Northern Border Security and Immigration

21 07 2006

Cross posted from Right Truth

In short, security along the northern border of the USA and Canada leaves a lot to be desired. Entering Canada from the USA at Sault Ste. Marie was a joke. We were asked if we had any alcohol or tobacco and if we had ever been to Canada before. That’s it. The border guard did ask us to pull over and go inside to get out passports stamped. Inside another guard ran our passports through a computer check while outside four guards sat on a bench beside our car. Not one took the opportunity to look inside, check suitcases, bags, or cooler.

The back of our Durango was loaded with five suitcases, one back pack, a cooler, and several smaller bags. I had my fanny pack over my arm and rested it on the counter in front of the border guard. The fanny pack is made for carrying a handgun, which I left at home. I thought sure the guard would want to look inside, but nope. I could have had my gun and no one would have known. We could have had several suitcase bombs and who knows what else.

Crossing the border from Canada back into the USA was even more pathetic. We were asked again if we had any alcohol or tobacco and what we had purchasesd in Canada. The border guard glanced in the back and that was the extent of his inspection. We only noticed one car being pulled over. Sad.

Numbers USA has begun running a commercial on national TV news and talk shows. This campaign should last all summer.

Numbersusa Education and Research Foundation is running the ads to help people understand the magnitude of the immigration problem—and to show them there is something they can do by joining the rest of you in the fight to REDUCE the numbers.

You can go to their website and view the commercials.

Border Pundit has information on “Sheriff, federal agency at odds on caught immigrants”

Our Sheriff is angry. I don’t blame him. I’m angry too. Why can’t I.C.E. deport the illegals, whether they’re criminals or not? It doesn’t make sense.

Maricopa County Jail inmates convicted or cleared of human-smuggling charges and presumed to be undocumented were allowed to walk out of jail without being removed from the country because of a spat over jurisdiction between the Sheriff’s Office and federal immigration agents. (Go read it al)

Also from Border Pundit, “You Don’t Speak for Me”

This confirms what I’ve always heard – that American citizens of Hispanic descent very much resent illegal aliens and have no desire to be associated with them. There is a big difference between legal immigrants and criminal border crossers. From CNSNews. (Go read it all)

Morning Coffee says, “Debating the Wall”

From Forbes

Lawmakers grappled Thursday with whether to build a fence along hundreds of miles on the nation’s southern border, weighing combating illegal immigration against a costly barrier that alone might not stop migrants.

No one is suggesting that a Fence alone will stop Illegal Immigrants. (Go read it all)
You can read all about our travels here.**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.**



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12 08 2019
Zel Dornlike

You’re only partly right! it was the deplorable idiots whose forefathers came through Ellis Island who are so stupid they made America stop being great and they need to be deported.

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