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31 07 2006

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From the 

FRANKLIN — At a town-hall meeting billed as “The Criminal Face of Illegal Immigration” Thursday, host Phil Valentine said, “People are saying that all immigrants are hardworking and come here to do jobs that Americans won’t do …. And a lot of them are.”

Here is some other information regarding Illegal Immigration and Crime..

And a lot of them are not. Illegal Immigrants comprise less than 9% of the US population yet make up 29% of those incarcerated in federal Prison. In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding homicide warrants are for illegal immigrants, and 75% of the Los Angeles Most Wanted list also happen to be illegal immigrants.

Gang Violence is also a major concern with the Illegal Immigrant community, with MS-13 being one of the most brutal. The FBI estimates that MS-13 has as many as 10,000 active members dispersed in 33 states. Members have been accused of burglaries, drug sales, weapons smuggling, extortion, illegal firearm sales, auto thefts, murder and rape.

“Street gangs in America have grown and expanded their influence to an alarming level, marked by increased violence and criminal activity,” Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has said. “These gangs pose a severe threat to public safety, and their growth must not go unchallenged.”

Local and Federal law enforcement recently had some success in addressing MS-13 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jose Santos Bonilla, 33, was arrested during a 6 a.m. raid on a southeast Richmond home. Since Bonilla came to the East Bay from San Francisco six months ago, MS-13 members have been linked to three homicides and several other shootings as they sought to carve out territory and intimidate other gangs, authorities said.

“Federal prosecution, although it’s more difficult to get a conviction, brings with it a much stiffer sentence,” said Richmond police Lt. Mark Gagan.

Police, along with the FBI and the ICE, sought other people believed to be connected with the gang but were unsuccessful.

“There are several individuals that are fugitives now that have been identified with gang activity,” Gagan said.

Bonilla is an illegal immigrant and was arrested on an immigration charge, Gagan said. Police expect to seek additional charges related to weapons possession and gang activity.

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Illegal Immigration: Here We Go Again…

31 07 2006

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It seems the illegal immigrant population in this nation can’t wait to take to the streets of our cities once again to parade their illegal presence.

From the Whittier Daily News:

Organizers of the Los Angeles pro-immigration march that drew half a million people and attracted international attention have plans for more street demonstrations in September to urge Congress to pass an immigration reform bill.

“We are out there pushing for better and real immigration reform … People are out there waiting, they want to march,” said Javier Rodriguez, an organizer with the March 25 Coalition. Rodriguez said a Labor Day weekend march would follow the same route as the pro-immigrant march downtown on March 25. Another march is planned for that weekend in Wilmington by the newly formed Liberty and Justice for Immigrants Coalition – comprising Teamsters, Hermandad Mexicana and the Mexican American Political Association.

So, what do these marches actually accomplish?

“All it does is solidify the people that are for them, and those that are against them; it’s unclear how it impacts people on the fence,” said Ricardo Ramirez, an assistant professor of political science at University of Southern California. Since the marches, dozens of groups – from immigrant rights activists to political associations – have launched citizenship and voting drives to focus the momentum created by the mass protests into political clout.

House Republicans have even created their own immigration road show – holding hearings in more than a dozen states over the summer – aimed at forcing President George Bush to cave to the House’s more restrictive legislation.

Or, to put it in more realistic terms:

“The experience is that these marches have backfired,” said Ira Melhman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a group advocating tighter border controls. “The American public look at these and they are outraged.”

I say, “Go for it”. Just keep on marching right up until election day because you are pushing even those that may ‘sit on the fence’ to see this issue more clearly as you demonstrate the arrogance of those who break the laws of this nation and then make demands upon the American taxpayer/voter.

More on Illegal Immigration from:

Right Truth, “30 million illegal immigrants can’t be wrong, can they?

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30 million illegal immigrants can’t be wrong, can they?

31 07 2006

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The scary truth is that no one knows how many illegal aliens are in the United States. We don’t know who they are, where they came from, what their intentions are. This is something that everyone agrees on, both pro and con. We just don’t know …

What we do know is that there has been a lot of talk and not much action toward protecting our borders. We also know:

“This month the U.S. Senate refused to approve the funds necessary to construct the same border fence that it authorized in May”.

“One out of every ten births in the United States is to an illegal immigrant,”

“The federal government and the states pay out billions each year in social programs to the 30 million illegal aliens in the country. Welfare benefits coupled with open borders have created an enormous underclass of cheap labor for farmers and businesses, but it’s come at an enormous expense to U.S. taxpayers.”

… the Census Bureau is forbidden to ask whether someone is here illegally, a fact which they say is another example of political correctness endangering the nation’s economic and national security.

… other ways in which open borders are putting the financial well-being and even the safety of Americans at risk:

– The IRS has paid out $10 billion in refunds to illegal aliens who used fraudulent Social Security numbers, and it has no intention of going after those who made fraudulent claims.

– Over 3,000 illegal aliens suspected of murdering Americans have fled to Mexico, where they often live openly and without fear of arrest.

– Over 75,000 illegal aliens cross into the United States from Mexico every week, only to disappear into our cities unimpeded by the Border Patrol and law enforcement. source

While federal government officials insist that only 11-12 million illegal immigrants currently live in the United States, a controversial new book asserts that the true number is closer to 30 million. “Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America’s Borders” (World Ahead Publishing, hardcover, $25.95, ISBN 0977898415) — written by Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist and Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. — documents the flaws in the federal government’s estimates and offers a revised count of illegals on U.S. soil. Their book “Minutemen” reveals that when the government’s flawed assumptions are corrected, and when groups such as the children of illegal immigrants and recipients of past amnesty programs are included in the count, the estimated number of people residing in the United States due to illegal immigration soars to approximately 30 million, or one-tenth of the entire U.S. population. source

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Open Trackbacks – Illegal Immigration Edition

31 07 2006

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This L.A. Times article is about an illegal immigrant family with ten kids, with triplets who are the result of a reversed tubal ligation and fertility drugs, and one child who was born with liquid on his brain and is partially paralyzed. The family’s $400 per week income from the father’s job as a carpet installer is subsidized by $700 per month in Social Security benefits for the partially paralyzed baby. The children are American citizens and receive Medi-Cal and free lunch at school. Although the mother has been here for 22 years and the father 28, neither speaks English. Their oldest daughters speak mostly Spanish in spite of having been born and raised here. The twenty year old dropped out of high school without graduating, and the seventeen year old admits being on a lower reading level than her seven year old cousin. The mother’s nine siblings also came here illegally, but eventually left Los Angeles, with the sister who moved to Lexington, Kentucky providing this classic quote –

“We’re in a state where there’s nothing but Americans. The police control the streets. It’s clean, no gangs. California now resembles Mexico — everyone thinks like in Mexico. California’s broken.”

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Masses Roil to “Defend Democracy” In Mexico City

31 07 2006

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Well, “Presidente” Obrador continues to mobilize popular support to demand a total recount. Hundreds of thousands of protestors filled the streets of Mexico City yesterday.

From the NYT’s:

MEXICO CITY, July 30 — Four weeks after a very close election plunged this country into political crisis, the leftist candidate escalated his campaign to undo the official results, telling a mass rally of his supporters on Sunday that they must engage in civil disobedience to “defend democracy” and force the recognition of “my triumph as president.”

“Mexico does not deserve to be governed by an illegitimate president,” said the candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a former Mexico City mayor who election officials say lost the national election by a mere 243,000 votes of 41 million cast.

A special electoral court has yet to ratify the results and Mr. López Obrador has challenged the official tally, contending that there were widespread irregularities, human errors and, in some instances, fraud. He and his supporters want all the ballots counted again …

Meanwhile, thousands of rural workers have been bussed into Mexico City, and I’m privately wondering how many of those bus tickets were distributed by agents from Venezuela.

.“If there was no fraud, they would agree to a vote by vote recount,” said Gregorio Ruiz, a 33-year-old farmer from the southern state of Guerrero, who had a mouthful of silver-rimmed teeth.

Brenda Fernández, a 33-year-old homemaker, said as she marched past the Palacio de Bellas Artes that she expected the court to deny Mr. López Obrador’s request and that violence would erupt afterward. “Look, there was already one revolution, why not another?” she said. “We are at the point of violence, and the government better understand that.”

Felipe Caleron says the recount is un-necessary. “We won cleanly,” he told reporters after an audience with judges. “And we are not going to let these millions of votes be canceled.”

I hope not — but the rights of legitimate voters in a legitimate process might not be as important as the victory of a leftist candidate.

Incidentally, striking teachers in Oaxaca, have blocked the state off from the rest of Mexico. The teachers went on strike to demand higher wages in June, but were soon joined by a variety of international leftist groups. The purpose of blockading Oaxaca is to force the governor to resign. Mark In Mexico has a map, and comments:

The APPO, just to remind you, is an umbrella group composed of all the socialist, communist and anarchst groups that have moved in here to “support” the teachers union. The SNTE has been debating internally for the past two weeks whether or not to continue coordinated efforts with APPO. The teachers seem to realize the economic damage that they have done and the popular backlash forming against them. APPO doesn’t care. APPO is in this for the sake of revolution, so the more economic hardship and chaos, the better

And ya wonder why Mexico hasn’t had time to develop its economy …

UPDATE: Apparently, today Obrador and his merry masses have set up road blocks in the major traffic arteries in Mexico City. StetsonTip BlueCrabBlvd.
Click to the CoalitionBlog for the latest and freshest on illegal immigration reform. Darrell writes about the criminal face of illegal immigration. Don’t forget to check out Kevin ‘s article on drug violence in Nueva Laredo.

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The Border, Drugs And Violence

29 07 2006

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Strategy Page tells us about the growing problem of violence on the border.

Drug violence has harmed the city of Nuevo Laredo. Long known as an up and coming Mexican “port city,” and perhaps infamous as a party town (with its prostitute district, Boys Town), the rampant drug-related violence has closed a number of Mexican businesses in Nuevo Laredo and sent the economy into a tailspin. At least 40 Nuevo Laredo companies have shut down due to the violence. Many of the firms have moved across the border to Laredo, Texas — where the cops are clean and the streets are comparatively safe. The breakdown in law and order in Mexican border towns is creating a warlike atmosphere, as gunmen openly move about, and open fire in the streets.

Some border governors are demanding help from the army, to man checkpoints and help control the movements of heavily armed groups of drug gang members. The army already supplies troops to accompany federal agents making arrests or conducting raids.

A Texas sheriff told a government committee looking into border security issues that “border violence” (ie, drug-related
violence along the Texas-Mexican border) is a threat to Texas Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzales said that the weapons used by Texas law enforcement agencies are “water guns” in comparison to the firepower possessed by narco-trafficantes. Texas is trying to funnel more security money to counties along the border.

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Illegal Immigration: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

28 07 2006

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Judicial Watch, a public interest group that fights government corruption, is taking on the issue of illegal immigrants and those that enable them:

The LA Times reports:

A Superior Court judge Thursday rejected a motion by the city of Los Angeles to dismiss a legal challenge to a Police Department policy prohibiting officers from asking witnesses and suspects about their immigration status.

The action keeps alive the lawsuit by Judicial Watch, which alleged that the LAPD’s Special Order 40 violates federal and state law. “The LAPD has adopted what is in effect a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy with respect to immigration status,” Judicial Watch alleged in its lawsuit.

