Our Compassionate Conservatives pardon drug dealers but not the officers charged with protecting us from them

29 12 2006

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Republican conservative compassion doesn’t appear to extend to Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean. The two border agents which the Feds charged with the crime of shooting a drug smuggler in the butt as he was escaping back to Mexico, will start their 11 year and 12 year prison sentences in less than a month.

A compassionate Conservative was quoted as stating:
“They committed the crime of trying to stop a drug smuggler coming across our border and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law……
All true conservatives know, the free flow of drugs from Mexico is essential to the Mexican economy and this years bumper crop of Michocan must be allowed free access to U.S. markets.

We believe a Presidential pardon would send the wrong message to all of the brave potential federal felons guarding our border with Mexico. The U.S Government wants to make sure they get the correct message.”

“We are however, pleased to announce Presidential Pardons for two cocaine dealers….. Marie Georgette Ginette Briere and George Thomas Harley as well as hashish dealer Eric William Olson. Though as a true compassionate conservative, the President was only willing to commute the sentence of methamphetamine dealer Phillip Anthony Emmert.”

As a side note in this Holiday Season we would like to wish a Merry Christmas to smuggler Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila of Mexico….And while the 800 pounds of marijuana he was smuggling wont make it to your kids in time for Christmas, in the spirit of the New Year, we believe our grant of immunity to this honest and hard working drug dealer demonstrates the compassion we conservatives of the Administration have for potential future guest workers.

And for the families of convicted Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean as they lose their houses and their lives are torn apart…..we would like to extend…….uh…….um…….Well, good luck and have a Happy New Year”…..!
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Why Enforce the Law?….When you can just Embrace The Economic Reality.

28 12 2006

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Wave a magic wand….Print up some new Id’s…….and create citizens where there were once felons….The convolutions and twisted logic the Economic Reality crowd put’s itself through in order to justify Amnesty seems to do just that…….

The Pensacola News Journal Ran this article:

( the important issues facing Congress next year are many……)
One of them is Drugs.

At its heart is one underlying reality: There is a demand for Marijuana in the United States — and a need to supply it from Mexico and elsewhere — that has to be satisfied.

If it isn’t done legally, it will be done illegally.

To deny that and to seek purely law enforcement solutions, ignores economic reality. (Our current) badly flawed effort costs hundreds of billions of dollars a year, fills our jails, fosters corruption, feeds the criminals who fill the demand — and fails to keep relatively cheap pot from being widely available in almost every community in the United States.
The only way to beat illegal marijuana is to include an effective pot legalization program that fills the demand for the most popular drug.

Then, instead of wasting tax dollars on a continued huge government administrative and police bureaucracy, we can all benefit from the economic impact of a solution that helps the economies of both the United States and Mexico.

Neighborhood dealers will benefit from a program that gives them assurance they are selling legal pot; both the local and national economies will benefit from legal dealers and users who pay their full share of taxes and can live, work and smoke openly; and the federal government can be spared the expense and turmoil of trying to root out millions of illegal drug users.

Call it amnesty if you want, but allowing current drug dealers who already sell here to enter the government drug program will give these dealers a seamless way of complying with the law and defusing the need for police action.
Then, after a grace period, they would face serious penalties for continuing to deal if they are not in the program.

You might have figured out by now this article wasn’t really about POT. But it might have well been. ( I ONLY CHANGED 22 WORDS)….

Justifying granting amnesty to those who break the law because it might make good economic sense is flawed policy. If it wasn’t we’d have legalized drugs years ago. It makes great economic sense…..But the issue demands an approach that is a bit more complicated.
Illegal Immigration demands a comprehensive solution too, but should economics be the factor over riding all others? In the last 20 years, poor policy, and just plain indifference have allowed a national security and national soverignty issue to somehow morph into an economic one.

The fact that we can’t and don’t seem willing to even control our borders should be our primary concern above all others! This goes beyond economics to National Security as well as a host of other issues like soverignty, and protecting our citizens. Is securing our borders and enforcing our current laws so great an economic threat to our country that we cannot now afford to do this? Do we have no other choice but to “submit” to the “Economic Reality” of our failure to secure our country?

Let’s change the Paradigm……………..
THIS IS “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”:

  • Secure the border by any means necessary. This includes the Military.
  • Stiff penalties for employers, which are actually enforced.
  • No taxpayer funded programs for illegals or their families.
    (including school for children of illegals and non-emergency medical
    care for any illegal)
  • No “Anchor Babies” (no automatic citizenship for children of
    illegals born in the US)
  • No path to Citizenship in any name or form for those here illegally.
  • No Guest worker program until the above measures are put in place
    and the need can be PROVEN
  • English only education and the official language of the USA

This is the “Comprehensive” Plan our elected officials should be embracing. We create our own economic reality……Do this, and the so called “Economic Realities” change significantly…….

