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31 07 2006

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From the 

FRANKLIN — At a town-hall meeting billed as “The Criminal Face of Illegal Immigration” Thursday, host Phil Valentine said, “People are saying that all immigrants are hardworking and come here to do jobs that Americans won’t do …. And a lot of them are.”

Here is some other information regarding Illegal Immigration and Crime..

And a lot of them are not. Illegal Immigrants comprise less than 9% of the US population yet make up 29% of those incarcerated in federal Prison. In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding homicide warrants are for illegal immigrants, and 75% of the Los Angeles Most Wanted list also happen to be illegal immigrants.

Gang Violence is also a major concern with the Illegal Immigrant community, with MS-13 being one of the most brutal. The FBI estimates that MS-13 has as many as 10,000 active members dispersed in 33 states. Members have been accused of burglaries, drug sales, weapons smuggling, extortion, illegal firearm sales, auto thefts, murder and rape.

“Street gangs in America have grown and expanded their influence to an alarming level, marked by increased violence and criminal activity,” Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has said. “These gangs pose a severe threat to public safety, and their growth must not go unchallenged.”

Local and Federal law enforcement recently had some success in addressing MS-13 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jose Santos Bonilla, 33, was arrested during a 6 a.m. raid on a southeast Richmond home. Since Bonilla came to the East Bay from San Francisco six months ago, MS-13 members have been linked to three homicides and several other shootings as they sought to carve out territory and intimidate other gangs, authorities said.

“Federal prosecution, although it’s more difficult to get a conviction, brings with it a much stiffer sentence,” said Richmond police Lt. Mark Gagan.

Police, along with the FBI and the ICE, sought other people believed to be connected with the gang but were unsuccessful.

“There are several individuals that are fugitives now that have been identified with gang activity,” Gagan said.

Bonilla is an illegal immigrant and was arrested on an immigration charge, Gagan said. Police expect to seek additional charges related to weapons possession and gang activity.

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Illegal Immigration: Here We Go Again…

31 07 2006

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It seems the illegal immigrant population in this nation can’t wait to take to the streets of our cities once again to parade their illegal presence.

From the Whittier Daily News:

Organizers of the Los Angeles pro-immigration march that drew half a million people and attracted international attention have plans for more street demonstrations in September to urge Congress to pass an immigration reform bill.

“We are out there pushing for better and real immigration reform … People are out there waiting, they want to march,” said Javier Rodriguez, an organizer with the March 25 Coalition. Rodriguez said a Labor Day weekend march would follow the same route as the pro-immigrant march downtown on March 25. Another march is planned for that weekend in Wilmington by the newly formed Liberty and Justice for Immigrants Coalition – comprising Teamsters, Hermandad Mexicana and the Mexican American Political Association.

So, what do these marches actually accomplish?

“All it does is solidify the people that are for them, and those that are against them; it’s unclear how it impacts people on the fence,” said Ricardo Ramirez, an assistant professor of political science at University of Southern California. Since the marches, dozens of groups – from immigrant rights activists to political associations – have launched citizenship and voting drives to focus the momentum created by the mass protests into political clout.

House Republicans have even created their own immigration road show – holding hearings in more than a dozen states over the summer – aimed at forcing President George Bush to cave to the House’s more restrictive legislation.

Or, to put it in more realistic terms:

“The experience is that these marches have backfired,” said Ira Melhman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a group advocating tighter border controls. “The American public look at these and they are outraged.”

I say, “Go for it”. Just keep on marching right up until election day because you are pushing even those that may ‘sit on the fence’ to see this issue more clearly as you demonstrate the arrogance of those who break the laws of this nation and then make demands upon the American taxpayer/voter.

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30 million illegal immigrants can’t be wrong, can they?

31 07 2006

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The scary truth is that no one knows how many illegal aliens are in the United States. We don’t know who they are, where they came from, what their intentions are. This is something that everyone agrees on, both pro and con. We just don’t know …

What we do know is that there has been a lot of talk and not much action toward protecting our borders. We also know:

“This month the U.S. Senate refused to approve the funds necessary to construct the same border fence that it authorized in May”.

“One out of every ten births in the United States is to an illegal immigrant,”

“The federal government and the states pay out billions each year in social programs to the 30 million illegal aliens in the country. Welfare benefits coupled with open borders have created an enormous underclass of cheap labor for farmers and businesses, but it’s come at an enormous expense to U.S. taxpayers.”

… the Census Bureau is forbidden to ask whether someone is here illegally, a fact which they say is another example of political correctness endangering the nation’s economic and national security.