From Judicial Watch:

“It cannot be denied that Special Order 40 and the policies, practices, and procedures arising thereunder violate both the letter and spirit of [federal law],” Judicial Watch argued in its court filing. “The LAPD has adopted what is in effect a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy with respect to immigration status. Under ordinary circumstances, a ‘cop on the beat’ who suspects an individual of being in the United States illegally cannot inquire about that individual’s immigration status…He cannot undertake any investigation at all.”

“The Los Angeles Police Department needs to stop undermining our nation’s immigration laws,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Special Order 40 is unlawful and dangerous. It prevents police officers from communicating freely with federal immigration officials and puts American citizens at risk from criminal illegal aliens.”

It is about time we challenge the so-called “sanctuary cities”. There will be no need to deport if our immigration laws, the ones we now have, are enforced. Illegal immigrants will be forced to leave if they are not allowed to live and work here under an illegal status. It isn’t rocket science and here’s the proof from one small town.

The New York Times reports:

RIVERSIDE, N.J., July 27 — The downtown streets of this working-class town — usually filled with many of the immigrants who have made this place home — were unusually empty the day after the Township Council approved an ordinance banning employers and landlords from hiring or housing illegal immigrants.

At a heated meeting on Wednesday night that one resident compared to “The Jerry Springer Show,” Riverside’s five-member Council unanimously approved the Illegal Immigration Relief Act, citing overcrowded apartments, jammed parking lots, and a strain on the town’s schools and social services, as reasons for passing the measure.

Fines start at $1,000 for violations of the Riverside ordinance, which makes it illegal to hire people who cannot prove they are legally in the United States, or to rent or lease them property. A violator also could lose his or her business permit for five years.

As long as we cater to illegal immigrants by allowing them to work and receive benefits such as health care, housing, and education, we will never be able to deal with this problem. Riverside, NJ proves that if you get serious about illegal immigration, the problem can be solved without giving away this nation at the expense of its taxpayers.

Where will all of the illegal immigrants from Riverside, NJ go now for jobs? Considering the fact that they are here illegally, there should be no city in this nation that should harbor them. If our laws were truly enforced, the illegal immigrants would have taken the correct path into this country. It is not too late, nor ‘unrealistic’, to expect them to do so now.

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Illegal alien supporters attack Minutemen in TN!

28 07 2006

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A group of Hispanic protesters were in front of the Washington County Courthouse in Tennessee while a group of Tennessee Volunteer Minutemen watched. One man marching with the Minutemen was confronted by the Hispanic group because he had a Mexican flag in his back pocket. source

The Hispanic group, led by Azul Christian Caravaggio, were holding signs saying “Are We Really Illegal?,” “Minute Men + Hatred = Evil” and “We Don’t Choose Our Race, 1 Race, The Human Race.”The Tennessee Volunteer Minutemen had signs, too, but group members mainly held American flags and chanted “U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A.”

“We are doing this because we don’t think we are illegal,” Caravaggio said. “We don’t think the human body can be illegal.” …

She said the group’s mission is to encourage voters to vote for Democratic candidates. … “It’s not a crime to come to this country just because you want to work,” Caravaggio said.

(Well, Caravaggio, actually it IS A CRIME TO COME TO THIS COUNTRY JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO WORK, if you do it illegally … that’s ILLEGAL, as in against the law.)

“We have laws,” Whitaker [marching with the Minutemen] said to the other group in response to their presence. “There are laws in this country.

“These people have been agitating Minutemen all the way down the line,” Whitaker said. Whitaker said his protest has nothing to do with race and was adamant about the Tennessee Volunteer Minutemen not being a hate group.

The Hispanic group became angry at Whitaker because he had a Mexican flag tucked in his back pocket. They thought it was a deliberate provocation, aimed at disrespecting them.

As Whitaker was being interviewed by a WCYB-TV reporter, several of the immigrants charged him in an apparent attempt to grab the flag.

Authorities reacted quickly, separating the two sides and breaking up the rally.

(In all honesty, and in full disclosure, it is my understanding that Carl Twofeathers Whitaker, a Sevierville resident who is running as an independent candidate for governor, is a publicity junkie, newshound, and possibly a little ‘weird’. So take this into consideration when reading the article.

And why he had a Mexican flag in his back pocket, only he knows. Had the Hispanics carried American flags in their back pockets, the Minutemen would have been upset too.)

Other immigration news:

To Speak With an LA Times Writer: Press One For Spanish

America- get out your wallets…get your checkbooks out. Go ahead, HURRY UP….illegal aliens are waiting. Servicing them is priority one! The LA Times has outdone themselves today….I suggest you go get your blood pressure medicine: 6 + 4 = 1 Tenuous ExistenceAn illegal immigrant couple with six children were already living in poverty. Then the quadruplets arrived. They’re still in a daze.

Uh…SO ARE WE. Guess who pays for their PRODIGIOUS ability to reproduce?

On July 6, Magdaleno gave birth to two boys and two girls, drawing national media attention as a bewildered mother of 10 (with nine living at home). Now, she and her husband, Alfredo Anzaldo, 44, must figure out how to provide for everyone on Anzaldo’s maximum pay of $400 a week as a carpet installer.

OH REALLY? Hmmm..I wonder what the Spanish word for CONDOM is? (Probably something like ‘El Preventa’.) And just to make sure we’re all at the same Taco Stand, they know exactly how to provide for ‘everyone’.

They let American citizens pick up the tab! (Go read it all Red Satellites)

Illegal Immigration: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Judicial Watch, a public interest group that fights government corruption, is taking on the issue of illegal immigrants and those that enable them:The LA Times reports:

A Superior Court judge Thursday rejected a motion by the city of Los Angeles to dismiss a legal challenge to a Police Department policy prohibiting officers from asking witnesses and suspects about their immigration status. (Read it all at Common Sense America)

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To Speak With an LA Times Writer: Press One For Spanish

28 07 2006

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America– get out your wallets…get your checkbooks out. Go ahead, HURRY UP….illegal aliens are waiting. Servicing them is priority one! The LA Times has outdone themselves today….I suggest you go get your blood pressure medicine:

6 + 4 = 1 Tenuous Existence

An illegal immigrant couple with six children were already living in poverty. Then the quadruplets arrived. They’re still in a daze.

Uh…SO ARE WE. Guess who pays for their PRODIGIOUS ability to reproduce?

On July 6, Magdaleno gave birth to two boys and two girls, drawing national media attention as a bewildered mother of 10 (with nine living at home). Now, she and her husband, Alfredo Anzaldo, 44, must figure out how to provide for everyone on Anzaldo’s maximum pay of $400 a week as a carpet installer.

OH REALLY? Hmmm..I wonder what the Spanish word for CONDOM is? (Probably something like ‘El Preventa’.) And just to make sure we’re all at the same Taco Stand, they know exactly how to provide for ‘everyone’.

They let American citizens pick up the tab!

Both Magdaleno and Anzaldo are illegal immigrants, settled for years in an immigrant enclave. Magdaleno has the same number of children as her parents, who were peasant farmers in Mexico. Like her parents, she is living in poverty and struggling to provide for her family. “It’s not sweet,” said her 36-year-old sister, Alejandra. “It’s very sad.

The life for girls back there in Mexico is the same as the one Angela has now. They marry and have children, and that’s their lives.”Neither Magdaleno nor her husband speaks English, though she has been in the United States 22 years and he 28. Even her teenage daughters speak mostly Spanish; their English vocabulary is limited.

Yet all of Magdaleno’s 10 children are U.S. citizens. The triplets receive subsidized school lunches. All the youngsters have had their healthcare bills covered by Medi-Cal, the state and federal healthcare program for the poor.

Someone get me a box of Kleenex. I’m not crying for them…heck no….I’m crying for ME- I have to pay for this EFFIN mess.

Alfredo Jr. had been hospitalized all his life until recently. He’s had three state-funded brain operations and will require several more, the family said. The couple receive $700 in monthly Social Security payments to help with his medical needs.

Uh…..sir…excuse me, this check I’m writing to pay for Senor and Senora Spermatosa….do you need to see some form of ID?

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Forum on [Illegal] Immigrant Issues to Be Held Aug. 3

27 07 2006

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MY wife, who works for the State of Montana, received this gem today…

For immediate release
July 25, 2006

Forum on Immigrant Issues to Be Held in Helena

A one-day forum on issues faced by immigrants in Montana will be held Thursday, Aug. 3, at the Red Lion Colonial Hotel in Helena.

The purpose of the forum is to raise awareness and increase understanding of immigrant issues that exist in Montana. It also provides an opportunity for service providers, policymakers, advocates, and the immigrant community to have interactive discussions about the ability of immigrants to access governmental programs for which they are eligible and about the rights immigrants have under civil rights laws.

The forum is sponsored by federal, state, and local agencies, including the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Montana Human Rights Network, the Montana Food Bank Network, and the state Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS). The cost to register is $25, which includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

The event will feature a presentation by Dinah Wiley, senior civil rights analyst with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights. Ms. Wiley will review key federal policies governing immigrant access to public benefit programs, with an emphasis on health and social services programs.

A lunchtime panel discussion will feature representatives from Montana immigrant advocacy groups, including the Montana Legal Services Association, Montana Food Bank Network, and Montana Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Council.

Participants will talk about what their organizations do and how they work with and for immigrants. They also will discuss the presence of immigrants in Montana, the fact that immigrants have rights to receive certain services, and how their organizations have improved the quality of life of the immigrants with whom they work.

Breakout sessions will address:

• Medicaid
• Racial and ethnic health disparities
• Mexican Consulate
• Housing/energy assistance
• Limited English proficiency
• Food assistance
• Immigration
• Domestic violence
• Labor/employment

During the morning session, Salvador Jimenez, Consul of Mexico in Salt Lake City, and Anna Whiting-Sorrell, policy adviser to Gov. Brian Schweitzer, will provide opening remarks.

To register, contact Brenda Falconer, DPHHS, at 406-444-7056 or The deadline to register is July 31.

For more information, contact Emily Prehm at 1-800-368-1019 or 303-844-7893, or Hyla Schreurs at 1-800-368-1019 or 303-844-7508, at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights.

What they should be saying is illegal alien invaders, not immigrants. Notice the programs they will be discussing, those are programs the brain dead in this country say illegal aliens cannot access.

How can they even discuss labor/employment when that is AGAINST THE LAW! They are also not entitled to Medicaid, so what is there to discuss here? If you don’t think this is about illegal alien invaders from Mexico than ask yourself, why is the Mexican Consolate involved in this “forum”?

I have some more whys for our government:

Why are you allowing the Mexican Consolate to help illegal aliens open bank accounts and get home loans? You would think giving a home loan to someone who faces deportation would be a high risk loan. Do they have some kind of assurances from our government?
Why do they allow them to give out consular cards for id or help illegals civily sue USA citizens and steal their land?

Why are they allowing these “forums” around the country?

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Obrador Declares Self New President of Mexico!

27 07 2006

Cross posted from Red Hot Cuppa Politics

So, Obrador has declared himself the new president of Mexico, although he lost by a small percentage during the elections, and the tribunal is not finished settling the election:

MEXICO CITY — Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who finished a close second in the disputed Mexican presidential balloting July 2, ratcheted up the election standoff Wednesday by declaring himself “the president of Mexico.”

Cesar Nava, a spokesman for ruling party candidate Felipe Calderón, who won the election by barely a half-percent of the 41 million votes cast, dismissed the claim as “messianic.”