Others who know what a Paradigm is and how to change it:
The Un-Cooperative Blogger Has a draft bill…..
Right Truth has Keith Ellison’s plan for the sharia paradigm

Common Sense America wonders does Congress have any Honor left
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There Was A Time. . .

28 12 2006

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There was a time in our history when our elected officials and our courts fought for the interests of the American citizen and not in the interest of greedy CEO’s. There was a time when the American citizen was important and if corporations perpetrated schemes that were harmful to the American worker, our elected officials and our justices were quick to stand on the side of the American citizen.

There was a time when America mattered.

In 1892, our Supreme Court Justices were deciding a case involving a foreign minister who was asked to come to America to enter into service as rector and minister of the Holy Trinity Church.

In U.S. Supreme Court RECTOR, ETC, OF HOLY TRINITY CHURCH v. U S, 143 U.S. 457 (1892), our government attempted to stop Holy Trinity Church under a law which read:

The first section describes the act forbidden, and is in these words: ‘Be it enacted by the senate and house of representatives of the United States of America, in congress assembled, that from and after the passage of this act it shall be unlawful for any person, company, partnership, or corporation, in any manner whatsoever, to prepay the transportation, or in any way assist or encourage the importation or migration, of any alien or aliens, any foreigner or foreigners, into the United States, its territories, or the District of Columbia, under contract or agreement, parole or special, express or implied, made previous to the importation or migration of such alien or aliens, foreigner or foreigners, to perform labor or service of any kind in the United States, its territories, or the District of Columbia.’

The Supreme Court Justices were deciding whether a previous ruling by a lower court was justified and if this law was meant to address all foreigners who may wish to come to this country to work or if this law, in fact, had been enacted to prevent a specific type of immigration. While the case was being decided by the Supreme Court, some very clear statements were made that are still relevant to this day.

In their decision they stated:

And, referring back to the report of the committee of the house, there appears this language: ‘It seeks to restrain and prohibit the immigration or importation of laborers who would have never seen our shores but for the inducements and allurements of men whose only object is to obtain labor at the lowest possible rate, regardless of the social and material well-being of our own citizens, and regardless of the evil consequences which result to American laborers from such immigration.’


The inevitable tendency of their presence among us is to degrade American labor, and to reduce it to the level of the imported pauper labor.’ Page 5359, Congressional Record, 48th Cong.

We find, therefore, that the title of the act, the evil which was intended to be remedied, the circumstances surrounding the appeal to congress, the reports of the committee of each house, all concur in affirming that the intent of congress was simply to stay the influx of this cheap, unskilled labor.

You know, it would be nice to think that rather than falling all over themselves to cater to the greedy corporations among us who have lured so many illegal aliens to our nation, our elected officials would stop their foolishness and stand for the American laborers. It would be nice if they would applaud the American citizens currently lining up for the job openings at the Swift meatpacking plants and to hear them openly condemn the corporations and activists who spread the lie that Americans will not do these jobs.

It would be nice. . . but. . .

Will our new Congress have the courage and conviction of our forefathers? Or will they sell America to the highest corporate bidder?

It’s ironic. I used to be a Democrat. I left the party because of their entitlement program mentality and their steady shift to the left. But there was a time when the Democratic Party was known for standing up for the working American men and women in our country. There was a time when Senator Kennedy and other top members of the Democratic Party fought for the American citizen instead of giving speeches in a foreign language to illegal aliens brought to our nation merely to satisfy the greed of a few.

There really was a time when America mattered in the halls of Congress.

*** *** *** ***

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President Bush’s Legacy or America’s?

28 12 2006

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With two years left in the Presidency of George W. Bush a term frequently floated in the media is “legacy.” It’s my opinion a President shouldn’t look at polls to make decisions and shouldn’t worry about “legacy” either. Similarly to wealth, a positive outcome arrives from sweat equity, sticking to your principles and working your plan.

Politics is different, so-called “compromise” is used to “get things done.” However, what if the “things” are not accomplishments but sweeping problems under the rug for future generations.

Two major domestic issues stand out, immigration and social security. Congress, with Liberals taking the helm, is looking to 2008 by claiming accomplishments and feel they have a mandate, which is not true. The President wants accomplishment, wishes to work with Congress but at what cost?

