying in the desert or being caught while pushing north through the San Diego sector, immigrants at a hostel in Tijuana said they would not be put off from their quest for a better life in the United States. "Whatever they put there they'll just keep on going over, around or under it," Hugo Uriel, an illegal immigrant from Mexico's Michoacan state said. "Finding a better life for your family is a powerful incentive," he said at a Tijuana hostel after being caught in the United States and sent back to Mexico. The fence plan envisages a double barrier made from former U.S. military aircraft landing mats stood on their side on the south and a high-tech steel and concrete wall to the north. It would run for 22 miles across California, and 361 miles over the sun-blasted Arizona desert, a strip crossed by half of the 1.18 million immigrants nabbed on the border last year. A remaining 315 miles of fence is proposed to seal three strips between Columbus, New Mexico and Brownsville, Texas, two of them along stretches of the Rio Grande River that became notorious last year as routes for Central American and Brazilian immigrants.

If they don't want to caught or go through the desert to get here, here's a clue, DON"T COME and stop whining that it's dangerous, nobody told you to come, and heaven forbid you try to enter legally! That would be too easy. The fence is just a good start.

Attacks by frustrated traffickers on agents are soaring, with 119 gun, knife and rock assaults reported between October 1 and the end of February, more than double the number noted in the same period a year ago, the Border Patrol said. In an attempt to break through the heavily policed line, traffickers also scooped out four tunnels under the stretch of border this year alone, most of them shallow "gopher holes" used to smuggle undocumented immigrants northward. Customs and Border Protection sources said immigrant traffickers have also crammed clients into hidden vehicle compartments, including seat backs and even gas tanks, to try and sneak them through the local ports of entry in the sector. Immigrant welfare groups are also critical of the proposal, and point to the fact that past policing crackdowns such as "Operation Gatekeeper" in the San Diego sector in 1994 only succeeded in rerouting the flow of immigrants to more remote and dangerous areas of the border. "Nothing has actually succeeded in slowing down the number of migrants crossing the U.S. border," said Rev. Robin Hoover, president of Tucson-based welfare group Humane Borders. "The fence is just another gimmick that will just expose migrants to greater danger," he added.

Another reason to curb the flux of illegal immigration, they are becoming more violent towards the border patrol! What is there solution? Appeasement? Oh wait, the Senate Judiciary committee already proposed that. Like I said above, if it's dangerous, don't come or stop whining. Nobody is putting a gun to there heads and forcing them to come here in the first place. We are being too nice about this. I am all for legal immigration as long as it's done the right way, but if you choose to take a shortcut and hop a fence, you should face consenquences, and here in America, by the PC crowd, they are starting to erode the mentality of personal responsibility.

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Mexican President urges Canada to open doors to ‘guest workers’

29 03 2006

This raises a couple of questions…

From Globe and Mail:

Mexican President Vicente Fox has proposed that Canada open its doors to growing numbers of unskilled Mexican “guest workers” to deal with a looming labour shortage brought on by an aging Canadian population.

In an exclusive interview with The Globe and Mail on the eve of this week’s Cancun summit with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President George W. Bush, Mr. Fox said Canada should greatly expand its current temporary work program for agricultural workers from Mexico.

“We should move out from agriculture to other services and other kinds of jobs and we are working on this with the Canadian government,” Mr. Fox suggested yesterday, noting that Canada is facing the same problem of an aging population as the United States.

“I hope that you will expand that agreement to include [plant] nurseries, construction, services like fast food and restaurants and golf courses,” he continued.

The President provided few details of his proposed scheme but said Mexican workers should be able to sign up with Canadian employers for specific time periods, presumably longer than for migrant farm workers, who usually come for limited harvest periods and then return home to Mexico.

The Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program allows Canadian farms to recruit foreign workers on the condition they can’t find Canadians to harvest their crops.

The program, which started in 1974, began with only a handful of foreign workers but has expanded to more than 18,000.

Last year, 7,200 Mexican workers came to farms in Ontario — so many that last year the Mexican government set up a new consulate in Leamington, Ont., where many of the farms are based.

The workers may only stay in Canada for eight months out of a year. Government officials say 80 per cent of them return from year to year and illegal immigration is only a minor problem.

How do they get to Canada? Do they actually return to Mexico, or do they hang in the U.S.? IF someone stays in a country for 8 months out of a year, don’t they live there? It seems more like they live in Canada and vacation in Mexico. That’s making a big ASSuMEtion that they really return to Mexico.

I have a feeling they travel through the U.S. on their way to Canada. I cannot imagine they have the money for plane or sea travel.

Presidente Fox Opines:

“When I see problems on the borders, when I see the conflicts over the past six months, it is the best signal that we are about to find a solution,” he said, adding that he is convinced that the “xenophobic” and “violent voices” in the United States represent a minority.

Xenophobic??? You self serving pompous windbag! Because people don’t want your citizens living in our country illegally we are Xenophobic? If my memory serves, you put the military on your southern border and you don’t even let your own citizens have the right to travel freely within your country.

El Presidente loves this situation. He uses our economy to feed money into his crappy economy from people in our country illegally. Everyone talks about how much they contribute to our economy; bull! They send money back to their families in Mexico enriching the Mexican economy. Our economy is not helped by this arrangement Mexico’s economy is helped. It is El Presidente’s job to provide jobs for his citizens not ours.

Mr. Fox disputes the estimates that there are as many as 11 million illegal migrants in the United States, insisting that there are between three and four million undocumented Mexicans workers in the country.

I know, we don’t want people to know how bad the problem is, so we will make up a small number to make them feel better. Forget about census reports and other studies, trust the El Presidente, he knows there are only 3-4 million illegal aliens in this country.

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‘Dirty Bombs’ Crossed U.S. Borders in Test

29 03 2006

Isn’t this just dandy…

From the Washington Times:

In December, the GAO set up a sting operation in which teams posing as employees of fictitious private companies successfully transported nuclear material to make a dirty bomb across both the southern and northern border.

At both sites, customs officials followed protocol, radiation-detection equipment found the material, and the cars were inspected further. But both teams were allowed to enter the United States after they presented counterfeit paperwork from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

According to the GAO report, one of the key problems is that suppliers of radioactive materials aren’t required to determine whether buyers have a legitimate use for it and don’t have to ask for a valid NRC document if the buyer is purchasing a small amount.