The election results are before a federal electoral tribunal, where López Obrador, a left-leaning populist, has brought charges of widespread fraud and demanded a “vote-for-vote” recount …

Nava’s “messianic” tag echoed the criticism of López Obrador’s conservative opponents, who portray him as a threat to Mexico’s nascent democratic institutions.

“A true democrat respects the majority of the Mexicans, the electoral authorities and a peaceful solution to conflict,” Nava said.

López Obrador, waving off suggestions that his continuing electoral challenge is destabilizing the nation, vowed the protest movement he’s launched “will stay within the limits of nonviolence.”

Well, he’s taking a page from the Gore campaign, isn’t he? A hand re-count makes you win — particularly when partisan counters know exactly how many votes they need to achieve.

The Mexican electoral system is one of the best, and soundest in the world. But, I guess that doesn’t count when a conservative wins by a small margin.

Meanwhile, the absentee ballot system was declared a flop.

MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s first attempt at absentee voting was a flop, collecting a mere 33,111 ballots, but officials hope to make it cheaper and easier for Mexicans to vote from abroad in the next presidential election.

Millions of Mexicans living abroad were allowed to mail in presidential ballots for the first time in the July 2 election, a right migrants living in the United States spent years fighting for.

Electoral authorities counted 32,632 absentee ballots on July 2. Of those, 28,335 came from the United States – home to some 9 million Mexican expatriates. Officials annulled 479 ballots for irregularities

I guess not enough Mexican ex-pats living in the US bothered to vote. Or, maybe too many of them voted for the conservative candidate.

Click to the CoalitionBlog for the latest and freshest on illegal immigration. There’s an article in MorningCoffee about how a citizen of Elgin Illinois has demanded his local police do a better job of enforcing immigration laws (after a young girl was killed by a drunk driver). Border Pundit’s featuring other small towns that are tackling illegal immigration issues. Brian’s writing about how our fearless Congressional gerbils are trying to tackle a “comprehensive”

illegal immigration reform bill once again. BTW, Kay Bailey Hutchison was one of the Senators voting against funding the border fence. After she voted to build one. Take a quick look at ChristiKing’s pithy article on “America for Sale,” if you have a minute.

Incidentally, Kay Bailey Hutchison has a variety of press releases on alot of issues, but I don’t see one that rationalizes why she voted against funding the border fence. Have e-mailed, but will be awhile before the responding snail mail arrives. Will follow and let you know.

Finally, FrauBudgie correction about MinuteMen split. Apparently, the MinuteMen split back in June, 2005. Tarantulus of CAII posted a message from a MMP yahoo group member: Toward the end of the project it was decided that Chris would continue to focus on border security and Jim would focus on interior enforcement. Jimr etained use of the Minuteman Project name. Chris formed Minuteman Civil Defense Corps … My understanding is that Chris and Jim are currently working together onthe overall project and are each moving the project ahead in theirrespective areas

StetsonTip to Tarantulus, and to Brian — and my apologies. I hope the group is able to clean up the financial questions. Mistakes can be forgiven, and we need both Gilchrist and Simcox, particularly in the light of the new round Congressional cotillion two-steppin’.

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Another local Community taking a stand

26 07 2006

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Elgin Illinois is city about 40 miles North West of Chicago, has a population of a little over 100,000, and it’s high school can include 5 Navy Admirals, a Nobel Prize winner, a Pulitzer Prize winner, a tony award winner, two men who produced academy award winning films, and a General Motors CEO among its alumni. The city is known for its historic architecture and landmarks from the Victorian era, including some fine examples of homes in the Queen Anne style.  It is also home to Doug Heaton, and Doug Heaton is mad. The last time he got mad he got elected. 

From the Daily Herald  

Problems with communication led him to run in 1995 and win a seat on the Elgin Area School District U-46 board.

The 51-year-old Elgin resident now insists his recent appearances before the Elgin City Council demanding police do a better job enforcing immigration laws have nothing to do with politics.

Heaton said it has everything to do with finding answers he believes are long overdue.

This time, a series of news stories slowly ignited his activism. The story that propelled him to action was about Patricia Henneken, 28, who was killed at Golf and Barrington roads when, police say, Javier Rico, driving drunk, ran a red light and slammed into her — even though Rico, an illegal immigrant, had three previous DUI encounters with police.

How could an illegal immigrant with a history of drunken driving still be in this country, Heaton wondered.

“I felt that people aren’t standing up and we’re not saying, ‘Wait a minute, this isn’t right,’æ” he said. “Silence implies approval, and I don’t want that to happen.”

He has since become a member of the Illinois Minuteman Project, which has created a binder of ways local police departments can enforce existing laws and provided examples of how other police departments have taken action.

He wants police to:

  • Get training in fraudulent document detection and enforcement of fake ID laws;
  • Request a valid passport when a Mexican driver’s license is presented;
  • Use the Law Enforcement Support Center of the Department of Homeland Security;
  • Assist and notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement when an illegal immigrant is in custody; and
  • Begin training police to be deputy immigration officers as provided for under Section 287(g) of the federal Immigration and Nationality Act.

These suggestions posed to the Elgin City Council in June may soon spread throughout the suburbs. Minuteman members already have approached the McHenry County Board with similar questions.

Elgin Police Chief Lisa Womack on Wednesday will give the city council an overview of how police now handle illegal immigrants.

“Many of the things Mr. Heaton wants us to do we’re already doing,” Womack said.

Womack said officers rarely see Mexican driver’s licenses, but know to ask for passports if one is presented.

“To simply ask someone if they are a legal citizen just because they look Hispanic would fall under the purview of racial profiling,” she said. “And we stop people that don’t have their license with them all the time, could you prove you are a legal citizen right now?”

Womack said police pursue the immigration status of those arrested on serious charges.

“We’re not ignoring this issue,” she said. “We work closely with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and provide information. They have priorities of following up.”

But Heaton said he believes local police can do more.

He points to how Ipswich, N.H., Police Chief Garrett Chamberlain arrested an illegal immigrant for being in the country by charging him with criminal trespassing. But what’s right for one community may not be right for all, said City Manager Femi Folarin.

“Elgin is not just folding our arms and saying, ‘Gee, that person is illegal and we’re not going to do anything about it,’æ” Folarin said. “But we can’t keep that person in Elgin forever. If we’re calling immigration and they’re not interested in picking up that person, what’s the point?”

Every time that happens, the city should demand federal authorities sign off on its refusal to pick up an illegal immigrant, Heaton said.

For now, he is happy to hear the chief will formally address the points he said have been ignored since June.

“I’m certainly no expert in law enforcement and I’m sure they figure I’m just a rabble rouser,” he said. “But I think I’ve raised some points that need to be considered.”

Mr Heaton is absolutely correct and brings up points that need to be addressed. Local and state officials have every authority to more strictly enforce immigration laws and the responsibility to their constituents to do so. Communities like Hazelton Pa. as well as states like Georgia, and Colorado are doing just that. Since it appears that any legislation that Congress will come up with will likely only worsen the illegal immigration problem insisting our local and stat officials live up to their responsibilities is more important now than ever before.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is Back!

26 07 2006

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From The Washington Times:

First: Secure our borders

Before any new temporary-worker program can begin, our plan requires the president to certify that all mandated border-security measures are completed. The Hutchison-Pence proposal embraces the tough border-security measures of the House and Senate bills. It would add border patrol agents, drug enforcement agents and port-of-entry inspectors; end catch and release; add security fences and other physical barriers at critical points; and employ American technology, such as unmanned aerial surveillance vehicles.

This sounds good, if they actually fund it.

Second: The Good Neighbor SAFE Visa and Ellis Island Centers

When the border has been declared secure, the Good Neighbor SAFE (Secure Authorized Foreign Employee) Visa will begin. This program offers noncitizens opportunities to fill jobs that employers attest to not being able to fill with Americans at market wage.

Under our plan, the estimated 12 million people currently residing illegally in America can come out of the shadows and earn a fair living by returning to their home countries to apply for a Good Neighbor SAFE Visa. This does not give amnesty to those currently in our country illegally.

Really? So they are just going to leave on their own, with no help from anyone? I don’t think so people.

Our plan would accomplish this by setting up a system of private employment placement agencies outside the United States (called “Ellis Island Centers”), licensed by the federal government, to match willing temporary workers with jobs that employers cannot fill with American workers. The private agencies would also perform health screenings, fingerprint the guest workers and provide that information for federal background checks.

Successful applicants for the Good Neighbor SAFE Visa could enter America legally provided they meet the visa requirements.

We call it a “Good Neighbor” SAFE Visa because the program would be limited to countries that currently enjoy a positive trade relationship with the United States in our hemisphere. Only residents of NAFTA and CAFTA-DR countries will be eligible to participate in this program. Good Neighbor SAFE Visas will be issued for two years, with the option to renew them in two-year increments for up to 12 years.

Again who decides the need for these people to come here?

Good Neighbor SAFE Visa participants are not eligible for welfare, Social Security or Medicare. All paycheck deductions will be made as for American citizens. Workers’ Medicare contributions will go into a fund to compensate hospitals for emergency medical expenses incurred while treating foreign workers. Worker Social Security deductions will be returned when a participant exits the program and returns to his or her home country. Employer Social Security contributions will remain in our country’s system.

At the end of the visa period, visa holders who have been gainfully employed with no violations may return to their country of origin or apply for a new X-Change Visa with an employer sponsor and continue working in the United States under the same conditions with no further renewals required. There is no automatic path to citizenship in the Hutchison-Pence plan. After five more years, the X-Change Visa holder would have the option of continuing to hold an X-Change Visa, returning home or applying for permanent adjustment of status.

There it is, even after 12 years they can stay and apply for permenent citizenship. That is not a guest worker program. I don’t know about you, but if a guest tries to stay in my house permenently the guest will have a rude awakening.

They are going to keep trying to force a path to citizenship down our throats.

Third: Verification and enforcement

For the system to be effective, it is necessary to implement a nationwide electronic employment verification system through which employers confirm the legality of each employee. Those who continue to hire unverifiable employees will be subject to stiff fines.

Two years after the date of enactment, employers will be required to verify the eligibility of all new employees, including temporary workers. After six years, verification will apply to all employees. While this may be unsettling to some, and there may be better ways to do it, we will never have complete knowledge of everyone who is in our country and their legal status without some capability for verification.

Good Neighbor SAFE Visas will provide businesses seeking to hire foreign workers with a secure method of confirming their legal status. If a temporary worker is fired, convicted of a crime or just disappears, the card will be canceled, preventing someone else from hiring the worker.

So basically, you facilitate people to come to this country and then they can just slip into society the way they are here now. Big deal, you canceled their card, that will show them.

Contact your elected cockroaches and tell them No to Pence/Hutchinson and the Kyl/ Cornyn plans. Make it clear no path to citizenship and no expansion of the guest worker program will be acceptable. We can debate the need for a guest worker program later. We want an enforcement only Bill or no Bill; just enforce the laws we have now.

Use to find out how to contact your cockroaches and which allows you to email their whole staffs at one time and go around the House email system.

