Protest against Minutemen and more illegal alien info

30 09 2006

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As congress gets ready to leave Washington headed for their home states, they will pat themselves on the back for passing legislation on a 700 mile fence across the U.S. Mexican border. They could have passed comprehensive immigration legislation months or years ago, but they wait until the last minute and pass a bill they hope will win them favor with voters at home.

A little review is sometimes good. In The American Daily, David Tatosian reminds us of the 2004 elections, where George W. Bush won 51% of the vote and then proceeded to say this:

In answer to a question on illegal immigration at a White House Q and A, the President stated, “…First, we want our border patrol agents chasing crooks and thieves and drug runners and terrorists, not good-hearted people who are coming here to work. And therefore, it makes sense to allow the good-hearted people who are coming here to do jobs that Americans won’t do a legal way to do so… we ought to have a system that recognizes people are coming here to do jobs that Americans will not do… Family values do not stop at the Rio Grande River… People are coming to put food on the table, they’re doing jobs Americans will not do… legalize the process of people doing jobs Americans won’t do; take the pressure off of employers so they’re not having to rely upon false Ids… Our people are compassionate. The system we have today is not a compassionate system. It’s not working…”In an instant the President of the United States destroyed the shaky majority of American citizens that had reelected him. That he did so to fulfill the morally impoverished desires of illegal aliens indicates a tragic and dangerous character flaw that cannot, and will not be ignored.

That he continues to pander to those illegals, despite the outcry and opposition of a vast majority of American citizens (far exceeding 51%) is not simply outrageous and indictable, it is evil. (read it all)

Well ‘evil’ is a little harsh, but I know where he is coming from. He goes on to say, ” . . . thank the President for his candor. What other President, King, Prime Minister or Caliph in history had dedicated himself so blatantly to the expatriation of his own citizens for the benefit of foreign nationals?” Obviously voters will remember this when they vote in November 2006 and again in 2008.Local activists protest book-signing by Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist

The signs read, “No Terrorist Racism in Ventura County,” “Shame on You Borders” and “No Human Being is Illegal.” The shouts from the crowd of approximately 30 protestors outside of Borders Book Store in Thousand Oaks ranged from the boilerplate “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, the Minutemen have got to go” to an angry “Racists go home” to an even more creative “Down with the geriatric fascist.”And what was all the commotion about?

Jim Gilchrist, founder of the highly controversial anti-illegal immigration group, the Minuteman Project, was about to make a book-signing appearance at the store. The Minutemen, considered by many to be vigilantes, have made headlines by organizing civilian patrols of the U.S.-Mexico border. Gilchrist’s new book, co-authored by Jerome Corsi, Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America’s Borders, is a first-hand account of the authors’ views on what they consider America’s lax immigration policies. [snip[

Despite the heated rhetoric, the book signing and protest concluded without altercation. Osmond felt the demonstration was a success and was encouraged by what he felt was an “energetic turnout.” –By STEPHANIE KINNEAR, Ventura County Reporter

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Feds Sued For Murders By Illegal Alien

29 09 2006

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Hat tip, WND

The mother of a man killed in a triple homicide last year plans to sue the federal government for $100 million, court documents state.

Sandra Miller of Altoona is the mother of Stephen Heiss, who died Aug. 28, 2005.

Miguel Padilla was convicted and received death sentences this month for killing Alfred Mignogna, owner of the United Veterans Association building; Fredrick Rickabaugh Sr., UVA doorman; and Heiss, a patron.

The jury wasn’t told that Padilla is an illegal alien.

The civil lawsuit notice, filed by attorney Art Cohen of Hollidaysburg, blames the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for allowing Padilla to remain in the United States….

This could be a landmark case, if the plaintiff can prove willful negligence, ICE may have to start doing thier job. Accountability on the border, can you imagine?

…He was involved in a stabbing incident in which the victim was his then-father-in-law.

ICE never took Padilla into custody or attempted to deport him.

U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster, R-9th District, spoke of the case on the House floor, saying ICE did nothing about Padilla.

Most of the money sought is for punitive damages because the government did not take any action that could have prevented the homicides.

The Feds have never listened to voters on this issue, perhaps they’ll listen to lawyers.

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Onion Growers Crying Over Lack of Labor!