Customs officials were cooperative after they were briefed about the incidents, but NRC officials were hesitant, saying their “concern threshold” is higher than GAO’s, the report stated.

The GAO and Mr. Coleman disputed that. “This operation demonstrated that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is stuck in a pre-9/11 mind-set in a post-9/11 world and must modernize its procedures,” Mr. Coleman said.

In an effort to stop terrorists from smuggling bomb-making materials, DHS is deploying radiation-detection monitors to the nation’s northern and southern land ports of entry, seaports, international mail facilities, international airports and rail crossings.

As of December, 740 of 2,405 radiation portal monitors had been deployed.

Breit Bart Reports:

The Bush administration said Monday that within 45 days it will give U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents the tools they need to verify such documents in the future.

The Government Accountability Office’s report, the subject of a Senate hearing Tuesday, said detection equipment used by U.S. customs agents to screen people, vehicles and cargo for radioactive substances appeared to work as designed.

But the investigation, carried out simultaneously at both border crossings in December 2005, also identified potential security holes terrorists might be able to exploit to sneak nuclear materials into the United States.

“This operation demonstrated that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is stuck in a pre-9/11 mind-set in a post-9/11 world and must modernize its procedures,” Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., said Monday in a statement.

The GAO, the investigative arm of Congress, also found that installation of radiation detectors is taking too long and costing more money than the U.S. expected. It said the Homeland Security Department’s goal of installing 3,034 detectors by September 2009 across the United States _ at border crossings, seaports, airports and mail facilities _ was “unlikely” to be met and said the government probably will spend $342 million more than it expects.

Between October 2000 and October 2005, the GAO said, the government spent about $286 million installing radiation monitors inside the United States.

To test security at U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada, GAO investigators represented themselves as employees of a fake company. When stopped, they presented counterfeit shipping papers and NRC documents that allegedly permitted them to receive, acquire, possess and transfer radioactive substances.

Investigators found that customs agents weren’t able to check whether a person caught with radioactive materials was permitted to possess the materials under a government-issued license.

“Unless nuclear smugglers in possession of faked license documents raised suspicions in some other way, CBP officers could follow agency guidelines yet unwittingly allow them to enter the country with their illegal nuclear cargo,” a report said. It described this problem as “a significant gap” in the nation’s safety procedures.

Hat Tip: Reader John Burns

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Minuteman Beaten For His Belief’s

27 03 2006

Rick Biesada was attacked by thugs representing the open border policy. According to the NWI Times:

Blaring car horns, racist slurs and angry fisticuffs punctuated a volatile encounter of protesters and counter-protesters Saturday morning outside Bank Calumet.

“God bless America! Stay out of our business!” yelled members of the locally based Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement.

“Go home (expletive) Nazi racists!” yelled members of an opposing group of circling counterprotesters.

The federation, a public interest organization advocating what it calls immigration policies with an impact, demonstrated against bank loans for undocumented aliens, echoing six similar previous local protests.

Several members of the Chicago Minuteman Project joined the federation, hoisting protest signs to passing motorists and exchanging verbal jabs with visibly angry counterprotesters.

“We’re not racists, we’re LEGAL Americans,” Minuteman members yelled under American flags whipping in a fierce wind. “Those people are Communists.”

The counterprotesters — some from the Progressive Labor Party of Chicago, others from Purdue University Calumet or there on their own — chanted in bilingual defiance: “¡Obreros unidos jamas seran vencidos!” or, “Workers united will never be defeated!”

Susana Findley, a Gary native whose parents were born in Mexico, said illegal immigrant workers arrived here for the same reason federation members’ ancestors arrived: To find work and a better life.

“But those racist immigrants forget about that,” said Findley, nodding toward the federation’s camp.

Notice how the counterprotestors like to try and play the race card and label anyone who doesn’t agree with them a racist? I would love for them to try and call my mexican ass a racist because I don’t believe we should have a porous border, weak laws that allow the “illegal” immigrants to become a drain on our system, to a point where legal citizens and resident aliens who are here legally have to pay more taxes to cover the shortfalls. The House Resolution that is coming up for Senate Debate and vote, HR 4437 will be covered in another post.

Now on to the attack:

When 63-year-old Chicago Minuteman member Rick Biesada arrived and pulled out his protest sign, he claimed that two counterprotesters yanked it from him. When he yanked it back, the men assaulted him, knocking him to the ground, he said.

The Lindenhurst, Ill., resident was treated by paramedics at the scene for a gash over his eye and dizziness, spending a few minutes inside an ambulance before returning to the protest.

“I wished he fell to the ground harder,” Findley said.

Munster police Sgt. Nick Hudak, one of several officers showing up to stand between the opposing groups, said no arrests were made and no other injuries occurred.

Protesters on both sides said the escalating debate over U.S. House Bill 4437, the so-called Border Security bill, may have inflamed the controversy of offering bank loans to illegal aliens.

So much for the compassion the pro criminal illegal immigrant supporters. Makes me almost want to support them….NOT! If anything it makes them look worse, but then again, besides the blogosphere and Fox News, this should get no airtime or anything other than a passing byline in a article printed on the back page of the MSM.

Freedom Folks has more.

H/T Michelle Malkin

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HR 4437

27 03 2006

This bill is the source of all the hysterics by the Pro Criminal Illegal Immigration supporters. A big problem I think, is the majority of the protestors haven’t read the bill, they believe the hyperbole that has been fed to them by the activists for the most part, because they seem rather clueless to me!

Firstly, here is a press release summarizing the bill which is the source of the current controversy, can be found here in the Senate in .pdf format. I will break it down from that.

H.R. 4437 will combat the hiring of illegal workers by providing all employers with a reliable method of determining whether employees are legally eligible to work. The provision is modeled on legislation (H.R. 19) introduced by Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Calif.) that makes mandatory an employment eligibility verification system currently voluntary. This program confirms or denies the authenticity of Social Security numbers offered by new hires. This legislation requires that all employers within two years will begin checking any new hires against this database and begin checking all hires within six years. H.R. 4437 also increases civil and criminal penalties for knowingly hiring or employing an illegal worker.