My “comprehensive” plan:

  • Secure the border by any means necessary. This includes the Military.
  • Stiff penalties for employers, which are actually enforced.
  • No taxpayer funded programs for illegals or their families. (including school for children of illegals and non-emergency medical care for any illegal)
  • No “Anchor Babies” (no automatic citizenship for children of illegals born in the US)
  • No path to Citizenship in any name or form for those here illegally.
  • No Guest worker program until the above measures are put in place and the need can be PROVEN
  • English only education and the official language of the USA

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.

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Small Town Defenders

26 07 2006

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Wouldn’t it be great if every city and town in the nation enacted laws like Mayor Barletta’s? Check out and submit the law to your own City Council for implementation.

Welcome to Small Town Defenders!

I’m Lou Barletta, the proud Mayor of the City of Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

Recently, our City has greatly suffered from a series of serious crimes and economic hardship including the murder of a city resident, the discharge of firearms at a local playground, high profile drug busts, and severe strains on our classrooms and health care system. All of these previously mentioned crimes involved illegal aliens and their large migration to our City have resulted in educational and economic strains that threaten our quality of life.

I could not sit back any longer and allow this to happen, I needed to act! That’s why I drafted the Illegal Immigration Relief Act, a measure that is designed to send a message. My message: To the residents of Hazleton, I say thank you for your support. To our recently arrived legal immigrants, I say welcome to our City. I wish you all the best and hope the United States and Hazleton can be a place where your dreams come true, just as my great grandfather’s did when he legally immigrated here. I am proud to represent you as your Mayor.

There are thousands of small towns and cities across America like Hazleton, Pennsylvania. I hope the steps we’re taking in Hazleton to defend ourselves will inspire others to become small town defenders.

Thank you for visiting Small Town Defenders! Be sure to visit our online petition page and let us know how you feel.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.

Latino backlash in GA and other Law Enforcement news…

25 07 2006

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In Illegal Immigration News:

Backlash emerges against Latino culture
The influx of immigrants has some cities and towns restricting taco stands and Spanish speakers.

By Patrik Jonsson | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

NORCROSS, GA. – In some ways, the traveling taco stand has become a symbol of the rise of Hispanics in the US. Here in Gwinnett County, Ga., it wasn’t any different – until lawmakers outlawed the $1 street-corner taco vendor last month.
Hispanic purveyors of the workingman’s lunch represent an immigration policy many Americans feel has gone haywire. In many interior states where the Hispanic immigration had been minimal until recently, residents are encountering more new faces speaking an incomprehensible language and infiltrating street corners with their cilantro-spiced fare.

In resisting the sudden and growing influence of Latino culture, some cities and towns across America are requiring the use of English and restricting culinary mores and even the Hispanic tradition of sitting on the front porch.

“People are … realizing how much [illegal immigration] is costing them, they watched the May 1 demonstrations, and they are mad,” says Richard Lamm, a former Colorado governor, who codirects the Institute for Public Policy Studies in Denver. “They’re reaching for whatever tool is available, and some of those tools are harsh and not very sophisticated.”

More Hispanics – legal and illegal – live in Gwinnett County than anywhere else in Georgia. The Hispanic population in the county has swelled to more than 105,000, expanding from 10 to 15 percent of the total since 2000, according to the US Census. Displays of Hispanic culture – from used tire shops to carnicerías or butcher shops – dot the Buford Highway in Norcross, Ga., a bustling outpost of Atlanta.

The influx of immigrants in states outside the Big Six immigration states – California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, and Florida – has changed the landscape so dramatically, so quickly, that the voting constituency has hardly been able to keep up, experts say. In 2002, illegal immigrants living in the US used $2,700 worth of government services per person more than they paid in taxes, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, an organization that advocates curtailing immigration levels.

Powerless to seal or control the US borders themselves, locals are taking their own action.

Last month, the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners became one of the first in the country to ban mobile taco stands, which officials said were cluttering street corners. One Gwinnett politician described the proliferation of rolling taco stands as “gypsy-fication.”

Nashville, Tenn., is now considering a similar law. “I don’t think you’d see this generalized fear if they were selling grits,” says William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution in Washington.

Others have taken even more flagrant actions toward Hispanic immigrants. A Philadelphia sub shop owner, Joseph Vento, has a sign up that reads: “This is America. When Ordering, Speak English.” In Ohio, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones has put up a yellow sign saying “Illegal Aliens Here,” with an arrow pointing to the county jail.

The mayor of Hazleton, Pa., Friday signed a law that punishes landlords for renting to illegals and mandates that all official city business be conducted in English. Since 2000, the percentage of Latinos in Hazleton has jumped from 5 percent to nearly 30 percent.

” … [T]o illegal immigrants and those who would hire or abet them in any way … You are no longer welcome,” Mayor Lou Baretta wrote in a letter posted on the city’s website.

While anti-immigrant hate groups increased 33 percent in the past five years, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, overall acceptance of immigration is at a five-year high, according to a recent Gallup Poll.

“What we’re seeing is little towns in Kansas trying to ban people from sitting on their front porch, because that’s what [Hispanics] do,” says Gabriela Lemus, of the League of United Latin American Citizens in Washington. “On the other hand, there is a real challenge in places like Little Rock, Ark., and Cicero, Ill., where [towns] aren’t prepared for a community they didn’t expect to have.”

To Mexicans, “tacos are life,” says Juan Martinez, a construction worker in Norcross. Mr. Martinez, a green-card holder from central Mexico, prefers to make his own tacos, but says that mobile taco stands serve many Hispanic workers stuck at construction sites. The lack of protest about the ban in Gwinnett County doesn’t surprise him. “This is not our country, we don’t have the power,” Martinez says. “[Americans] are going to do what they’re going to do.”

Still, these restrictions come about because of inaccurate stereotypes that all Hispanics are undocumented or poor, says Dan Tichenor, an immigration expert at the Eagleton Institute of Politics in New Brunswick, N.J. “Getting nostalgic about our own immigrant past, but dreading the latest newcomers, is something that has been around since Ben Franklin,” he says.

The local ordinances are a forerunner to developing a national policy for immigration reform, says Mr. Frey. “Part of the price we have to pay before we come up with reasonable national solutions is this kind of interim action where local officials try to grandstand for small political gains,” he says.

But such ordinances are little more than “feel-good” efforts by frustrated Americans, says Robert Nilles, a Hazleton city councilor. “It’s a little funny in a way, because you’re trying to control something you have no control over,” he says.

Did you hear that? We are trying to control something we have NO CONTROL OVER…without the borders being closed – ‘ya damn right.

Ok – this makes absolutely no sense at all. We all know that the absenteeism rate of Gainesville High School is due to the lack of parental involvement with their children, along with the influx of illegal immigrant parents who choose not to get involved with any kind of governmental institution.So tell me…WHY do the schools feel that nixing the old ‘8 day rule’ and increasing the days a child can be absent without suspension is their solution to the problem?

It would make much more sense to allow only legal, US citizens to attend public school – we would see a dramatic reduction in absenteeism – guaranteed. Don’t believe me? Prove me wrong. PLEASE.

Absenteeism up at high schools
by Jerry Gunn

GAINESVILLE – Absenteeism increased last year over the year before at Hall County high schools.

Superintendent Will Schofield told school board members Monday night high school and middle school administrators are considering an incentive program to boost attendance during the coming school year.

“We need to have something in place that rewards students for showing up and doing what they’re supposed to,” he said

Schofield added he wants students to learn that attendance is a life skill and they need to be in school every day if possible.

In December, the school board got rid of the “Rule of Eight”, approving a revised absence and excuse policy.

Board member Nath Morris said at the time the new policy would foster regular high school attendance as the path to successful course completion.

“There’s eight days they can miss, they may take seven and then get down and have a sickness, a real need to miss class,” Morris said.

Morris added that under the old nine-year-old attendance policy, students had the idea they had eight free days. The new policy was effective in January and is based strictly on excused absences only under state law and state Board of Education rules.

Here we go – with the new school year only a mere week away – Hall county approves 306 new teachers to help cover the influx of new students. Anybody want to take a guess on how many kids or their parents are illegally here in the first place?

More new teachers than ever in Hall
By Jerry Gunn

GAINESVILLE – Hall County School Board members learned Monday night that a record number of new teachers are coming to work in the new school year starting early next month.
Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Dr. Richard Hill said it shows how fast the Hall School System is growing.

“The Board approved 88 recommendations tonight and that added with the ones that they’ve approved earlier this year brings us up to 306 total for the ’06/’07 school year,” Hill said.

Dr. Hill added that reduced class sizes and retirements also drove the new teacher
numbers up.

New Teacher orientation begins Tuesday morning at Chestatee High School.

The Board also approved administration changes recommended by Superintendent Will Schofield.

Chris McMichael, current principal at Myers Elementary School, will head the combined Lanier Career Academy day program and Alternative School to be housed on the Academy campus.

Raymond Akridge, interim principal at North Hall Middle School, goes to Myers Elementary School to serve for a year as interim principal.

Neil Yarrington leaves Wauka Mountain Elementary School will serve as educator on special assignment for the system’s growing special education program.


The Hall School System’s new Assistant Superintendent for teaching and learning told Board members she plans to involve the community in improving the system’s Average Yearly Progress report.
Dr. Eloise Barron the goal is to get Hall schools off the federal AYP deficiency list.

“We’re looking at starting a brain storming session with community leaders to find how we can work closer to help us raise the literacy standard,” she said.

Dr. Barron said the effort will also involve parents and others to identify how to get children better prepared for school

Another illegal busted on his way out of the Country….

Man charged in 4 month old murder
by Ken Stanford

WINDER – A 21-year-old man has been charged by Winder police with a nearly four-month-old murder.

Lieutenant Dennis Dorsey says Yonlenon Roblero was picked up at an apartment in Winder over the weekend after an officer received a tip that he would be passing through Winder – possibly on his way out of the country.

The shooting happened April 7th and left a man dead and a woman wounded. Police are not sure of any connection between the two men and have not established a firm motive for the incident.

…anybody want to guess what country he was going to?In other legal GA news:

Halelujah! A federal judge acts to protect the children of Georgia, rather than catering to convicted sex offenders.

Judge reverses ban blocking Georgia sex offender living restrictions
Associated Press

ATLANTA – A federal judge did not extend a temporary order blocking the state of Georgia from banning sex offenders from living within a thousand feet of school bus stops.

U.S. District Judge Clarence Cooper’s order backs off an earlier ruling that blocked the state from enforcing the law.

In a federal lawsuit filed last month, the Atlanta-based Southern Center for Human Rights contended that the law renders vast tracts of Georgia’s residential areas off-limits to Georgia’s roughly eleven-thousand offenders.

State attorneys argue that the provision is necessary to protect children. They also disputed claims that sex offenders would be forced to move, arguing that untold numbers of the state’s bus stops are not officially designated by a school board.

Cooper seemed swayed by the state’s argument. He said he found no evidence that indicated whether local school boards had designated bus stops.

In Police news…Jackson County is getting popular and it looks like they may have their own police force in the works.

Jackson Co. to study creation of county police forcefrom staff reports

JEFFERSON – Jackson County could soon be getting it’s own police department, which would take over some of the duties of the sheriff’s department.

County commissioners have voted to form a citizens committee to study the idea, which would ultimately have to be approved by the voters.

If established, a county police department would enforce local and state laws, duties that are now in the hands of the sheriff’s department. The sheriff’s office would continue to run the county jail, provide security at the county courthouse and serve warrants and other court papers.