… other ways in which open borders are putting the financial well-being and even the safety of Americans at risk:

– The IRS has paid out $10 billion in refunds to illegal aliens who used fraudulent Social Security numbers, and it has no intention of going after those who made fraudulent claims.

– Over 3,000 illegal aliens suspected of murdering Americans have fled to Mexico, where they often live openly and without fear of arrest.

– Over 75,000 illegal aliens cross into the United States from Mexico every week, only to disappear into our cities unimpeded by the Border Patrol and law enforcement. source

While federal government officials insist that only 11-12 million illegal immigrants currently live in the United States, a controversial new book asserts that the true number is closer to 30 million. “Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America’s Borders” (World Ahead Publishing, hardcover, $25.95, ISBN 0977898415) — written by Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist and Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. — documents the flaws in the federal government’s estimates and offers a revised count of illegals on U.S. soil. Their book “Minutemen” reveals that when the government’s flawed assumptions are corrected, and when groups such as the children of illegal immigrants and recipients of past amnesty programs are included in the count, the estimated number of people residing in the United States due to illegal immigration soars to approximately 30 million, or one-tenth of the entire U.S. population. source

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Open Trackbacks – Illegal Immigration Edition

31 07 2006

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This L.A. Times article is about an illegal immigrant family with ten kids, with triplets who are the result of a reversed tubal ligation and fertility drugs, and one child who was born with liquid on his brain and is partially paralyzed. The family’s $400 per week income from the father’s job as a carpet installer is subsidized by $700 per month in Social Security benefits for the partially paralyzed baby. The children are American citizens and receive Medi-Cal and free lunch at school. Although the mother has been here for 22 years and the father 28, neither speaks English. Their oldest daughters speak mostly Spanish in spite of having been born and raised here. The twenty year old dropped out of high school without graduating, and the seventeen year old admits being on a lower reading level than her seven year old cousin. The mother’s nine siblings also came here illegally, but eventually left Los Angeles, with the sister who moved to Lexington, Kentucky providing this classic quote –

“We’re in a state where there’s nothing but Americans. The police control the streets. It’s clean, no gangs. California now resembles Mexico — everyone thinks like in Mexico. California’s broken.”

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Masses Roil to “Defend Democracy” In Mexico City

31 07 2006

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Well, “Presidente” Obrador continues to mobilize popular support to demand a total recount. Hundreds of thousands of protestors filled the streets of Mexico City yesterday.

From the NYT’s:

MEXICO CITY, July 30 — Four weeks after a very close election plunged this country into political crisis, the leftist candidate escalated his campaign to undo the official results, telling a mass rally of his supporters on Sunday that they must engage in civil disobedience to “defend democracy” and force the recognition of “my triumph as president.”

“Mexico does not deserve to be governed by an illegitimate president,” said the candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a former Mexico City mayor who election officials say lost the national election by a mere 243,000 votes of 41 million cast.

A special electoral court has yet to ratify the results and Mr. López Obrador has challenged the official tally, contending that there were widespread irregularities, human errors and, in some instances, fraud. He and his supporters want all the ballots counted again …

Meanwhile, thousands of rural workers have been bussed into Mexico City, and I’m privately wondering how many of those bus tickets were distributed by agents from Venezuela.

.“If there was no fraud, they would agree to a vote by vote recount,” said Gregorio Ruiz, a 33-year-old farmer from the southern state of Guerrero, who had a mouthful of silver-rimmed teeth.

Brenda Fernández, a 33-year-old homemaker, said as she marched past the Palacio de Bellas Artes that she expected the court to deny Mr. López Obrador’s request and that violence would erupt afterward. “Look, there was already one revolution, why not another?” she said. “We are at the point of violence, and the government better understand that.”

Felipe Caleron says the recount is un-necessary. “We won cleanly,” he told reporters after an audience with judges. “And we are not going to let these millions of votes be canceled.”

I hope not — but the rights of legitimate voters in a legitimate process might not be as important as the victory of a leftist candidate.

Incidentally, striking teachers in Oaxaca, have blocked the state off from the rest of Mexico. The teachers went on strike to demand higher wages in June, but were soon joined by a variety of international leftist groups. The purpose of blockading Oaxaca is to force the governor to resign. Mark In Mexico has a map, and comments:

The APPO, just to remind you, is an umbrella group composed of all the socialist, communist and anarchst groups that have moved in here to “support” the teachers union. The SNTE has been debating internally for the past two weeks whether or not to continue coordinated efforts with APPO. The teachers seem to realize the economic damage that they have done and the popular backlash forming against them. APPO doesn’t care. APPO is in this for the sake of revolution, so the more economic hardship and chaos, the better

And ya wonder why Mexico hasn’t had time to develop its economy …

UPDATE: Apparently, today Obrador and his merry masses have set up road blocks in the major traffic arteries in Mexico City. StetsonTip BlueCrabBlvd.
Click to the CoalitionBlog for the latest and freshest on illegal immigration reform. Darrell writes about the criminal face of illegal immigration. Don’t forget to check out Kevin ‘s article on drug violence in Nueva Laredo.