A good start, especially with increasing the penalties for hiring or employing illegal aliens.

H.R. 4437 also ends the “catch and release” policy whereby other than Mexicans (OTMs) caught illegally entering the U.S. are released into the U.S., never to be seen again. This legislation requires mandatory detention for all aliens apprehended at U.S. land borders
attempting to enter illegally and use of the expedited removal process for many of those caught.

This really irks me here, I wasn’t aware of this policy in the first place, that’s what I get for assuming there was some common sense somewhere in the government. I say at a minimum, send them back to Mexico if they don’t give the feds what country they are citizens of, or perhaps a “snafu” could arise, and accidentally send them to France to where they could live life happily in a socialists paradise suckling their governments teats rather than ours.

Increase Penalties for Alien Smuggling – Under current law, individuals convicted of alien smuggling crimes often receive lenient sentences. These provisions would greatly increase criminal penalties for alien smuggling by establishing mandatory minimum sentences, among other things. These provisions were recommended by a panel of border-area U.S. Attorneys to make it easier to deport smugglers and illegal entrants.

This is another no-brainer. They are a big part of the problem, the “coyotes” that smuggle the illegals across, often charge $3000 or more per person to get across, most immigrants don’t have that kind of money laying around (hell I don’t even have that and I work for a living) and then are forced to work in sweatshops or under other deplorable situations for years to pay off that debt, and usually their families in Mexico are held hostage by gangs to make sure they get their money. The “coyotes” are a big sources of abuse of immigrants. I may be against illegal aliens coming here, but they still have the right not to be abused in this manner by others for their gain. I feel this one doesn’t go far enough, I say when we catch one, find a tree close to the border and string them up as a example to the other “coyotes” and eventually the problem will cease.

Crackdown on Alien Gang Members – This provision incorporates H.R. 2933, introduced by Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.). This provision would render alien street gang members inadmissible and deportable, and authorize the Attorney General to designate groups as criminal street gangs if they meet certain criteria. This provision also mandates the detention of alien street gang members and bars alien gang members from receiving humanitarian benefits.

I think this one is mainly geared towards MS-13 (or also called Mara Salvatrucha), a growing extremely violent street gang with a estimated 8-10,000 members in at least 33 states, not including an unknown number of members who are still in Central America. The FBI has named MS-13 a top priority in the Criminal Enterprise Branch.

Increase Penalties for Aliens Reentering Illegally – Incorporates H.R. 3150, introduced by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) that would stiffen penalties, including establishing mandatory minimum sentences, for aliens who reenter the United States after having been removed.

I am not too sure where I stand on this, as it doesn’t go too far into detail. I probably would prefer something like after 3 times your caught and sent back, you become ineligible for a green card for at least 5 years, and if your caught within that 5 year period, then you some time in jail, then extradited to France or Spain because of a scheduling mix up. ;)

Aggravated Felony Provisions – The provisions would make aggravated felons inadmissible and would bar refugees and asylees with aggravated felony convictions from receiving green cards.

No problems here…

Cooperation between Border Sheriffs and Federal Law Enforcement – Based upon Rep. Culberson’s (R-Tex.) “Border Law Enforcement Act of 2005″ (H.R. 4360), authorizes and reimburses local sheriffs in the 29 counties along the southern border to enforce the immigration laws if authorized under a separate written agreement pursuant to section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), and to transfer illegal aliens to federal custody. It also specifically reimburses those Sheriffs for costs associated with detaining illegal aliens whom they arrest until they are able to hand them over to federal authorities. This provision deems aliens in Sheriffs’ custody to be in federal custody once determined to be in an unlawful status.

Why hasn’t this been done already?

Increasing DHS Authority for Long-Term Detention – The U.S. Supreme Court has limited DHS’s ability to detain dangerous aliens with decisions that have forced hundreds of dangerous aliens, such as murderers, to be released into American communities. One alien released because of these Court decisions later shot a state trooper in the head. This change would amend the INA to allow for continued detention of aliens who pose a threat to Americans.

Again why is this even being brought up, it should have been done in the beginning.

Renewing DHS Authority to Use Reinstatement of Removal Process – In Morales-Izquierdo v. Ashcroft, the Ninth Circuit recently invalidated DHS reinstatement of removal regulations, which allows DHS to remove an alien previously deported by simply reinstating the alien’s prior order of removal. The House Judiciary Committee has been told that this procedure was used in some 90,000 cases last year, and the Ninth Circuit’s decision affects 40% of removals in the Ninth Circuit. This amendment to the INA would clarify DHS’s authority to reinstate orders.

A needed change in the system.

Barring Terrorist Aliens from Naturalization – This provision bars aliens who are terrorists or security risks from becoming U.S. citizens.

Pretty sad that we have to spell stuff like this out, common sense people…

Deportation for DUI – Render multiple DUI offenses a deportable offense for aliens.

Notice it says “multiple” offenses and not just one to keep everyone happy, how many times must they get caught before they run someone over or cause a horrific accident, get rid of them by the second offense, if they can’t follow something as simple as don’t drink and drive, they probably aren’t following other laws.

In closing, this resolution is a good start, but doesn’t go far enough. One of my biggest complaints, is that nothing is being done about the estimated 25 Billion Dollars being wired out of the country to by the illegals to other countries like Mexico. I say start taxing all electronic transfers of money out of this country by individuals, start at a 25% tax perhaps, or only if they can’t prove that they are here in the Country legally. Here in this area, we have a hospital, Natividad Medical Center, which provides care to the lower income and illegal immigrant community, but continually operates in the red. Now if we taxed these wire transfers we could theoretically keep open that hospital and others like which benefits the lower income families and illegal immigrants.

I also liked Sen. Frist’s idea earlier, make the illegal’s pay for their own background checks!

Glenn Reynolds has summed it up the best so far

I think that these marches just made passage of strict immigration laws much more likely.

UPDATE: Senate Cuts Part of the House bill, which states that

The Senate Judiciary Committee adopted an amendment by Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., that would protect church and charitable groups, as well as individuals, from criminal prosecution for providing food, shelter, medical care and counseling to undocumented immigrants.