29 09 2006

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It’s a sobbing situation:

From KRISTV, out of Corpus: BATESVILLE, Texas —

J. Allen Carnes needed 200 workers for the onion harvest this year on 500 acres of South Texas fields. The onion business is big in the area, and with only two months to harvest, there’s little room for delay.

But Carnes ended up with less than 100 workers and fell two weeks behind, with bits and pieces of the fields unpicked. His income fell about $150,000, a significant loss.

“It’s become increasingly tight over the last three or four years,” said Carnes, president of Winter Garden Produce in Uvalde, 80 miles west of San Antonio. “Companies are jockeying back and forth (for workers). Last year it was just short all around.”

Growers say tightened border security and longer lines for day crossers have cut the numbers of farm workers who cross the border legally or illegally. Illegal immigrant workers who used to travel the country picking different crops as the seasons changed are hesitant to migrate for fear of being caught. And the lure of higher paid jobs with better working conditions, such as construction, are keeping some farm workers away

Good — but there’s a flip side here as well. While we’re all into border control, and illegal immigration reform, we need to remember that ultimately it will probably mean that employers will charge more for goods and services.

My own feeling is that in return for more border security, and a sane immigration policy, it will be a small price to pay.

For the latest and freshest on Illegal Immigration Reform, click to the CoalitionBlog.

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Dead Aliens Still Cost US Taxpayers

29 09 2006

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I cannot find this anywhere else so I am re-printing it here; I know danny won’t mind.

Tuesday, Sept. 19th, ABC World News came to Tucson from Washington DC to interview Randy Graf and David Heppler. I was asked to assist with their transportation needs and found the trip to be interesting.

Randy Graf Sept 19 ABC News InterviewRandy is the republican candidate for the Arizona district 8 congressional seat. Because of the stark difference in Randy’s strong border security-no amnesty stance as opposed to his democrat opponent’s open borders position, the national media has determined that this particular race will serve as the barometer for national public opinion on the illegal immigration issue. They shot a lot of footage and Randy was very clear on the issues, but they asked a lot of negative questions and it remains to be seen what they present to the public. The piece is tentatively scheduled to air Thursday, Sept. 21st at 5:30pm.

David Heppler being interviewed by ABC NewsDavid is a candidate for Phoenix city council district 3. His background is in law enforcement and security, and he operates the Arizona Border Watch website. His views on illegal immigration are consistent with those of Randy.

The ABC crew had two items on their agenda: The interviews, with the Mexican border at Naco as the backdrop, and pictures of the Pima County morgue.

The chosen interview location was west of Naco, past the tall, solid steel wall, where a barbed wire fence is the only barrier. A rough dirt road parallels the border fence on both sides and the fence has passable openings in it at varying close intervals. Overall, however, this section of the border fence would be classified as being in reasonably good condition.

Mysterious Van on Mexican Side of the BorderThe reporters showed some excitement when a black van coming from Naco on the Mexican side of the border approached our position, with a Border Patrol vehicle traveling abreast of it on the American side of the fence. The windows in the van were blacked out so we couldn’t see inside of it and speculation arose that it was headed out to a remote area to unload a cargo of future “undocumented workers”. My guess is that footage of this event will make the show.

The real reason I am recounting the the trip, however, is the reason we went to the Pima County morgue. I now know that even dead illegal aliens are costing American taxpayers, and that they will continue to cost us for an undetermined length of time. The subject of what is done with aliens who have died in their search for a better life in America had never crossed my mind.

Refrigerated Van for Bodies of Unidentified Aliens – Pima County, Arizona MorgueThe existing morgue building houses 120 corpses. It is full of dead aliens. The Department of Homeland Security has purchased a refrigerated semi-trailer which can accomodate an additional 60 -70 corpses. This trailer is nestled up to the morgue building behind a steel fence. It is also full of dead aliens. Now get this: At a cost of probably millions of dollars to taxpayers, a new building is under construction which will hold an additional 240 dead aliens.

Apparently, if they can’t identify a dead alien they store the corpse indefinitely. Some of the corpses are decomposed to nothing but bones, and unidentifiable under any circumstances anyway. I don’t think this is the practice with unidentifiable American citizen corpses. My first thought was: Why don’t they just store a DNA sample? ..But, no – too simple. My second thought was: If the border was secured we wouldn’t have all the dead bodies. ..But, no – that would slow down globalization. I better not write down what my next thought was; it certainly wouldn’t be politically correct.

