President Names Two Washington Old-Timers to Study Debt Reduction

24 02 2010

I love “change” in Washington. NOT! I mean “what the Hell?” The more they preach “change” the more they remain the same or go backwards, in Washington.
My President is running a two bit shell game. Shuffle,shuffle,shuffle. And “we the people are paying for it, with money or flesh”. Now, everyone bend over at one time, please, and touch your toes.

President Obama on Thursday named two Washington old-timers to scour the sofa pillows in search of some change — enough to bring down the government’s massive deficits by 2015.

Former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles and former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson were introduced as co-chairmen of a debt commission, which will look to reduce the federal budget deficit to 3 percent of gross domestic product in five years.

Obama said they were “taking on the impossible.”

“They’re going to try to restore reason to the fiscal debate and come up with answers,” he said.

My president has yet again created a new committee/bureaucracy. Where is he getting the money to pay all these people?
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Obama Seeks New Social Media Mouthpiece

16 02 2010

From Fox News:

Help wanted. Must tweet.

If you’re “passionate about engaging millions” in advancing President Obama’s agenda, the commander in chief has a job for you.

The Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America — the successor organization to Obama for America — are seeking a “social networks manager” to oversee Obama’s accounts on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. The ideal new hire, according to the official job description, will possess “strong, sharp and personable” writing skills, as well as the ability to craft messages that “move people to act” and managing multiple “complex” projects.

Be prepared to lose some sleep: “Ready to work hard; this isn’t a 9-5 sort of job,” reads another job qualification.

Candidates must also be willing to relocate to Washington, and preference will be given to those with experience in electoral campaigns and advocacy or nonprofit organizations.

One has to ask if My President is about to launch, “The Obama Network,all Obama, all the time.” My president’s slogan for his network would be, we’ll tell you and you bend over and accept it!!!!

Mia Cambronero, who currently holds the position, will step down by the end of the month from her “infamous job as ‘Barack Obama’s twitterer,'” according to an e-mail posted to a listserv. “We’re looking for someone to start immediately,” the posting read.

Seriously folks, My President is recruiting his own little “Brown Shirt Army”. And if you don’t know what that term means, look it up. Sorry, The Community Organizer In Charge is a Commie. And the fact that his administration is erasing statements that would appear to be to radical from every state web site, proves it. Oh and look that story up as well.
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The Montana Shrugged Group

9 02 2010


Dear Patriot,

If you are in the Billings area l hope you are planning to attend our rally this Wednesday from 12-1PM!

We have had great success in these past couple of weeks with the media covering our events!

If you missed any of our shows on channel 7 “The Patriot Chronicles” they are now available on youtube! Please visit the following website:

Our guests so far have been CARY SMITH (R) HD 55, ROY BROWN (R)
SD 25, and KRAYTON KERNS (R) HD 58.

Coming up this Thursday our guest is Mr. Bliss Tew, regional director for The John Birch Society!

Copies of the episodes are available for purchase for $5.00. Please send an email to for additional information.

Please tune in!


Jennifer Olsen

We had these folks on our radio show, and they are Patriots, so check them out.

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