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Support S. 2117 NOW!

27 03 2006

We need to push for this Bill out of the Senate right now.

From Thomas:

Title: A bill to clarify the circumstances under which a person born in the United States is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, to provide for criminal penalties for forging Federal documents, to establish a National Border Neighborhood Watch Program, and for other purposes.

Sponsor: Sen Inhofe, James M. [OK] (introduced 12/15/2005) Cosponsors (None)
Latest Major Action: 12/15/2005 Referred to Senate committee. Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.SUMMARY AS OF:

Engaging the Nation to Fight for Our Right to Control Entry Act or the ENFORCE Act – Directs the Commissioner of the United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) to establish a National Border Neighborhood Watch Program (Program) to permit retired law enforcement officers and civilian volunteers to combat illegal immigration into the United States.

Establishes in the USCBP a Border Regiment Assisting in Valuable Enforcement Force (BRAVE Force), which shall consist of retired law enforcement officers, employed to carry out the Program. Directs USCBP to provide for civilian participation.

Imposes criminal penalties for federal document forgery, counterfeiting, or alteration.

Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to provide additional penalties for an alien who is illegally in the United States.

Increases criminal penalties for first-time illegal entry.

Provides for a field office of the Office of Investigations of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Authorizes assistance to Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma, for a demonstration project to assess the feasibility of establishing a nationwide e-learning training course to be used by state, local, and tribal law enforcement officers to enhance the ability of such officers to assist federal immigration officers in the enforcement of immigration laws of the United States.

Citizenship Reform Act – Provides citizenship at birth for a person born in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States only if such child was born in the United States to parents, one of whom is: (1) a U.S. national; or (2) a lawful permanent resident alien residing in the United States.

Prohibits any federal agency from establishing an individual’s identity, and prohibits providing any public benefits funded in whole or in part by federal funds, without specified documents.

Requires independent verification of birth records provided in support of a social security application.

Directs the Secretary of Homeland Security to: (1) work with states to establish a common data protocol for electronic birth and death registration systems; and (2) coordinate implementation of electronic verification of a person’s life and death.

Provides for: (1) temporary social security cards for nonimmigrants; and (2) mandatory employer and subsequent employee notification of social security number mismatches and multiple uses.

Provides for individual taxpayer identification number (TIN) sharing between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Provides for fencing and security improvements along the southern U.S. border from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, including creation and control of a specified border zone.

Requires a study and report on the use of technology to prevent unlawful immigration.

Makes it unlawful to operate a day laborer center if the operator knows, or should know, that the center is being used to secure employment for illegal aliens.

Makes it unlawful under INA to hire or refer an alien for employment knowing, or having reason to know, that the alien is unauthorized for employment.

Send a Free FAX to your senators!

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Showdown on immigration

27 03 2006

Even the President doesn’t want there to be a path to citizenship for those here illegally.


With the fate of more than 11 million illegal immigrants in the balance, the Senate Judiciary Committee is prepared to work into the night tonight to craft a historic immigration bill that would allow the unlawful workers to earn their way to legal status in the United States, committee chairman Arlen R. Specter said yesterday.

This has to be stopped! It will only encourage more people to come here illegally hoping for amnesty! Contact your elected cockroaches today!

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Thousands Across America Rally for Illegal Alien Rights

26 03 2006

From FNC:

Immigration rights advocates more than 500,000 strong
marched in downtown Los Angeles, demanding that Congress abandon
attempts to make helping illegal immigrants a crime and to build more
walls along the border.

The massive demonstration, one of half dozen around the nation in
recent days, came as President Bush prodded Republican congressional
leaders to give some illegal immigrants a chance to work legally in the
U.S. under certain conditions.

Saturday’s march in Los Angeles was the largest in a series of
demonstrations across the country. Police Cmdr. Louis Gray Jr. said
aerial helicopters estimated the crowd.

Many marchers wore white shirts to symbolize peace and waved U.S.
flags. Some carried the flags of Mexico and other countries, and wore
them as capes.

Elger Aloy, 26, of Riverside, a premed student, pushed a stroller
with his 8-month-old son at Saturday’s Los Angeles march and called the
legislation “inhumane.”

“Everybody deserves the right to a better life,” he said.

See, a criminal mentality voiced right there. “Everybody deserves
the right to a better life,” is a problem between you and YOUR
government. U.S. citizens do not have an obligation to make citizens of
another countries lives better. that is between the citizens and their
government. So you think that you deserve a better life and that allows
you to break the law. That is exactly what criminals do everyday. I am
sure drug dealers feel the same way about it.

You are ILLEGALLY in our country. You are already a
criminal, but you want to quibble about how much of a criminal you are
willing to become. You are comfortable being guilty of a misdemeanor,
but not a felony. If I had my way you would have nothing to say except
Aye Carumba! Because I would cut you off from employment and taxpayer
services and you would go back home.

Bush sides with business leaders who want legislation to
let some of the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants stay in
the country and work for a set period of time. Others, including Senate
Majority Leader Bill Frist, say national security concerns should drive
immigration reform.

The President is completely wrong on this issue. Why do business
leaders want cheap labor from outside our country? Isn’t it obvious?
Because it depresses wages, that’s why.

Then why do Union leaders favor a path to citizenship UB?

Because they see a new pool of union members to exploit that’s why.

So I ask, who is looking out for you?

“They say we are criminals. We are not criminals,” said Salvador
Hernandez, 43, of Los Angeles, a resident alien who came to the United
States illegally from El Salvador 14 years ago and worked as truck
driver, painter and day laborer.

Resident alien? You forgot the word illegal reporter. He is by definition a criminal, guilty of violating our immigration laws.

Francisco Flores, 27, a wood flooring installer from
Santa Clarita who is a former illegal immigrant, said, “We want to work
legally, so we can pay our taxes and support the country, our country.”

How does one become a FORMER illegal immigrant
Alien? Our Country? Which Country would that be? The one you are a
citizen of, or the one in which you sneaked into? Many illegals send
their money back to Mexico, is that the country you speak of criminal?