What price is Mr. Bush willing to pay and how much political capital is he willing to lose for conservatives? Does compromise open the door for Liberals to gain more seats in Congress and possibly the Presidency? Compromise with Liberals at a high political cost is unacceptable.

Taxes and Social Security 

Democrats want to raise payroll taxes by raising the cap on social security tax. This is a nice way of going after higher income individuals the Liberals like to call “rich.” Social Security is intended to be a “pension plan” but in reality is no more than a federal redistribution program of taxing the “wealthy” and paying the poor. It’s time the President sticks to his convictions and discuss private accounts as a necessary part of “fixing” social security.


Because of poor law enforcement and government “looking the other way”, we now have a major illegal immigration problem in this country without a real resolution in sight. There are so many illegal immigrants in the United States removing them would be more difficult than herding cats.

As reported in the New York Times, lawmakers are considering abandoning a requirement in the Senate bill that would compel several million illegal immigrants to leave the United States before becoming eligible to apply for citizenship.

How nice, the election is over and Senators of all stripes are now demonstrating they are “the emperor’s without clothes.” What lawmakers are suggesting is we provide blanket amnesty since the law enforcement folly of decades, gone unchecked, has led to a disaster of open borders, open immigration abuse, and an open checkbook gratis of the American taxpayer to subsidize illegal immigrants.

The K Street excuse is “Jobs Americans Won’t Do.” What about medical and education benefits to illegal aliens which American citizens don’t have and can’t afford? What about accommodating non-English speaking people with special menus on ATM’s, phone services, and every direction pamphlet inserted in merchandise.

There is complete lack of leadership and we’re now engaged in further “liars poker” and the politicians continue to be the slick card dealers duping the public at every turn. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) is leading a new bill, which dissolves the earlier version and turns a socialist view to the term “worker.” Karl Marx would be proud. Unfortunately, John McCain (R-AZ) has teamed up with Kennedy in a move that will not endear him to Conservatives.

In a country based on the “rule of law”, legislatures are suggesting we provide a free pass to lawbreakers. Without consequences laws mean nothing. Passing laws are meaningless if enforcement isn’t the tool to keep our borders safe and prevent more of the same.

In a time when voters sent a message about corruption in government leadership is lacking and Hispanic votes are the driving force for immigration law. The tax and spend Liberals feel an obligation to raise taxes, redistribute wealth and disenfranchise honest, law abiding citizens and future citizens while increasing the size of government and the entitlements Liberals cherish.

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

The inscription on the Statue of Liberty is not a free pass; it indicates there is a “door” not an open path to break laws to enter the United States.

Politicians are discussing the selling out of American principles to provide rights to people who wish to avoid a legal path to citizenship. I repeat, there are no free passes to citizenship; our feckless “leaders” need to understand that for every vote they earn with amnesty is a vote they lose from Conservatives.

In addition, sending more hard earned money chasing a bankrupt system is not a solution built of solid economic fundamentals. Liberals claim a wish to compromise, but its only if they can invoke socialist systems to tax, regulate, redistribute wealth, and spend. Proclaimed “Conservatives” hiding under the banner of Republicans need to understand the dire political consequences they face.

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Remember Ramos and Compean

27 12 2006

Cross posted, with permission, from Freedom Folks

On the evening of February 17th, 2005 Jose Alonso Compean lay on the ground bleeding after a struggle with a drug smuggler. His partner Ignacio Ramos attempted to give chase, as the man fled the agent said he saw something shiny in his hand and fired one shot. More here.

Now Border Patrol agents Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos have been sentenced to 12 and 11 years in prison for shooting a known drug dealer and not reporting the incident.

That is the basic story and it left me with a lot of questions, so I picked up the phone and called Rich Pierce, executive VP with the National Border Patrol Council.

“These are good guys,” is one of the first things he had to say when I told him I was calling about the Ramos and Compean cases.

My first question was one I hadn’t seen dealt with in the media, or, if it had been I hadn’t seen it: What was the normal punishment for this type of incident? Mr. Pierce looked it up in the “Table Of Penalties.” The specific violation would have been a “Failure to report the discharge of a firearm.” Normal punishment? Written reprimand or up to a one week suspension, or as Mr. Pierce put it “about a thousand dollar fine.”

So how did we get to this with respected and honored Border patrol agents facing more than ten years in jail?

Culture of corruption

“El Paso is like being in Mexico,” Mr. Pierce said when I asked how this kind of thing could happen. He also felt the link between local El Paso politicos and Mexican drug cartels was a bit too close for comfort. “Drug cartels have gained control of El Paso.”