I guess I’ll just stop here, my brain is about to tilt.


American Freedom Riders

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DHS Trying to Hide the Truth From Congress on the Border

29 09 2006

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From the San Bernadino Sun:

Congressmen who visit the U.S.-Mexico border unannounced are being monitored by the Department of Homeland Security, and at least one U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent has been suspended for speaking to a congressman without first getting supervisory clearance, according to documents obtained by the Daily Bulletin.

Congressional members interviewed by the newspaper said they were unaware until recently that Border Patrol agents were required to file Significant Incident Reports – normally used for shootings and other serious border incidents – when congressional members made unannounced visits in the summer along the U.S.-Mexico border.

A second document obtained by the paper reveals that one agent was suspended for 10 days without pay for speaking with Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, who made an unannounced visit to the border in May.

“Preventing Congress from speaking freely to federal employees violates at least two federal statutes, and agents are fearful of telling the truth,” said King, who recounted several visits to the Mexican border when Border Patrol agents would not speak with him for fear of reprisal.

“Filing these reports is a form of intimidation. If anyone is going to be punished, then they should be punished for not speaking to a member of Congress, rather than for telling the truth.”

Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, who also has made unannounced visits to the border, said he is concerned congressional oversight of border matters has suffered as a result of the Homeland Security monitoring. Poe echoed King’s assertion that forcing agents to file reports is a form of intimidation, and said Congress is prepared to call for hearings and issue subpoenas to investigate the matter.

“Members of Congress should not be under surveillance by Homeland Security because we ask the tough questions (of) border agents, and border agents should not be intimidated into having to report our visits and conversations with them like we are criminals,” Poe said. “Members of Congress are not the enemy because we want to find out the truth at the border.”

I keep wondering what they have to gain from playing down the situation on the border? You would think the opposite would be true, that they would want them to know how bad it is so they get more men, tools and money; that is usually the way it works.

A Tucson Border Patrol agent, whose name is being withheld for fear of reprisal, was suspended on Aug. 21 for 10 consecutive days without pay for speaking with King while on duty, according to a suspension letter obtained by the newspaper.

Office of Border Patrol officials, who had heard that congressional members were making unannounced visits to the border, discovered the identity of the agent while performing an Internet search, when they found a photograph of the agent with the congressman.

“On May 6, while on official duty, you met with your friend, Congressman King, and three other individuals,” the letter stated. “You took them to an area west of your office and gave them a tracking demonstration, and you spent approximately three hours with these individuals. You did not have prior supervisory permission to perform these activities while in an on-duty status.”

King said he is “seeking a positive resolution to that matter.”

Numerous field agents interviewed by the Daily Bulletin over the past month said directives from U.S. Border Patrol headquarters have also kept them from filing accurate reports about incidents along the southwest border.

“It feels like we just can’t speak the truth,” said an Arizona Border Patrol agent, speaking on condition of anonymity. “They want to know what we say and who we say it to. If we say something that doesn’t fit with the agency line, then we’re reprimanded.”

There you have it, the government goes out of its way to prosecute two decorated border patrol officers for an encounter with an illegal alien drug runner and now they are hidding the truth from congress.

Well we will get a fence Bill with high tech gadgets to help seal our border, but it seems like those in charge don’t want the border sealed. During the time the fence is being built, I guarantee, in the next Congress, they will be pushing for amnesty and an increased guest worker program.

Hat tip: American Freedom Riders

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The Wall Bill passes 71-28… the employers(the real issue)

28 09 2006

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Oppose 700-mile border fence, support comprehensive immigration reform, U.S. Catholic bishops urge Senate….OOOPS….TOO LATE

WASHINGTON (Catholic Online) – U.S. congressional legislation authorizing the construction of a 700-mile border fence on the nation’s southern border with Mexico will not solve the problem of illegal immigration and will lead to increased exploitation, violence and death, said the U.S. bishops.


And, just moments ago, the Senate invoked cloture on the Secure Fence Act of 2006 by a vote of 71-28. Tomorrow the Senate will pass this legislation and send it to the President’s desk for his signature.