“We’re like the ancestors who started this country, they
came from other countries without documents, too,” the Arvada resident.
“They call us lazy and dirty, but we just want to come to work. If you
see, we have families, too.”

This is a ludicrous analogy. Those that SETTLED
this country before it was an established country could not apply to
immigrate here; there was no government. This is a sovereign nation now
and you are nothing like those who settled this raw country. You are a
criminal and a citizen of another country, so go home.

Here is an easy answer to all you illegal aliens torn by being a criminal, go back home and APPLY to immigrate to this country LEGALLY like everyone else.

Hat Tip: Reader Well Seasoned

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25 03 2006

Oh boy.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all…nah…you’re kidding yourself. Here’s a good one. Illegal aliens not from Mexico have come up with yet another way to avoid deportation if discovered:

sneaking illegally into the United States from countries other than
Mexico are renting families — mostly small children — to ensure that if
they are apprehended, they won’t be deported, but released back into
the United States, a top immigration official said yesterday.

“rent-a-family” scheme, said John P. Torres, director of the Office of
Detention and Removal at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE), is being used by alien smugglers along the U.S.-Mexico border —
mainly in Texas — to circumvent a new expedited-removal program for
non-Mexican aliens, whose arrest under existing deportation policies
had become known as “catch-and-release.”

Is this ugly? And good God, what about the children? What kind of frightening excercise are you putting them through? And for how long?

are passing themselves off as a family, paying to have children
smuggled with them across the border, because the smugglers know we’re
not going to break up a family for the deportation process,” Mr. Torres
said. “They’re renting babies — the younger the better — including
those not yet of speaking age.

This is nothing more than a new slant on HUMAN TRAFFICING.

of a lack of detention space, most of the other-than-Mexico migrants,
known as OTMs, caught illegally entering the United States are given
notices to appear at immigration status hearings and allowed to stay in
the country legally until their hearing.

must be flown back to their home countries, a process that often takes
months. But only about 12 percent of OTMs who receive the notices show

And there you have it my friends. Nothing but a ‘numbers game’, playing the odds…only this isn’t a craps table in Las Vegas. It’s Monte Carlo at the borders!

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Illegal Immigrants Awarded Ranch In Border-Justice Twist

23 03 2006


From an article in the Houston Chronicle:

PHOENIX – A border-area ranch that once served as the headquarters for a civilian group watching for illegal immigrants has been turned over to two people caught trying to enter the United States illegally.

The land transfer is being done to satisfy a judgment against the ranch’s owner, Casey Nethercott, member of a border-watch group that seeks to protect private property from illegal immigrants entering the southern U.S. border. Nethercott had been accused of terrorizing the immigrants when they were caught in Texas.

The transfer of the Douglas, Ariz., ranch outraged border-watch groups.

“If the federal government was doing its job, ranchers would not be living in fear,? said Chris Simcox, president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp., which watches for illegal immigrant crossings and reports them to the U.S. Border Patrol.

Simcox disputed the notion, however, that the ruling would deter other landowners from welcoming civilian watch groups.

In March 2003, Nethercott was accused of pistol-whipping an illegal immigrant as he and other people from Ranch Rescue patrolled a ranch in Hebbronville, Texas. A jury deadlocked on the charge.

Edwin Alfredo Mancía Gonzáles, the man who accused Nethercott of hitting him, and another immigrant traveling with him from El Salvador, Fátima del Socorro Leiva Medina, filed a civil lawsuit last year saying they were harmed while being held.

Named in the suit were Nethercott; Jack Foote, the founder of Ranch Rescue; and the owners of the Hebbronville ranch, Joe and Betty Sutton.

The Suttons settled for $100,000, Dees said. In April, a Texas judge issued default judgments of $850,000 against Nethercott and $500,000 against Foote.

Nethercott transferred ownership of his Douglas ranch to his sister. But the sister gave up ownership to settle the judgment.

Talk about your odd twist! People invading this country illegally, win a lawsuit against someone who is a legal citizen of this country. Doesn’t anyone else see the irony in this? first they lost the criminal case and then they win a civil suit! Who is to blame? The government of course, but also the dang lawyers! You know the lawyers found the illegals not the other way around. We desperately need tort reform in this country as well as a real hard line on illegal immigration.

No matter what you have read there are people living along the border that are harassed by illegals, put up with vandalism and even violence. The people are not going to live in fear in their own country. They will rise up and take matters in their own hands if the dang idiots in Washington do not do something about it.

The Crime of Illegal Immigrants

23 03 2006

From an article in NewsMax by Tammy Bruce:

When illegal immigrants are discussed in the media, the picture painted is of a hard working family man or woman, the sort of person President Bush refers to when he pitches his “guest worker? program. “Hard working people who want a better way of life,? is how he casts them.

While many fit that bill, the dirty little secret is the fact that illegal aliens are not only destroying our infrastructure by stealing valuable services such as health care and schooling, they’re also committing horrific crimes throughout our great nation.

The fact that police departments in virtually every major city (and not so major ones) spend their time responding to crime by illegal aliens, looking for the illegal alien culprits, arresting illegal aliens (when their local laws allow them to), processing them through the system, means more officers, more departments, are stretched to the limit, by people who shouldn’t be here in the first place.

At the end of that road, our prison system then provides them with, shall we say, a quality of life (shelter, food, protection, health care, cable television, gyms) one would not find in regular housing in the pit of any South American city.

The latest insult to this nation, the latest slap in the face we receive by those who use this country like a convenient dish rag, is a continuation of that rape, but this time it’s a literal one.

On October 4, 2005 WKMG television in Florida reported on their website that fourteen “field laborers broke into an 18-year-old woman’s home, dragged her across the street and then took turns raping her.?

This rampaging gang of “field laborers? consisted of men ranging in age from 18 to 56. The victim reported they choked her until she passed out. When she awoke, they were pouring alcohol in her mouth. She was then raped by each and every one of them.

When these animals finished they pushed her out the front door like a piece of used meat. Somehow this girl managed to get to a phone where she called the police. Deputies arrested the 14 men who were still at the house where the rape occurred. They will be charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, and sexual battery by multiple perpetrators. They face life in prison if convicted.