He went on to explain that agents Ramos and Compean weren’t the first federal agents to find themselves in trouble in El Paso. “Four or five federal agents have been indicted in El Paso and found themselves facing the same prosecutor and judge.”

As the Houston Chronicle recently reported…” The culture of bribery is quietly seeping into new realms of government, from school districts to municipal court, experts say. Proximity to Mexico is at least partly to blame, said Anthony Knopp, a professor who teaches border history at the University of Texas at Brownsville. “What we’re dealing with is a Third World country on the other side of the border where there is a culture of corruption … corruption will show up here, naturally.” And show up, it has.

But the corruption goes higher up the food chain. DHS made harsh accusations against Ramos and Compean that could not be backed up…”Department of Homeland Security officials told congressional leaders last month that two Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting a drug smuggler admitted to supervisors that they were “out to shoot Mexicans” the day of the shooting, but have yet to provide proof the agents made such statements.

Press Secretary Michael Green from Representative Kenny Marchant’s office replied to my question of whether or not the DHS has released this information yet. “The first thing is a process of judicial review, no evidence can be released for at least sixty days after a trial and we’re waiting to hear back from the El Paso court system on that. However, DHS says they have prepared a report that would be a “Silver Bullet” against the agents proving all the DHS allegation, but the report is now in review in the administration.”

He said the review involved the report being bounced from DHS to the administration and then to DOJ and who knows from there? When I asked Mr. Pierce about this alleged DHS proof he was indignant. “Why didn’t it come out in the trial?”

Questions also seem to swirl about United States District Attorney Johnny Sutton, a Bush nominee and friend of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. There is no proof of any wrongdoing, but President Bush and Alberto Gonzalez have shown themselves to be dead set against serious border security. Could these prosecutions be yet another way to frustrate proper control of our borders?

No pardon

“We’ll take a pardon if that’s the best we can get,” Mr. Pierce said, but “If all they get is a pardon their still guilty and they will not be eligible to get their jobs back, we need a reversal.”

A petition to pardon agents Ramos and Compean is percolating through the blogosphere, but what Mr. Pierce and the agents are really hoping for is a Congressional investigation. Though the agents deeply appreciate the effort to get them pardoned, Mr. Pierce says, it’s not enough.

An unnamed congressional spokesman assured me that there were concerns over the “proportionality” of the sentences, which echoes Mr. Pierce’s concern that this seems more appropriately an “administrative matter than a legal one.”

No one’s fighting for these guys

“The only congressman really standing up for these guys is Dana Rohrabacher,” Pierce responded when I asked where the fight goes from here for these two men. “Rep. Hostettler of Indiana had been spearheading the effort, but he didn’t make it (in the election).” He also wanted me to add that “Rohrabacher is the only one who has contributed to the legal defense fund out of his own pocket.”

Mr. Pierce hopes that somebody like Rep. Tom Tancredo might pick up the ball and run with it, but as of now no one has stepped up in a serious way for these agents.

“It seems no one is moving very quickly on this,” spokesman Michael Green said about DHS and the administration providing evidence that would exonerate or damn these agents.

No it doesn’t!

Ramos and Compean relief fund

Send the White House a “Christmas Pardon” email

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Jobs Dry Up With Housing Market

27 12 2006

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With the housing market slowing down, it seems illegal aliens are having trouble finding work:

The gold rush came in drywall, laminate flooring and granite countertops, and Amilcar Guzman came with it.

Guzman left El Salvador at age 18 in 1999 and landed in Manassas. Soon he had $15-an-hour jobs cutting lumber, driving nails and running a Bobcat loader. He got a car, got married. The Washington region was hungry for houses, houses, houses, and word of the boom reached Mexico and Central America, drawing thousands more eager, jobless men like him.

Then sometime last year, Guzman said, the rush began to go bust, little by little, month by month. The contractors stopped hiring. The phone stopped ringing. Washington, it seemed, had all the houses it could hold .

So Guzman got a plane ticket. On Jan. 20, he is taking his family back to El Salvador, with plans to open an auto repair shop with the money he has saved. “There’s no work here anymore,” he said, having spent the past month unemployed. “And when there’s no work, it’s time for Latinos to go back to the countries where they came from.”

Hispanic immigration to the Washington region has always followed a seasonal pattern, as the winter puts a chill on outdoor labor and drives workers south. But with home sales and housing starts dropping after years of steady growth, many Hispanic workers — legal and illegal — say the good times are gone.

Oh no! The “good times are gone”??? We’d better do something quickly!