…and an officer was injured in a traffic wreck in Oakwood yesterday…

Deputy OK after minor wreck
A Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputy was treated and released at a hospital early Monday after he was involved in a minor wreck, authorities said.
The deputy, 38-year-old Stephen Mickels of Gainesville, was rear-ended about 9 a.m. on Atlanta Highway (Ga. 13) at Mundy Mill Road, Georgia State Patrol operator Jesse Lewis said.
Mickels was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center as a precautionary measure and later was released, Hall County Sheriff’s Maj. Jeff Strickland said. There was little damage to either vehicle, he said.
The 2002 Ford Explorer that hit the deputy’s patrol car was driven by Matthew Orris, 21, of Gainesville, Lewis said. Orris was charged with following too close, he said.

…Police divers identify the woman that jumped from a bridge into Lake Lanier…

Woman’s body recovered from Lake Lanier

The Associated Press – GAINESVILLE, Ga.
The body of an 18-year-old woman, believed to have intentionally jumped into Lake Lanier, has been recovered, authorities said.
Hall County Sheriff’s divers found the body of Quyen Thu Hua on Monday, Hall County Sheriff’s Maj. Jeff Strickland said. The sheriff’s office said Hua was from Forest Park but her death notice listed a Gainesville residence.
Strickland said family members saw her jump into the lake from a bridge Sunday evening.
“Family members knew of her intentions and arrived as she jumped,” he said.
Rescue divers tried to locate her late Sunday but canceled the search because of the “extreme danger involved in nighttime diving,” Strickland said.
Dive team members also resumed searching in the lake Monday for Marc Lee Webb, 38, of Forsyth County. But searchers had to stop for the day after searching eight hours and as bad weather neared.
Webb was last seen falling from a WaveRunner on July 8 after he hit a large wave near Holiday Marina in Buford. Previous dive team searches have been hampered by the lake’s deep water and by uncertainty over where he disappeared.

…and finally, a Cop wins his racial lawsuit against Lilburn PD…

Lilburn, cop reach deal in racial lawsuit
By Andria Simmons
Staff Writer

LILBURN — The city of Lilburn has reached a confidential settlement with a former police officer who claimed he was passed over for a promotion because of his Puerto Rican heritage.
A settlement was reached last week, according to an attorney for former Sgt. Jorge Portalatin. Conditions of the agreement prohibit Portalatin or his lawyer, Joan Crumpler, of Nix, Graddock & Crumpler in Decatur, from discussing it.
“We are very pleased with the settlement,” Crumpler said.
City Manager Tom Combiths could not be reached for comment about the settlement on Monday.
Portalatin filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in December 2004 alleging the Lilburn Police Department had become a hostile work environment because of his race. Although Lilburn has a large Hispanic community, Portalatin was the only Hispanic officer in the department, the federal agency’s investigation revealed.
When it came time for promotions, Portalatin was one of three applicants for a lieutenant position. He was clearly “better qualified than the selectee,” who was not Hispanic, but he was not promoted, according to the EEOC investigation.
Portalatin also believed he was retaliated against for complaining about discrimination. He was suspended and then fired in 2005.
Initially Portalatin said he wanted his job back, but it is almost certain he will not return to work in Lilburn. He is working as an officer in the Clarkston Police Department, Crumpler said.
Two other EEOC complaints filed against the city of Lilburn and its police department are still unresolved.
The EEOC upheld a complaint by Lt. Rob Worley, a 13-year veteran of the department, who stated former Chief Ron Houck retaliated against him for supporting Portalatin. Worley said he was given a low performance evaluation and his job duties were changed because he testified on behalf of Portalatin when Portalatin’s firing was appealed to the city merit board.
Crumpler, who also represents Worley, said they are waiting for a right to sue letter to be issued by the U.S. Department of Justice before pursuing a settlement or filing a lawsuit in that case.
Loxie Sanders, a Mexican man fired by the Lilburn Police Department when he flunked a required course at the police academy, also submitted a discrimination complaint shortly after Portalatin and Worley. Sanders said he failed the police academy because he had to miss a day of firearms training to care for a sick child.
Because he was never considered a full-time employee, the EEOC did not uphold his claim, Crumpler said. Sanders has since moved to the New Orleans area to seek work.
After the EEOC complaints were made last year, Houck, who had been Lilburn’s police chief for 28 years, announced his retirement. City officials said the timing had nothing to do with the controversy over racial discrimination. Houck never commented publicly about his retirement or the EEOC complaints.

We graduate from Citizen’s Police Academy this Thursday night!!! I liked it so much…i’m applying for the one for Hall County next…until next time…

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.

Cornyn, Kyl seek $3.5 billion more for security

25 07 2006

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From The Washington Times:

Two of President Bush’s most loyal supporters in Congress yesterday asked him to request that more than $3.5 billion in “emergency” funding be spent immediately on securing the border — rejecting the White House’s assertion that enough is being done along the border.

Republican Sens. John Cornyn of Texas and Jon Kyl of Arizona — who have long shared Mr. Bush’s view that immigration reform should include a guest-worker program as well as increased border security — said “comprehensive” legislation is dead this year unless the federal government proves that it is serious about enforcing current immigration laws by spending billions along the border.

“What we are offering today is what I believe is the last best hope for a comprehensive immigration reform to pass before the end of the year,” Mr. Cornyn told reporters yesterday.

It is always the same, even when something good is done in the Senate, it comes with something bad. The American people do not want a “comprehensive” bill. They do not want a path to citizenship or an EXPANDED guest worker program, especially one with a path to citizenship.

We do want the border secured like Fort Knox, but not the rest of it.

Fact: It will cost more to process those here towards citizenship than it would cost to deport them.

Fact: No one with a brain is happy about the concept of almost doubling our population over the next 20 years, which a “comprehensive” bill would make happen.

The President keeps insiting on a “comprehensive” bill so let us give it to him.

  • Secure the border by any means necessary. This includes the Military.
  • Stiff penalties for employers, which are actually enforced.
  • No taxpayer funded programs for illegals or their families. (including school for children of illegals and non-emergency medical care for any illegal)
  • No “Anchor Babies” (no automatic citizenship for children of illegals born in the US)
  • No path to Citizenship in any name or form for those here illegally.
  • No Guest worker program until the above measures are put in place and the need can be PROVEN
  • English only education and the official language of the USA

How do you like my “comprehensive” immigration reform Mr. President?

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.


24 07 2006

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Researching for news on the latest developments with the ‘illegal immigration’ matter I came accross an article at  MSNBC that made me utterly disgusted.  In referencing some delays under the present Senate ‘illegal’ Immigration plan, the article originally published in WaPo–said some pretty disgusting things downsizing the importance of the present bill and decrying for the ‘poor’ -mind you ‘illegal’ immigrants.


The long delays for Zavala’s family were among the many unintended consequences of the 1986 law, which allowed nearly 3 million immigrants to gain legal status. But illegal workers and the government may face far greater problems if pending immigration legislation passes and three times as many people — as many as 10 million by some estimates — are permitted to apply for legalization.

“It would be an utter meltdown,” said Peggy Gleason, a senior attorney at the Catholic Legal Immigration Network. “Despite the problems, [the 1986 amnesty] was actually an enormous success. Government made this huge effort to make all these offices that were very consumer friendly. I have no idea what the government is doing right now to prepare, but back then, they thought about it hard.”

Gleason is out of her mind.  The 1986 amnesty is why we have the problems we have today–she says that is better?  Excuse me since when is allowing amnesty better than asking people to do the right and honest thing; abide by the law of the land?

I am so tired of all the shrilling about the ‘poor illegal’ immigrants.  I am tired of hearing that they are the only ones that will ‘do the jobs’ or that they pay taxes–really?  I do not believe most of them pay taxes because they work for wages paid ‘under the table’–and if they do pay taxes it is with fake ‘legal status’. 

That brings me to this point–that the 1986 amnesty created a fish bowl for illegals to continue to come into the U.S. without facing any real consequence and it enabled those here to just use the law to break it.

What is wrong with calling right what it is right, and wrong what it is wrong?  What is wrong with calling these immigrants what they are — “illegal aliens”?  Oh – sorry to you tone deaf people.  Was that a bit to rough for you? 

****This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate. 

Latin Family Values Myth Debunked

24 07 2006

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The myth of the redemptive Hispanic is finally cracking. For years, conservative open-borders advocates have touted Hispanic “family values” as a prime reason to increase immigration. Hispanic immigrants, these conservatives say, will save America from itself. At a time when Anglo and black families are disintegrating, when society is becoming increasingly atomized and alienated, Hispanics will bring the traditional values that the country so desperately needs. In a classic iteration of the theme, Larry Kudlow wrote on NRO last May that Hispanic immigrants would “become a much-needed churchgoing blue-collar middle class . . . that is crucial to a healthy America.”

The truth is now supplanting the fiction. Last Friday, the New York Times ran an editorial, “Young Latinas and a Cry for Help,” that laid out the real state of the Hispanic family. A quarter of all Latinas are mothers by the age of 20, few of them married, reported the Times. This out-of-wedlock teen-birth rate is three times that of white teens, and significantly more than that of blacks as well. The Hispanic dropout rate is also the highest in the country — the Manhattan Institute’s Jay Greene puts it at 47 percent.

There is simply no way to square the facts about Hispanic family breakdown with the myth of the redemptive Hispanic. Talk to any social worker and she will tell you that illegitimacy has become completely normalized among her Hispanic clients. And the usual explanation for this epidemic of illegitimacy — an unresolved culture clash between young people and their traditional parents — is equally bogus. The mothers of teen mothers are themselves completely on board with single parenting, say the social workers, having often been single parents themselves. And they have no qualms about hooking their daughter and grandchildren into the public-benefits apparatus: “It’s now culturally OK for that population to be served by the welfare system,” says a case manager in a Santa Ana, Calif., home for teen mothers.

Our problems with immigration are just the beginning. This wave of welfare-sucking immigrants combined with our baby-boomers retiring could bankrupt America. The predictions were for the waves of baby-boomers hitting social security to put us at the brink of bankruptcy, and this wave of welfare for immigrants may be enough to push us over the edge.

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Human trafficking’s profits spur horrors

23 07 2006

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The following Post is a bit long, but informative as to the scope and depth of the human smuggling rings. This underscores the need not only for enhanced border security efforts, but also the need for far more dedicated to law enforcement.     

Vicious organizations move thousands of immigrants through Valley every day  

In the world of human smuggling, metro Phoenix has emerged as an enormous staging area where illegal immigrants are held hostage in apartments, motel rooms or rental homes until relatives pay their fees.

State investigators say it is a $2 billion-a-year, black-market business that drives illegal immigration, spreading corruption and violence through the Valley. On any given day in the Valley, agents say, thousands of undocumented immigrants are stuffed into drophouses as “coyotes” collect the cash, arrange for transportation and fend off other smugglers who would steal migrant clients for ransom.

There are so many coyotes, estimated at more than 1,000, so many immigrants secreted in drop- houses, that money-transfer stores handle hundreds of millions of dollars a year in smuggling transactions. Friends or family already established in other states wire the payments to Phoenix.

During a federal court hearing last year, Special Agent Angel Rascon-Rubio of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement described metro Phoenix as “the hub” of immigrant smuggling. “I would say that 90 percent of the transactions dealing with the sale of human cargo, those smuggled across the (Arizona) border, occur right here.”