Not until we get to the end of the WKMG website story is the fact that the rapists aren’t just “farm laborers.? Indeed, they are all illegal aliens. Only at the end of their story do we learn: “Twelve of the men are from Guatemala, one from Puerto Rico and the other from Mexico.?

This is not, unfortunately, a freakish, one-of-a-kind event. Last year, Heather MacDonald, in a piece for City-Journal which also posted at, addressed the astounding impact of illegal alien criminals. In “Illegal Alien Crime Wave,? she notes that in Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide (which total 1,200 to 1,500) target illegal aliens. Up to two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants (17,000) are for illegal aliens.

And that’s just that statistics of one city in the midst of a nationwide problem.

Also reported on Tammy Bruce’s Blog

Update on NBC 2

Previous related articles

Sen. Clinton Wants Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

23 03 2006

From Newsday:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a potential White House candidate in 2008, on Wednesday dove into the charged debate over immigration, saying undocumented workers should have a chance to stay in the United States.

Clinton, D-N.Y., spoke out on the U.S. immigration policy after largely staying out of an issue that has roiled Congress in recent months and spurred a number of conflicting proposals.

In a four-page public letter to constituents, Clinton steered away from specifics, but said she does support allowing at least some of the estimated 11 million undocumented workers to earn citizenship.

Such reform should include “a path to earned citizenship for those who are here, working hard, paying taxes, respecting the law, and willing to meet a high bar for becoming a citizen,? Clinton wrote.

“I do support providing undocumented workers with the opportunity to earn legal status in this country,? she said.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa., offered legislation that would allow immigrants to eventually become legal U.S. residents.

The fight in the Senate is still on, and we have to keep the pressure on for tough measures to stop illegal immigration. Better yet, tougher measures that make illegal aliens want to leave this country.

Some in the Senate, on both sides of the isle are working hard to put amnesty into the House Immigration Bill. The Bill is not strong enough as it is, but we cannot let them water it down or put any path to citizenship for those here illegally. We must not reward them in anyway for coming here illegally. It is not fair to all those that have played by the rules. Because of all the Hispanic, overwhelmingly Mexican, illegals in this country we have blocked immigration from countries south of the border. Why? Because we are over the quota for Hispanic immigrants because of illegals. That is not fair to those people who would immigrate here legally.

The Senate

Illegal immigration Category

What would happen if Illegal immigration Ceased?

23 03 2006

Everyone complains about people, like me, wanting illegal immigration to cease, and those here to go home. Well, Foreign has got it right.

The impact of Mexican immigration on the United States becomes evident when one imagines what would happen if Mexican immigration abruptly stopped. The annual flow of legal immigrants would drop by about 175,000, closer to the level recommended by the 1990s Commission on Immigration Reform chaired by former U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Jordan. Illegal entries would diminish dramatically. The wages of low-income U.S. citizens would improve. Debates over the use of Spanish and whether English should be made the official language of state and national governments would subside. Bilingual education and the controversies it spawns would virtually disappear, as would controversies over welfare and other benefits for immigrants. The debate over whether immigrants pose an economic burden on state and federal governments would be decisively resolved in the negative. The average education and skills of the immigrants continuing to arrive would reach their highest levels in U.S. history. The inflow of immigrants would again become highly diverse, creating increased incentives for all immigrants to learn English and absorb U.S. culture. And most important of all, the possibility of a de facto split between a predominantly Spanish-speaking United States and an English-speaking United States would disappear, and with it, a major potential threat to the country’s cultural and political integrity.

It Should Be Illegal For Kennedy To Open His Mouth

23 03 2006

The wrestling of what to do with 11 million illegal aliens continues with Ted Kennedy trying to shape the policy:

Senators writing a major immigration law overhaul bill moved yesterday toward accepting an approach under which illegal immigrants could stay in the United States while working toward permanent residence and eventual citizenship.

Senator Kennedy, a Democrat Massachusetts, stressed that his plan moving through the Senate Judiciary Committee would not constitute an amnesty, a policy rejected by the Bush administration and most Americans, according to polls.

Kennedy is a blowhard moonbat.

How do you determine who is eligible and when were they eligible and for how long will they be eligible? Exactly how do you enforce it- should your ‘pie in the sky’ bill become law? I can think of 100 questions that CANNOT be answered.

The illegals are here ILLEGALLY. What part of illegal do you not understand? When are the 11 million going to be held accountable for coming into our country illegally?

This was cross posted from Red Satellites

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Reid Threatens Filibuster of Immigration Reform Bill

23 03 2006

Reid will hold his breath until he turns blue if he doesn’t get his way.

From The Las Vegas Sun:

Reid said the overhaul must include heightened border enforcement, a “guest worker? program and a “path to citizenship? for the estimated 11 million people in the United States illegally. He called legislation by Sens. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and John McCain, R-Ariz., a “good place to start.?

Here is what I have to say to ‘Droopy Dog’ Reid:

  • Secure the border by any means necessary.
  • Stiff penalties for employers, which are actually enforced
  • No taxpayer funded programs for illegals or their families. (including school for children of illegals and medical care for any illegal)
  • No “Anchor Babies? (no automatic citizenship for children of illegals born in the US)
  • No path to Amnesty in any name or form for those here illegally
  • No Guest worker program until the above measures are put in place and the need can be PROVEN

Got it! And people ask me why I cannot bring myself to vote for a Democrat? Frankly, both sides are pissing me off on this issue. They are playing politics with our nations sovereignty. Our economy will survive just fine without illegals, in fact it will get better; mark my words.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email me and let me know at what level you would like to participate.

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Groups Pushing for Weak Immigration Bill in Senate

23 03 2006

From Bloomberg:

March 16 (Bloomberg) — Representative John Linder hadn’t cast a vote out of sync with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in five years. Then the House took up immigration.

Linder and five dozen other House Republicans strayed from perfect pro-business 2005 voting records to back legislation that strengthens border enforcement. Business groups oppose the measure because it would impose worker verification rules on employers without creating a new work-visa program.

“I actually don’t know what the chamber is for,’’ said Linder, a seven-term congressman from Georgia. “And I don’t care.’’