By requiring the construction of at least 700 miles of two-layered reinforced fencing along our southwest border and by mandating the use of cameras, ground sensors, UAVs and other forms of hi-tech surveillance, this legislation will help us gain control over every inch of our borders. The Homeland Security appropriations bill authorizes $1.8 billion in funding … so construction will proceed as quickly as possible. As the fence is erected, more funding in future budgets will be required, but I’m confident that the 71 Senators who proved themselves serious about border security today will support continued funding.

This will shore up a few close races,and give the Republicans some campaign fodder, but it’s only a small part of the solution. Now it’s time to see that the real work gets done.


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Environmentalists jump up on the wall….and they should…

28 09 2006

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DOUGLAS, Arizona (Reuters) – A plan to fence off a third of the U.S. border to stop illegal immigration from Mexico may harm migration routes used by animals including rare birds and jaguars, environmentalists and U.S. authorities warn. Environmentalists and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wardens say the barrier would disrupt the migration of scores of species from jaguars to hawks and humming birds along a wildlife corridor linking northern Mexico and the U.S. southwest known as the “Sky Islands.”

“Bisecting the area with an impermeable barrier such as a double reinforced wall or fence could really have a devastating effect on these species,” said Matt Skroch, a wildlife biologist and executive director of the environmental non-profit group Sky Island Alliance in Tucson, Arizona.

SO……..The tree huggers jump into the fray. If I sound sarcastic I don’t mean to be….they make a point I can agree with.

It’s a tough situtation. Can we protect our borders and at the same time promote environmental stewardship to maintain the beautiful biodiversity of this part of the country?……..There is no certain answer to this question.

Stik has lived in the Southwest. There are few places that give a person the perspective that the desert does. There is a serenity here that is both spiritual and humbling. It is an awe inspiring part of our national heritage.
We used to ride out into the desert and camp. I remember laughing at the warning to check my boots before I put them on in the morning….till I tapped a scorpion out of them. Back then it was easy to just head out, find a great spot, and spend a couple of days. The worst thing you might run into was a scorpion. Not so today.

SO………We are going to build a triple wall barrier that will separate 700 miles (perhaps more) of fluid biosystems. Animal movement, bird migrations and other environmental factors will be affected.

Go to the Sky Island Alliance site. These folks aren’t tree hugging wackos. They are normal folks like you and me. Scientists and citizen environmentalists who have a love and reverence for this part of our country.
If you read what they say you might empathize with ‘em. Their perspective is what it should be…..they want to keep this part of our country as undamaged as possible.

Well stik can agree with that….and if you read most of their articles, you will find theirs is a refreshingly non politized assessment of the issue at hand.

AS MUCH AS THEY DON’T WANT A WALL,(and they don’t) THEY SEE PRESENT PIECEMEAL IMMIGRATION POLICY AS WORSE. Their view of comprehensive immigration policy is to provide ordered and secure border crossing points….that will minimize damage to the environment. That’s it for the most part.

They see the present policy of putting up bits and pieces of unpenetratable barrier as forcing the millions of people who cross our borders illegally, into smaller crossing points. This is causing tremendous damage to the ecosystems in these places.


Our current border barrier plan assumes, if you fence the easy places to cross, fewer illegal immigrants will attempt to cross at the more remote, less accessable (unfenced) areas.

The BIG BUT is……….

Illegal Immigration is NOT slowing down. It is increasing every year. Imagine the 1 million illegals crossing our borders every year squeezed into crossing at fewer more remote therefore more pristene, sections of our border. The damage to the biosystems and environments of these areas will be horrible. Already this is evident.


Is there an answer?…….WELL…….. YES!…..but it is the one thing our representatives are NOT ADDRESSING….THOSE ILLEGALLY PROVIDING JOBS FOR MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

Penalties for these businesses are conveniently left out of almost all border security legislation.

Stik SEZ…..Protecting our borders is something we have to do….being stewards of the incredible Sky Islands is..well…a moral obligation too….but I’ll tell ya…..Till you start seeing business owners who enable and encourage illegal immigration hauled off in handcuffs too, citizens and hummingbirds alike don’t stand a chance.

Common Sense America blogs a sad but important perspective
Debbie at Right Truth sez if the Saudis can do it, why can’t we?

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