The city is ideal for drop- houses because it’s close to the Mexican line yet far enough so there is virtually no Border Patrol enforcement. Valley freeways provide nationwide access. And large Hispanic neighborhoods offer cover for immigrants and smugglers.

“We are supporting an army of coyotes – an army of greedy, amoral, young, Mexican males,” said Cameron “Kip” Holmes, chief counsel with the Arizona Attorney General’s Financial Remedies Section. “They’ve become a subculture unto themselves: extremely violent, extremely dangerous, all manner of bad behavior.”

Even immigrant rights advocates despise coyotes as pariahs who victimize countrymen and infect Latino neighborhoods with violence and graft.

“They are the most vicious criminal element; corruption at its lowest level,” said Eliaz Bermudez, chief executive with Inmigrantes Sin Fronteras (Immigrants without Borders). “We in the Hispanic communities suffer the brunt of all these activities.”

The border is so dangerous and heavily patrolled that using smugglers seems like a necessary evil for those trying to bring loved ones into the United States, Bermudez said. But “paying the coyotes is like paying a drug dealer for your kids.”

The Arizona funnel

Until the past decade, crossing the border was so easy that smugglers were hardly necessary. Fellow immigrants helped one another through the gauntlet for, at most, a few hundred bucks.

Then federal authorities began cracking down: first in California and Texas, funneling illegal migration to Arizona. In the late 1990s, enforcement shifted here.

Hard-core criminals entered the business as prices climbed and smuggling became more lucrative. Smuggling rings started using sophisticated surveillance and communications. A Library of Congress report on Criminal and Terrorist Activity in Mexico says smugglers carry on “a technological arms race” with the Border Patrol and ICE. As a result, fees have doubled in just a few years.

The typical pollo, or chicken, as the immigrants are called, now pays $1,200 to $2,500 to be guided across the border, driven to Phoenix and shipped to a destination in the United States.

Mom-and-pop operations were scared off or eliminated.

“They’ve been killed,” Holmes said. “That’s largely what’s been found (as corpses) in the desert: old-style coyotes. … This industry is still relatively new and in the formative stages. That’s why we see more violence, and the more ruthless ones come to the top.”

Immigrants often are quoted one price by smuggling recruiters at the border, only to have the amount doubled by the time they reach Phoenix, said Rascon-Rubio, the ICE agent. Their only option is to pay, he added: “They owe a bill. That’s what this machine … is all about, achieving payday.”

The multimillion-dollar industry supports an array of small-time smuggling rings and sophisticated organizations with scores of members.

Tim Mason, an Arizona Department of Public Safety detective who has worked more than 200 coyote investigations, estimates that 1,000-plus coyotes work in Phoenix today, supported by untold legions of shady business associates. Virtually all of the smugglers are Mexican nationals without legal residency, rather than U.S. citizens or immigrants with visas.

Each ring member takes on specific duties. There are recruiters, guides, drivers, drophouse managers, cooks, guards, document specialists and money collectors. The coyotes typically operate in family networks, directed by a boss south of the border, which is where most of the money goes.

In short, Mason says, they are organized-crime syndicates: “It’s an illegal enterprise, a scheme. … It’s not your poor immigrant being smuggled by another poor immigrant. It’s an organization with significant structure and assets.”

Many smugglers treat their clients decently to encourage referrals, but there is no pity for those who can’t come up with fee money.

“They are beaten,” Rascon-Rubio said. “The women are assaulted. Children are separated from their parents. And, at times, the ultimate price is paid.”

Even the gentler smugglers are routinely armed with assault rifles, shotguns or pistols. Firepower serves to intimidate clients who might try to escape. It also defends against so-called bajadores, bandits who kidnap immigrants to collect the ransom for themselves. Kidnap 20 pollos, collect a $1,600 smuggling fee for each one, and you get $32,000.

Money trail

Last year, ICE estimated that 1 million illegal immigrants came through Arizona, with most of them stopping off at Valley stash houses. State prosecutors put the number at 3,000 to 4,000 daily, with nearly all relying on coyotes.

The entire operation hinges on a payment system, a way to get smuggling fees to the coyotes from pollos‘ relatives or friends.

Since early 2001, Western Union and MoneyGram stores have been required to provide the state Attorney General’s Office with transaction data on money senders and receivers. Investigators were stunned to discover Arizona had become a magnet for cash wired from popular destinations for illegal immigrants.

In 2005, for example, customers in Delaware sent 60 times as much money to Arizona than vice versa. South Carolina wired 38 times as much cash this way. New Jersey clients sent 31 times as much as they received.

In January of this year, wire transfers to Arizona from a dozen key states totaled $50.2 million, compared with $1.5 million sent from Arizona to those states. Holmes said the lion’s share of that money is for smuggling fees.

Agents use data analysis to identify smuggling organizations and block suspicious fund transfers. During a one-year period ending in March, they froze 12,417 transactions, seizing $23 million. The Attorney General’s Office also seized a dozen wire-transfer businesses for criminal complicity.

Western Union alone has 1,230 outlets in Arizona. The company has rigid standards and a team of specialists in Arizona who do nothing but train, monitor and review compliance by agents, said Sherry Johnson, media relations manager.

“Western Union has made it very clear that it will not tolerate illicit use of our services,” she said.

Nevertheless, the Attorney General’s Office says 95 percent of coyote business is done in wire-transfer stores. A DPS audit last year of the busiest Western Unions showed more than half of the cash recipients in personal transactions used fraudulent Social Security cards as IDs.

Mason refers to the money-sending aspect of smuggling as “the head of the monster.”

“If nobody gets paid,” he asks, “is anybody going to smuggle a UDA (undocumented alien)?”

Ripple effect

The new big business of human smuggling, with millions of dollars at stake and law enforcement circling, sets up more corruption.

Landlords charge double or triple the normal rent to human smugglers, accepting false IDs and keeping records off the books.

Department of Motor Vehicle workers supply fraudulent IDs.

Businesses launder cash.

Auto dealers and travel agents help with transportation.

Border inspectors are paid to look away.

Money-transfer clerks are supposed to verify IDs and follow financial disclosure laws. But under-the-table payoffs are commonplace. During one investigation, investigators set up a phony wire-transfer shop and had coyotes streaming in to collect their illicit fees. In another probe, undercover operatives acting as smugglers paid clerks to violate financial reporting laws.

“When we were doing Western Union stings, we never had a bribe turned down,” Holmes said. “The employees told us, ‘We pay our rent and car loans out of bribes. The wages are spending money.’ So, in effect, they’re working for coyotes.”

Bribery, known in Mexico as la mordida (the bite), is decaying business and government ethics, Holmes said.

“Arizona is on the brink,” he said. “We are in a very perilous situation because of the importation of bribery tolerance from everywhere south of our line. … Bribery is rampant. It’s a cultural thing.”

In one probe, travel agents were taking extra cash to supply airline tickets for pollos flying out of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, where the Border Patrol has had no presence.

But most immigrants are hauled to Phoenix and across the country in cars, trucks and vans. The “load vehicles” represent another side industry. Holmes said monthly sales for a single auto dealership jumped almost $450,000 soon after the owner began selling vans to smugglers.

“It’s unbelievable the amount of money you can make if you get popular with coyotes,” he said.

The Collazzo gang

Consider the Collazzo Alien Smuggling Organization, about 70 members strong.

Authorities say the ring took in more than $18 million in smuggling fees during a six-month wiretap investigation that also uncovered drug trafficking, counterfeiting and fraudulent schemes.

Investigators learned about the gang from an informer who discovered a profitable scam involving used-car dealers along Van Buren Street in Phoenix.

Investigators began buying vehicles as part of a sting, posing as smugglers. Dealerships would charge premium prices, collecting full cash payment, and not declare the income. They filed fraudulent titles indicating that purchases were made on credit, with the dealer holding liens. If Border Patrol agents intercepted a van full of pollos, the dealer could claim ownership to prevent a government seizure. The van would be retrieved and returned to the smugglers.

Sellers also built secret compartments into vehicles for transporting cash or drugs, and they allowed coyotes to store the vans on their sales lots.

In the Collazo case of 2004, authorities seized 11 used-car lots and 359 vehicles. Gang members raked in such huge profits that they wanted to set up phony businesses to launder cash.

According to court records, Ruben Garcia-Boldo, a loan officer, helped undercover operatives obtain false driver’s licenses, immigration cards, Social Security numbers and student IDs so they could establish bank accounts, create businesses and buy homes.

Garcia-Boldo, 45, also developed plans for a company known as ABC Towing Masters, which would launder $80,000 per month. He proposed to get a 20 percent share. He even offered to set up a marriage to a legal resident for the informer, who pretended to be undocumented.

Garcia-Boldo, of Mexico City, admitted his role in the operation and pleaded guilty to a money-laundering conspiracy.


Along with corruption, the coyotes specialize in violence.

A few years ago, Valley detectives began noticing corpses of smugglers dumped along roads and in the desert.

Phoenix police blamed a 45 percent rise in homicides during 2003, as well as a 41 percent increase in home invasions, on coyotes and bajadores.

Criminal gangs got into a public shootout on Interstate 10 in 2003, leaving four dead and five wounded. Another bloodletting occurred in the rural community of Red Rock, north of Tucson. According to an ICE intelligence report, smugglers and their pollos were ambushed by bajadores and held hostage at a nearby livestock pond. The coyotes retaliated with bullets, killing two men.

In response, federal authorities launched Operation ICE Storm in October 2003, doubling the number of Valley agents and teaming them with local police. In 18 months, task force members made 374 arrests, captured 8,200 immigrants and confiscated hundreds of guns and vehicles along with $7.4 million in cash.

The campaign was touted nationally. Phoenix police said murders declined 30 percent during the operation, which resulted in 162 indictments.


But the smuggling remains so prolific that law enforcement isn’t able to keep up. On any given day, Mason says, coyotes can be spotted entering money-transfer shops all over the Valley.

On June 16 at 11 a.m., the DPS detective proves the point.

After parking outside a Food City store and MoneyGram outlet at Broadway Road and Country Club Drive in Mesa, Mason does a radio check to make sure the stakeout team is in place, then waits for smugglers to buy supplies from the market, or to collect smuggling fees at the wire-transfer shop.

Within minutes, two young Hispanic men enter Food City and load up on groceries. Mason says the tortillas, eggs and sodas are likely supplies for a house full of pollos.

The van heads down Broadway and pulls into the backyard at a tract-style home near Stapley Drive. Windows are covered; garbage cans overflow. More telltale signs. Mason sings a chorus line from the Cops reality show on TV: “Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do?”

Two agents knock on the door, calling out policia, while others cover front and back. Blinds rustle. Eyes appear at windows. Suddenly, doors fly open and people tear out, jumping fences, cutting in front of cars.

All but five or six are captured. They sit in the front yard in scruffy clothes and plastic handcuffs, eyes down. A woman cries, clinging to her friend. Detectives frisk migrants and interview suspected coyotes.

In the house, there is no furniture. More than 20 bags of garbage are stacked in the pantry, oozing stench. Candles form a shrine on the kitchen counter beside hand-scrawled lists of names and misspelled destinations: “Marilu – New Yerse (Jersey).” “Humberto – Milguoquy (Milwaukee).”

As pollos are loaded aboard ICE vans, a call comes in: Detectives at the MoneyGram followed another target to an apartment just off Main Street. Four suspected smugglers surrendered quietly. Five immigrants locked themselves in a bathroom and had to be coaxed out. They sit on the floor while agents search the place, finding guns and cocaine.