Business groups such as the chamber, which represents 3 million U.S. companies, lost the first round of the congressional immigration debate because Linder and other House Republicans took their cues from constituents who wanted tougher security measures and not from industry allies in favor of immigrant worker programs.

Now those groups are pushing hard to win round two in the Senate, where lawmakers today resume debate on legislation that would allow millions of undocumented workers already in the U.S. to apply for legal status and create a temporary worker program for immigrants who want to enter the U.S. to work.

“When we looked at what came out of the House, we just felt as an industry that we needed to mobilize on the Senate side,’’ said Pat Conway, chief executive officer of the Harrisburg-based Pennsylvania Restaurant Association, which represents restaurants such as Outback Steakhouse Inc. and PF Chang’s China Bistro Inc. “We have an opportunity to move the ball in the Senate.’’

Of course employers don’t want to be held accountable. They want wages to continue to be depressed by these workers, that is good for them. That is not what is good for this country.

From Civil

The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), the nation’s oldest, largest, and most diverse civil and human rights coalition, today urged Congress to pass comprehensive immigration legislation that includes a meaningful path to permanent residency and that ensures our immigration laws will be enforced in a sensible, humanitarian manner.

“The entire history of the civil rights movement has been based on the recognition that there can be no such thing as second-class Americans,? said Dr. Dorothy I. Height, LCCR Chairperson. “Yet for too long, our immigration laws have created a two-tiered society and have perpetuated racial and ethnic discrimination.?

“Immigrants play important roles in American life. Congress must protect the civil and human rights of all people in the United States as it reforms our broken immigration system,? added Wade Henderson, LCCR Executive Director. “Instead, with measures like H.R. 4437, Congress appears to be heading down a dangerous and discriminatory path.? The House of Representatives passed H.R. 4437, an “enforcement-only? bill, in December, 2005. It would criminalize millions of hardworking immigrants, driving them further into an underground economy, and would rob them of basic due process rights that most Americans take for granted.

LCCR is pleased to see that the U.S. Senate is currently debating a more evenhanded approach. But Dr. Height and Henderson note that the bill currently under consideration, sponsored by Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Penn.), also contains many troubling provisions that would greatly undermine the civil and human rights of immigrants.

You can go read this ridiculous organizations position point by point, but it is all give them citizenship and be weak on border security. Why is it so many Civil Rights groups are communist groups? I think the communist party took over the Civil Rights movement in this country.

You can also go read the position of Worker’s World, which is another commie organization who is for illegal aliens rights and citizenship. Funny how they claim immigrants Illegals contribute 1800.00 more in taxes than they use in taxpayer services. But the study I read said exactly the opposite, that they used 1800.00 more than they contribute in taxes. Of course they all consider Sales tax as paying taxes. I didn’t opine on that study that I am aware of, but I did report that the American daily reported:

A new study from the Center for Immigration Studies is one of the first to estimate the impact of illegal immigration on the federal budget. Based on Census Bureau data, the study estimates that households headed by illegal aliens used $10 billion more in government services than they paid in taxes in 2002. These figures are only for the federal government; costs at the state and local level are also likely to be significant. Among the largest federal costs: Medicaid ($2.5 billion); treatment for the uninsured ($2.2 billion); food assistance programs ($1.9 billion); the federal prison and court systems ($1.6 billion); and federal aid to schools ($1.4 billion). The study also finds that if illegals were given amnesty, the fiscal deficit at the federal level would grow to nearly $29 billion. The estimated cost for the State of California alone is 10.5 billion dollars or $1183 per household. The breakdown includes $7.7 billion a year to school the children of illegal aliens; $1.4 billion toward providing health care and $1.4 billion is spent incarcerating illegal aliens criminals.

Don’t let them sell you a bag of goods. Besides how comfortable are you agreeing with communist organizations? such as the Communist Party of The USA’s position?

Here is the Official Immigration plan for the blog:

  • Secure the border by any means necessary.
  • Stiff penalties for employers, which are actually enforced
  • No taxpayer funded programs for illegals or their families. (including school for children of illegals and medical care for any illegal)
  • No “Anchor Babies? (no automatic citizenship for children of illegals born in the US)
  • No path to Amnesty in any name or form for those here illegally
  • No Guest worker program until the above measures are put in place, the need can be PROVEN and the line starts on the other side of the border

You have heard allot about what can and cannot work, well this will work. I guarantee if those measures are passed illegals will not only stop coming to this country, they will go home to Mexico and other points of origin.

However, HR 4437 is not near as tough as this proposal and the proponents of illegal aliens are going bananas! They want amnesty, no border security (heck mostly no borders), and always lobby for more benefits for illegals! You had better wake up and contact your Senators!

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Smugglers Get More Creative

23 03 2006

From Times Online:

NOBODY paid much attention when a large white van with Arizona numberplates pulled into a parking space in the shade of the 15ft-high sheet-metal wall that separates Mexico from the United States in the divided border town of Nogales.

A few yards away US border guards monitored the steady flow of pedestrians through a heavily fortified gate in the wall. There was no reason to be suspicious of a van legally parked on a metered space directly beneath a pylon of American surveillance cameras.

Yet inside the van Mexican gangsters were preparing one of the most brazen smuggling ploys ever recorded along this notoriously leaky stretch of Arizona’s border with Mexico. The back of the van had a hole in its floor. The gangsters had acetylene blowtorches and tools to dig a hole in the street.

Using passing traffic to conceal the noise of their digging, the Mexicans broke the surface of the road beneath them and connected with a tunnel that their co-conspirators had dug under the border wall from a house close by on the Mexican side.

For at least two weeks, according to US federal agents, Mexicans crawled down the tunnel to pass drugs into the van. Illegal immigrants may have followed. Each time the van filled up, the entrance to the tunnel was covered with a metal plate and resealed with a thin layer of tar, easily removed the next time the van returned.

It took a tip from a paid informant to alert the US authorities to the smuggling under their noses. All that is left of the tunnel on the US side today is a tar smudge covering the hole, which the Americans filled with cement.

It just keeps getting better and better.

“There are so many tunnels under Nogales, we’re just waiting for the whole place to cave in,? said special agent George Gibson as he drove me around town pointing out houses, sheds, manhole covers and even a former church that had been used to conceal tunnel exits.