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The Border, Drugs And Violence

29 07 2006

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Strategy Page tells us about the growing problem of violence on the border.

Drug violence has harmed the city of Nuevo Laredo. Long known as an up and coming Mexican “port city,” and perhaps infamous as a party town (with its prostitute district, Boys Town), the rampant drug-related violence has closed a number of Mexican businesses in Nuevo Laredo and sent the economy into a tailspin. At least 40 Nuevo Laredo companies have shut down due to the violence. Many of the firms have moved across the border to Laredo, Texas — where the cops are clean and the streets are comparatively safe. The breakdown in law and order in Mexican border towns is creating a warlike atmosphere, as gunmen openly move about, and open fire in the streets.

Some border governors are demanding help from the army, to man checkpoints and help control the movements of heavily armed groups of drug gang members. The army already supplies troops to accompany federal agents making arrests or conducting raids.

A Texas sheriff told a government committee looking into border security issues that “border violence” (ie, drug-related
violence along the Texas-Mexican border) is a threat to Texas Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzales said that the weapons used by Texas law enforcement agencies are “water guns” in comparison to the firepower possessed by narco-trafficantes. Texas is trying to funnel more security money to counties along the border.

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Illegal Immigration: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

28 07 2006

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Judicial Watch, a public interest group that fights government corruption, is taking on the issue of illegal immigrants and those that enable them:

The LA Times reports:

A Superior Court judge Thursday rejected a motion by the city of Los Angeles to dismiss a legal challenge to a Police Department policy prohibiting officers from asking witnesses and suspects about their immigration status.

The action keeps alive the lawsuit by Judicial Watch, which alleged that the LAPD’s Special Order 40 violates federal and state law. “The LAPD has adopted what is in effect a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy with respect to immigration status,” Judicial Watch alleged in its lawsuit.

From Judicial Watch:

“It cannot be denied that Special Order 40 and the policies, practices, and procedures arising thereunder violate both the letter and spirit of [federal law],” Judicial Watch argued in its court filing. “The LAPD has adopted what is in effect a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy with respect to immigration status. Under ordinary circumstances, a ‘cop on the beat’ who suspects an individual of being in the United States illegally cannot inquire about that individual’s immigration status…He cannot undertake any investigation at all.”

“The Los Angeles Police Department needs to stop undermining our nation’s immigration laws,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Special Order 40 is unlawful and dangerous. It prevents police officers from communicating freely with federal immigration officials and puts American citizens at risk from criminal illegal aliens.”

It is about time we challenge the so-called “sanctuary cities”. There will be no need to deport if our immigration laws, the ones we now have, are enforced. Illegal immigrants will be forced to leave if they are not allowed to live and work here under an illegal status. It isn’t rocket science and here’s the proof from one small town.

The New York Times reports:

RIVERSIDE, N.J., July 27 — The downtown streets of this working-class town — usually filled with many of the immigrants who have made this place home — were unusually empty the day after the Township Council approved an ordinance banning employers and landlords from hiring or housing illegal immigrants.

At a heated meeting on Wednesday night that one resident compared to “The Jerry Springer Show,” Riverside’s five-member Council unanimously approved the Illegal Immigration Relief Act, citing overcrowded apartments, jammed parking lots, and a strain on the town’s schools and social services, as reasons for passing the measure.

Fines start at $1,000 for violations of the Riverside ordinance, which makes it illegal to hire people who cannot prove they are legally in the United States, or to rent or lease them property. A violator also could lose his or her business permit for five years.

As long as we cater to illegal immigrants by allowing them to work and receive benefits such as health care, housing, and education, we will never be able to deal with this problem. Riverside, NJ proves that if you get serious about illegal immigration, the problem can be solved without giving away this nation at the expense of its taxpayers.

Where will all of the illegal immigrants from Riverside, NJ go now for jobs? Considering the fact that they are here illegally, there should be no city in this nation that should harbor them. If our laws were truly enforced, the illegal immigrants would have taken the correct path into this country. It is not too late, nor ‘unrealistic’, to expect them to do so now.

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