In just a few hours, two drop- houses have been busted.

Mason drives off, mentioning that a Western Union in the next block is particularly popular with smugglers. As he slows in front of the business, a well-groomed Hispanic man leads several haggard immigrants into the store, fumbling with their paperwork.

“Would you look at that,” Mason says, shaking his head.

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Illegal immigration divides Senate Candidates

23 07 2006

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From the Missourian  

Sen. Jim Talent, R-Mo., argues that more border security is the key to stopping illegal immigrants, but State Auditor Claire McCaskill, his Democratic opponent in the November election, says the better strategy is to keep immigrants from getting jobs.

While Talent and McCaskill emphasize different solutions to the problem of illegal immigration, they also share some common ground. Neither advocates amnesty for illegal workers, and both want to crack down on the people who give them jobs.

“I’ve spent a significant amount of time in rural Missouri, and I know that there are areas of our state that are under a great deal of stress in terms of health care, social services and education because of the immigrant populations that have come in because of corporate agriculture,” McCaskill said. “So it is an issue. Frankly, it’s an issue even more acutely in our border states.”

Talent said the main way to prevent more illegal immigrants is through strong border security, which includes more fencing.

Talent co-sponsored a bill in the Senate to increase border security by adding more fencing, increasing border patrol officers, updating technology and increasing border checkpoints.

It also includes measures to prevent tunnels across the border and a plan in case of an emergency on the border. The bill was sent to the Judiciary Committee on June 23 and is still being reviewed.

“It begins with the border,” Talent said. “If you begin to think about this, once millions of people come into this country unlawfully, it is very hard to do anything with them.”

The expanded border security would also protect the U.S. from terrorist attacks and reduce the importation of illegal drugs, Talent said.

While McCaskill agrees the U.S. needs to tighten border security, illegal immigrants would not come to the U.S. if there were not jobs available.

While McCaskill agrees the U.S. needs to tighten border security, illegal immigrants would not come to the U.S. if there were not jobs available.

“The reason those jobs are there is because employers now know that under this administration there will be no enforcement,” she said. “They can do it with impunity, they can get away with it, and nothing is going to happen.”

McCaskill said her background as a former prosecutor and as state auditor would make it easier to find ways to prosecute employers who hire illegal immigrants. A lot of the paperwork employers turn in is easily detectable as fraud, she said.

“We make more complicated and more difficult criminal cases in this country every ten minutes than a case that would show someone was knowingly hiring illegal immigrants,” she said.

Also, enforcing the laws against employers would not be very expensive, because if the law is enforced against a few employers, it will have a deterrent effect on others.

“People are not going to want to hire illegal immigrants if they think there will be consequences,” McCaskill said.

Americans would fill jobs illegal immigrants now have if the employers began to hire citizens, McCaskill said. If there is not a large enough workforce after employers stop hiring illegal immigrants, then the government will need to look for a solution at that time.

“But this idea that is it ‘wink, wink, nod, nod’, where we jump up and down and say illegal immigrants are terrible and then we say to employers it is OK to hire them, that is wrong,” she said.

Once there are no jobs left, McCaskill said she is confident immigrants will return to their home country and can then apply for legal status like anyone else in the world.

McCaskill and Talent both agree the solution is not to grant amnesty to immigrants in the country because they are here unlawfully.

When the U.S. tried amnesty in the past, Talent said the number of illegal immigrants significantly increased.

“The value of permanent residency in the United States, much less citizenship, is so great to people around the world that if they think … Congress will eventually give those things to them, the pressure on the border is going to increase,” he said.

Another point both candidates agree on is that the U.S. is not ready to expand its guest worker program. McCaskill said the guest worker system does not work because people enter the country legally with their guest worker visas and then disappear.

“How do they just disappear?” she said. “How do we keep track of them? Until the government shows it can keep track of the illegal immigrants that we are allowing into the guest worker program, I cannot imagine it is a good idea to expand it.”

Talent said instead of expanding the guest worker program, the U.S. needs to look at fixing the legal immigration system and possibly expanding quotas so people will be more likely to have a chance to immigrate legally.

He added that his office regularly has a couple hundred immigrants who have Missouri sponsors and are attempting to immigrate legally.

“It’s a completely nonfunctional system, which is why I argue that we cannot, on top of this, put a multi-tiered amnesty program for 12 to 13 million people and a huge new guest worker program,” Talent said. “It’s impossible.”

Both Candidates are correct and both are incorrect. Border Security and Enforcement of current laws are equally important in addressing Illegal Immigration. Cracking down on one while ignoring the other does little or nothing in addressing the overall problem. McCaskill is correct in pointing out the Bush Administration’s abysmal record in enforcing immigration laws, particularly in prosecuting employers who hire illegals. But other than gripe about Bush, what has McCaskill done in her official capacity as State Auditor or previously, as Jackson County Prosecutor in going after those who hire Illegals? I couldn’t find anything that she has done in addressing the problem, other than bitch that Bush hasn’t done anything. Local and State officials throughout the country are taking steps to crackdown on companies hireing illegals, sadly the State of Missouri is not included in that group, at least not yet. The citizens of Missouri deserve and need representatives in congress who actually do something to address the problems this country faces. What is not needed is someone else to point fingers and give excuses for their own inaction. Frankly on this issue I don’t think either candidate provides the leadership that is needed to do what is absolutely necessary to secure our borders and crackdown on companies hireing illegals.

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MinuteMan Project Separates From MinuteManCivilDefence Corps

23 07 2006

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News on the MinuteMan financial debacle gets curiouser and curiouser.

This morning, there’s a front page announcement on the MinuteMan website that the MinuteMan Project is not the same as the MinuteMenCivilDefenseCorps. The MinuteMan Project is directed by Jim Gilchrist, who’s asserting that the MinuteManCivilDefense Corps run by Chris Simcox has no business dealings with the MinuteMan Project.

The MinuteManProject has a different web address from the MinuteManCivilDefenseCorps. You keep track of Jim Gilchrist on the Project site, and there’s news about Chris Simcox’s efforts to build a fence, and recruit civilian volunteers (plus donations) to assist the border patrol on the MMCDC site. I believe the two men have supported each other’s efforts in the past, and at one time were directly connected in the same efforts, which seem to have branched.

Anyway, here’s more on the MMCDC financial debacle.

From the Sierra Vista Herald, yesterday, and it looks like original reporting:

The critics complain that the organization formally known as the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has been raising large amounts of money for a costly Israeli-style barrier but has been building only inexpensive range fencing. And they direct their disapproval squarely at Minuteman founder and president, Chris Simcox.

For his part, Simcox calls the criticism unfounded and petty, and insists his group will soon begin to construct the two-layered, Gaza Strip-model fencing as promised.

Last month, the Sierra Vista-based anti-illegal-immigration group American Patrol posted a report on its Web site comparing the barbed-wire livestock fence the Minutemen built at John and Jack Ladd’s ranch in Palominas with the design for an Israeli-style security barrier that had been promised on the Minuteman Web site …

The president of American Patrol, Glenn Spencer, said he was initially skeptical of the campaign due to his own experiences with Cochise County’s planning and zoning regulations. But he said he decided to speak out after he heard a Phoenix-area man had mortgaged his house to donate $120,000 for the fence.

Spencer said the Minutemen had told supporters their fence would cost $300,000 per mile and urged them to donate generously.

But he said the fencing they have built so far runs closer to $8,000 per mile.

“We have supported the Minutemen and Chris Simcox’s efforts for years,” Spencer said.

“However, in this instance, I felt they went too far in their zeal to gain support.”

Simcox rejected the idea the Minutemen had misrepresented their fence project. He said his group has always made it clear they planned to build a variety of barriers tailored to fit the needs of individual property owners. And he said the Ladds’ fence is still a work in progress, with vehicle barriers and concertina wire to be added at a later date

Here’s another problem: Apparently, the MMDC has used the Diener Consulting group, out of Pennsylvania. It’s a group that generates donations to your political cause, but the problem here is that Peter Kunz, listed as a contractor that manages the fence, works for Dinert Consulting. I have not been able to locate any actual construction credentials for him.

The MinuteMen have also affiliated themselves with Alan Keyes Declaration Alliance, declaring themselves a project of the Keyes group. From the WashingtonTimes, which has been spot on in their reporting, from July 20th:

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps calls itself a “project of the Declaration Alliance,” although few MCDC volunteers know what the alliance does or why Minuteman donations are routed through the charity founded and headed by conservative activist Alan Keyes.

Several Minuteman leaders and members questioned the wisdom of ceding control over fundraising to the Herndon-based Declaration Alliance, part of an intricate weave of conservative organizations founded and chaired by Mr. Keyes or tied to longtime Keyes associates working with MCDC…

According to its Web page (, the alliance seeks to influence policy and legislation, including initiatives to protect constitutional rights. Its 2006 political goals, through DAPAC, include overturning Roe v. Wade, replacing the income tax with a national sales tax, protecting the right to keep and bear arms, prosecuting the war on terrorism, and securing America’s borders “against foreign invasion.”

Chris Simcox has said that neither the MinuteMenCivilDefenseCorps, nor the Declaration Alliance, have done anything underhanded, and both are squeaky clean in terms of IRS audits. However, it looks to me that there are some unexplained gaps in expenditures. There’s a button on the DeclarationAlliance website, where you can donate to the MinuteMen — but it’s not clear that the donations go to the Chris Simcox MinuteMen, or the Jim Gilchrist MinuteMen, or both — or how much of the donation goes to the generic MinuteMan group.

It’s also possible that the MMCDC might be trying to position themselves to become a national political party with the connections to the Keyes group — and this is not necessarily a bad thing. However, the MinuteMan Project, headed by Jim Gilchrist, seems to be the political wing of the party. He’s already met with the ConstitutionParty, which is well intentioned, I think, but looks a little flakey to me. While I’d love to see a third party emerge for 2008 — we need a sane one.

Unfortunately, folks that donate to the fence expect their money to go to build the fence — not to support national conservative political issues, however worthy they may be. There needs to be a full accounting … and in the meantime, I wouldn’t advise donating money to build the fence unless I were sure the money would actually go to building the fence; at this point, there’s a big, legitimate question.

Incidentally, per the SierraTimes, one of the critical groups is the Texas MinuteMen:

One of the groups lending their voice to the criticism is the Texas Minutemen, an organization Simcox says has been bitter toward him since it was expelled by the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps in April 2005 for carrying rifles and using racist language. Last week, the Texas group posted a bulletin to its Web site supporting the American Patrol report and deriding a call by Simcox for $55 million in donations to build 70 additional miles of border fencing in Arizona.

There’s a TexasMinuteMen website. Here’s a link to one homepage, and here’s a link to a Texas MinuteMen forum, with the same web root: (Oy!)

TexasFred withdrew his support for the MinuteMen months ago. I believe he had his reasons.

I’ll be following this one.

StetsonTip Robert A. Hahn, commenter to yesterday’s article at

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MinuteMen More Enthusiastic About Guarding Border Than Bookkeeping … ?

23 07 2006

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Once in a while, there’s news I don’t really want to blog about, but in fairness needs to be presented. I saw an an article yesterday in the WashingtonTimes, which questioned whether or not the MinuteMen had been handling donations responsibly.