I would like to see a video of that!

Other agents snort with derision at the political posturing in Washington. “Politicians need to look as though they are doing something to keep voters happy,? said one veteran who has worked the border for 15 years. “But people up there need to come down here and see what we’re facing. This situation is not under control.?

Most of the tunnels found in Nogales connect with an underground storm-water drainage system that was built decades ago to protect both sides of the border from the severe flash flooding that afflicts desert towns.

One of the sluice channels runs directly under the main border crossing in the centre of town. “We’ve seen people walking directly underneath us,? said Gibson as we peered through a grate surrounded by border agents checking Mexican cars.

US agents went into the drains to install iron grilles to block the immigrant flow. The coyotes responded by cutting through the bars with blowtorches. “Every now and then you can smell the marijuana passing below,? said officer Brian Levin of US Customs.

For the hapless immigrant who has paid between $500 and $2,500 to be guided through a tunnel, the experience is hardly a pleasant one. Some of the smuggling routes go down sewer pipes crawling with rats.

The coyotes dig smaller tunnels out of the drainage system into nearby buildings. “These are not sophisticated tunnels like they found near San Diego,? said special agent Bob Devine. “You have to be slim and agile and crawl on your belly to get through them.?

Some of them are used mainly for passing drugs on a makeshift pulley system that hauls packages under the border.

Last week some of Gibson’s men joined a multi-agency team that had been tipped off to a new tunnel leading out of the drains. Agents first sent a robot fitted with a camera along the tunnel to see where it ended. The robot got stuck and a man was sent in to explore.

Clad in a special hazmat (hazardous materials) suit he wriggled to the end of the chokingly filthy passage. It turned out to be an unfinished tunnel that stopped at the edge of a road. The agents filled it with cement, but Gibson was sanguine about the deterrent effect.

“We are just making them work harder, that’s all,? he said. “As fast as we cover them up they dig new ones.?

If they can smuggle drugs and illegals, they can smuggle in terrorists. We have got to get serious about securing our borders! It is bad enough we have been invaded by about 12 million illegals, but it just keeps going! We need to secure our borders for the sake of security alone. But we need to end Illegal migration.

I still say we need to remove any incentive for illegals to come to this country. We have got to be unfriendly to illegal aliens. No services and no jobs; take the carrot away!

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email me and let me know at what level you would like to participate.

Senators at Odds over Illegal Immigration

23 03 2006


The extent to which lawmakers are split over immigration has been on display recently in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Three weeks of hearings and meetings failed to produce a bill that the panel could offer to the full Senate for a vote. Lawmakers will try again after this week’s congressional break.

Senate majority leader Bill Frist — who is mulling a presidential bid and is anxious to bring something to the Senate floor quickly before this fall’s elections — has set a deadline of Monday for the committee to finish its work.

If nothing is ready by then, Frist plans to offer a bill focusing only on border enforcement, boosting the number of border agents, investing in technologies to help them monitor the border, and requiring employers to check immigration papers of hires.

‘’Our country needs security at our borders in order to slow the flow of illegal immigration and make America safer from foreign criminals and terrorists,? Frist, a Tennessee Republican, said in introducing his legislation last Thursday.

I am starting to like Frist a bit more, we cannot reward people that have come here illegally in any way. They must go home and apply for citizenship like everyone else in the world. I am sick and tired of the appeasers in this country.

Representative Tom Tancredo, a Colorado Republican who is a leader of the get-tough coalition, said he is confident that no immigration bill that includes what he calls ‘’amnesty? for undocumented workers will pass. Tancredo and others want Congress to work on securing the borders and aggressively discourage employers from hiring undocumented immigrants; anyone here illegally should have to return to their native countries and be required to apply for citizenship like everybody else.

‘’People in this country want an end to illegal immigration,? Tancredo said. ‘’The question for everyone [in Congress] is, who are you listening to? Are you listening to corporate interests — business interests only? Or are you listening to the people of this country??

Tancredo has been a leader in the fight on illegal immigration in the Republican party and I hope he is rewarded for his tough stance.

Time to call your Senators AGAIN. I don’t care how many times you have done it already keep up the pressure because they are not getting the message; NO AMNESTY in ANY form including a guest worker program!

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email me and let me know at what level you would like to participate.

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Four Vehicles Carrying Illegals Crash in Colorado

23 03 2006

From The Rocky Mountain News:

Four vehicles packed with 42 suspected illegal Mexican immigrants overturned on snowpacked eastern Colorado highways within two hours early Tuesday, a day after two similar wrecks in the state.

Taken together, the six crashes highlighted Colorado’s key role as a crossroads in the dangerous and often deadly transport of undocumented workers into this country.

Neither the rash of accidents nor the 113 suspected illegal immigrants arrested in two days came as a shock to federal enforcement officers, said the agent in charge of the Denver office of U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement.

“This is an everyday thing for us,? said Jeff Copp, the official with the agency that investigates suspected illegal immigrants.

Besides the four rollovers Tuesday, 17 suspected illegal immigrants were in an SUV that overturned Monday on Interstate 70 one mile east of Byers.

That wreck eerily coincided with hearings on two bills before the Colorado General Assembly that would crack down on human smuggling and trafficking.

In addition, State Trooper Chris Romine said 25 suspected illegal immigrants were in a Ford Econoline van that collided with a semi-truck Monday night on Interstate 76 at Colorado 71 near Brush. Twenty-one of the passengers fled across snow-covered fields to a McDonald’s, and the four others tried to check into a motel, until officers took both groups into custody.

The 25, men and women mostly in their 20s, were being held Tuesday in the Morgan County Jail, Sheriff Jim Crone said.

Immigration officials will pick them up Thursday, the sheriff said.

It is not going to stop until we get tough on illegals people. We have got to cut them off from taxpayer dollars and come down on those that employ them.

On top of that we have got to change our policy of allowing illegals to remain in this country that have children born here until the child is 18. I say either you go back with your kid, or the child goes into the system and you go back to your home country.

We also have to begin the process of amending the Constitution, so that if you are in this country temporarily or illegally and you have a baby while you are here, the baby is NOT a U.S. citizen.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email me and let me know at what level you would like to participate.

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