From the WashingtonTimes, this morning:

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps’ top leaders signed a letter yesterday saying they have “complete confidence in the professional firms” hired by MCDC President Chris Simcox to oversee the organization’s finances, citing criticism from within and outside the group as “utterly without merit.”

The letter, posted on the Minuteman Web page ( applauded Mr. Simcox’s decision to employ “accredited and experienced professionals to assist the organization in management of our finances.”

“There are those both within the border security movement and actively opposed to it who, for ideological reasons or in advancement of personal ambition, wish the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps to fail,” Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) said in a statement.

“Critics are obtaining false information from known racialists, anti-Semites and a small handful of disgruntled people who have been terminated from staff or from leadership involvement with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps over a year ago because they could not meet MCDC standards or adhere to our strict field standard operational procedures,” the group said.

The letter came in response to a report yesterday in The Washington Times that a growing number of MCDC leaders and volunteers had questions concerning the whereabouts of money contributed to the organization over the past 15 months and its ties to Declaration Alliance, a Virginia-based charity headed by conservative Alan Keyes.

They said they had no idea how much money had been collected as part of its effort to stop illegal entry along the U.S.-Mexico border or on what it had been spent. Several top officials have quit or are threatening to do so. Others questioned whether MCDC volunteers received the equipment they needed for their border vigils

MCDC has not made any financial records public despite concern within the organization and requests by The Times dating back to October…

Heh. Imagine not feeling the need to cooperate with a national media outlet! Here’s the link to the NYT’s story — and dollars to donuts, the hoary NYT’s will devote the loving detail to this story that they ignored with Hillary’s campaign funding hijinks a year or so ago.

Red Hunter, over at RedState.Com also expressed some concerns, but a commenter pointed out: When the IRS can adequately explain where all of their budget goes then I’ll worry about the Minutemen.

Well. It’s a volunteer organization that has probably grown faster, and raised more money than its organizers ever dreamed of. Most folks involved with the MinuteMen want to build a fence along the border, or spot illegal aliens sneaking across. My guess is that very few actually are fired up to do double column bookkeeping.

My guess is that while there has likely been some sloppy accounting, I doubt there’s been much out and out swindling, but we’ll see how it shakes down. The LoneStarTimes has also noted the story.

Meanwhile, while Congress has refused to fund a border fence — the MinuteMen have gotten an okay to continue their fence along the Arizona border.

And incidentally, the new fence will help out a rancher:

Rancher Richard Hodges said the primary purpose of the barrier, which will have two parallel fences and razor wire, is to keep cattle from walking onto a Border Patrol access road that runs along his property in that area.

Hodges doesn’t own any cattle, but he said he does lease land to someone who owns 18 cows and 18 calves.

But he said the fence could also be used to keep illegal immigrants from crossing his property. There are two trails that cross his ranch, which covers 300 acres, he said.

“This is going to be a substantial barrier,” Hodges said.

So, let’s see. The MinuteMen are doing the job along the border which our government refuses to do … and in a few months, their bookkeeping is likely to be better than the feds as well.
Click to the CoalitionBlog for the latest and freshest on illegal immigration reform. Debbie’s back from Canada, and has an interesting and instructive article about crossing the northern border. BorderPundit writes about an Hispanic organization who’s motto is “You Don’t Speak For Me!”
MorningC0ffee presents a beat-your-head-against-the-wall coverage of the Senate fence “debate.”

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Caught on video – illegals try to kill Texas law enforcement officer

23 07 2006

Cross posted from Border Pundit

They are peaceful people. They just come here to work. All they want to do is earn money to support their families. That’s what the open borders folks will try to tell you if you let them. The truth is that many illegals come here to sell drugs, rape women and little girls, and kill law enforcement officers. Look at this dashcam video and watch the two illegals try to kill Trooper Steven Stone, just because Stone found an open container of alcohol and a bag of marijuana. You can read the story here. Here’s an excerpt:

At about 9 p.m. March 22, Stone was patrolling Texas Highway 31 East when he attempted to pull over the pickup for speeding. He told dispatch that the vehicle “didn’t want to stop,” but the video showed it eventually pulled over to the side of the road. Stone asked the driver, Ramos, who was wearing a long black jacket, to exit the truck and to stand behind it.

When asked if he had any weapons, Ramos said he had a knife. Ramos also told Stone that the passenger, Francisco Saucedo, was a friend of his. Ramos handed him identification.

When Ramos said he was on painkillers, Stone began looking inside Ramos’ jacket. He asked what was in his pocket and as Ramos reached for it, a bag fell to the ground. He told Stone it was “weed” and the trooper laid it on top of his car and said, “I got a bag full of drugs here.”

Stone told him to take off his jacket and he laid it on the truck. Stone told Ramos he was under arrest, and as the trooper grabbed his hands to handcuff him, the passenger door flew open. Stone yelled at the passenger to get back in the vehicle, but at that time, Ramos pulled a handgun and shot Stone, who was only a few feet away. The passenger, Saucedo, also shot at Stone.

Stone fell into a ditch and was out of sight of the camera. Ramos and Saucedo kept firing at him until their guns were empty, then got back in the truck and sped away. Meanwhile, Stone was screaming in pain and yelling for help. He crawled back to his car and radioed for assistance – “I’ve been shot.”

Stone’s breathing and speech were labored as he told a dispatcher his location. “My shoulder is killing me,” he said.

There is a long and harrowing account of the pursuit of the pickup, with the two illegals inside firing back at officers and deputies. I’m sure these two were chanting “Si se puede” as they reloaded and prepared to shoot again. Aren’t we proud to have them as guests in our country? Aren’t we happy to promote “multiculturalism” and try to embrace their unique way of life?

I think the story about this was on Fox News, but I don’t see a transcript. Trooper Stone’s statement at the end was powerful and moving. He believes that the two illegals have brought the community together and made it stronger. Next time an illegal tries to commit a crime he will face some determined opposition.

During victim impact statements, Stone said Ramos’ actions only strengthened Stone’s convictions of who he is and what he does, as well as made heroes out of a citizen and the officers. He said he didn’t know what Ramos’ intentions were and he prayed that God would forgive him.

We should definitely open our borders and allow the illegals to swarm into our country so they can commit horrific crimes like these guys did. /sarcasm

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Northern Border Security and Immigration

21 07 2006

Cross posted from Right Truth

In short, security along the northern border of the USA and Canada leaves a lot to be desired. Entering Canada from the USA at Sault Ste. Marie was a joke. We were asked if we had any alcohol or tobacco and if we had ever been to Canada before. That’s it. The border guard did ask us to pull over and go inside to get out passports stamped. Inside another guard ran our passports through a computer check while outside four guards sat on a bench beside our car. Not one took the opportunity to look inside, check suitcases, bags, or cooler.

The back of our Durango was loaded with five suitcases, one back pack, a cooler, and several smaller bags. I had my fanny pack over my arm and rested it on the counter in front of the border guard. The fanny pack is made for carrying a handgun, which I left at home. I thought sure the guard would want to look inside, but nope. I could have had my gun and no one would have known. We could have had several suitcase bombs and who knows what else.

Crossing the border from Canada back into the USA was even more pathetic. We were asked again if we had any alcohol or tobacco and what we had purchasesd in Canada. The border guard glanced in the back and that was the extent of his inspection. We only noticed one car being pulled over. Sad.

Numbers USA has begun running a commercial on national TV news and talk shows. This campaign should last all summer.

Numbersusa Education and Research Foundation is running the ads to help people understand the magnitude of the immigration problem—and to show them there is something they can do by joining the rest of you in the fight to REDUCE the numbers.

You can go to their website and view the commercials.

Border Pundit has information on “Sheriff, federal agency at odds on caught immigrants”

Our Sheriff is angry. I don’t blame him. I’m angry too. Why can’t I.C.E. deport the illegals, whether they’re criminals or not? It doesn’t make sense.

Maricopa County Jail inmates convicted or cleared of human-smuggling charges and presumed to be undocumented were allowed to walk out of jail without being removed from the country because of a spat over jurisdiction between the Sheriff’s Office and federal immigration agents. (Go read it al)

Also from Border Pundit, “You Don’t Speak for Me”

This confirms what I’ve always heard – that American citizens of Hispanic descent very much resent illegal aliens and have no desire to be associated with them. There is a big difference between legal immigrants and criminal border crossers. From CNSNews. (Go read it all)

Morning Coffee says, “Debating the Wall”

From Forbes

Lawmakers grappled Thursday with whether to build a fence along hundreds of miles on the nation’s southern border, weighing combating illegal immigration against a costly barrier that alone might not stop migrants.

No one is suggesting that a Fence alone will stop Illegal Immigrants. (Go read it all)
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You Don’t Speak for Me

21 07 2006

Cross posted from Border Pundit

This confirms what I’ve always heard – that American citizens of Hispanic descent very much resent illegal aliens and have no desire to be associated with them. There is a big difference between legal immigrants and criminal border crossers. From CNSNews.

‘You Don’t Speak for Me,’ Legal Hispanic Immigrants Shout
By Alison Espach Correspondent
July 20, 2006

( – A group of American Hispanics — legal residents of the U.S. — are blasting efforts to convert illegal immigrants into “guest workers,” arguing that their own pursuit of the American dream is being impeded by the influx of illegal aliens.

“We are American citizens, we’re voters. We elect our officials in office right now. Our voices need to be heard, not those of illegal aliens and their well-funded advocates,” said Mariann Davies, vice-chairman of the group You Don’t Speak For Me (YDSFM). Davies is the daughter of legal immigrants from Ecuador.

Davies told Cybercast News Service that YDSFM has attracted about a thousand members since it was launched earlier this year and represents the majority of Americans and American Hispanics against illegal alien rights.

YDSFM was formed by Col. Al Rodriguez in response to this year’s media coverage of Latino and Hispanic “pro-immigration” rallies — a phrase that Rodriguez said his group resents. YDSFM was angry that the rallies were portrayed as representing the position of all Latinos and Hispanics in the U.S.

In a statement on the YDSFM website, Davies indicated that she first noticed the problems in immigration control when she worked as a college volunteer during the implementation of the Immigration and Control Act of 1986. That law provided legal status to 3.1 million people who had come to the United States illegally.

“I witnessed chaotic and inconsistent paperwork for people with no documentation. It was a mess, and we now know that much of the information provided by illegal immigrants was fraudulent,” Davies said.

“We also know that terrorists were also granted amnesty under the 1986 program, something that should shock and anger all Americans. We also know that all 19 hijackers from September 11 took advantage of our legal system, staying here on expired or fraudulent visas to wage their war of terror,” she added.

Davies said she is outraged by more recent problems linked to the illegal immigration problem, such as the “84 hospitals that have closed emergency rooms in California” because of excessive illegal alien use and “the massive amount of public dollars that have been spent educating illegal alien students and children of illegal aliens.”

According to a Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR) report, the “utilization rate of hospitals and clinics by illegal aliens (29 percent) is more than twice the rate of the overall U.S. population (11 percent).

“How about social services programs that are meant for our own most vulnerable citizens?” Davies asked. “How about school districts that are overrun and having to have bilingual education and thousands and thousands of non-English speaking students who are taking resources away from the rest of the students?”

Davies said many school districts are forced to eliminate programs in arts and music “because they have so many non-English speaking illegal alien children that they have to spend the money on special services and teachers and social workers for them.”

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