But, have no fear – oh, and get out your wallet – because the activists have a plan:

Gustavo Torres, executive director of CASA of Maryland, said he’s concerned that tensions over immigration will spread and intensify if large numbers of idle construction workers are not quickly absorbed by other services and industries. “We’ve seen workers leaving for other states for jobs in construction or agriculture,” he said.

Torres argued for the need for job training programs to help workers make the transition into other sectors, saying he feared that “confrontation will accelerate further” if the slowdown worsens.

Yes, that is just what the American taxpayer had in mind – using our tax dollars to train illegal aliens to move up the ladder to replace us in even more industries. You have got to be kidding!

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Keith Ellison stirs American Muslims with allahu akbar (Open Trackback Wednesday)

27 12 2006

Cross Posted From Right Truth

Representative Elect Keith Ellison (D-MN) spoke at the annual convention of two Muslim groups, the Muslim American Society and the Islamic Circle of North America. Here’s some of what he told American Muslims:

“Muslims, you’re up to bat right now…” he said. “How do you know that you were not brought right here to this place to learn how to make this world better? How do you know that Allah, sallalahu aleyhi wasallam,” (meaning peace be upon him) “did not bring you here so that you could understand how to teach people what tolerance was, what justice was?… How do you know that you’re not here to teach this country?” …”You can’t back down, you can’t chicken out, you can’t be afraid, you got to have faith in Allah, and you got to stand up and be a real Muslim,” Detroit native Keith Ellison said to loud applause. …

“Allahu akbar” – God is great – was the reply of many in the crowd. …

“We’re going to continue to face them,” he said. “They’re not going to stop right away. But if you, and me too, stick together, if we believe in Allah … if we turn to the Quran for guidance, we’ll find an answer to the questions we have. source

Thomas Lifson in the American Thinker asks:

Perhaps Rep.-elect Ellison would care to teach us about justice when it comes to women’s standing as witnesses in court, and in respect to inheritance rights. I am particularly curious as to his probably acceptance as a good Muslim of Quranic injunctions that women count as less than men in regard to these points.I eagerly await the National Organization for Women’s take on the subject.

I anxiously await the response of the New York Times, the ACLU, and other decriers of any hint of God talk on the part of politicians – at least when the God in question is mentioned in a Judeo-Christian context. Will we hear talk of a nascent “theocracy” from them? Somehow, I doubt it. Can you imagine the coverage which might be given to an evangelical Christian newly elected to Congress giving a similar speech, and receiving s similar response?

The Detroit Free Press broke the story, I have not found a full transcript or video of Mr. Ellison’s speech.

Rep. Virgil Goode (R.-Va.) wrote in a letter to a constituent, “if American citizens don’t wake up and adopt the Virgil Goode position on immigration there will likely be many more Muslims elected to office and demanding the use of the Koran.” Goode has been vilified for his comments and the Huffington Post wants to know why the White House has not condemned Goode’s letter.

Ellison was born in the United States and converted to Islam while in college. Chicago Sun-Times adds, ‘Ellison isn’t an immigrant. He’s an African-American convert to Islam who can trace his American roots back to 1742.’ So they think Mr. Goode’s argument about muslim immigration doesn’t relate to Ellison. Perhaps it doesn’t, but it is still a valid argument.

Robert Spencer wrote, “Criticisms of Goode shared a common assumption: that he had no reason to be concerned about Ellison, the Koran, or Muslims, and that any suspicion he did have was simply evidence of his bigotry and ignorance. In raising the specter of nativism, the Post was suggesting that America has been down this road before, and has nothing to show for it but shame.”

I think Mr. Goode makes very good points in his letter. Just who are these groups that Ellison is associated with?

MAS members maintain that the group has no ties to the Brotherhood, but there are indications that many in the group want to see the Constitution replaced by Islamic law. “We may all feel emotionally attached to the goal of an Islamic state” in America, said a speaker at a 2002 MAS conference, but “we mustn’t cross hurdles we can’t jump yet.” Likewise, according to terror expert Steven Emerson, the Islamic Circle of North America “is a Jamad Islamia group, which is on record as calling for jihad in the United States, to promote the notion of an Islamic world.”

Robert Spencer asks, “Bigotry is an obstinate and irrational hatred of a particular group. Is it obstinate or irrational, or any act of hatred at all, to ask Ellison to clarify where he stands on the MAS’s desire for the imposition of Islamic law in the United States?” I say we have every right to ask these questions of Mr. Ellison.

Rush Limbaugh on Goode (emphasis mine):

Sounds like what’s gotten everybody fired up is Virgil Goode saying, “I am for restricting immigration so that we don’t have a majority of Muslims elected to the United States House of Representatives.” He’s voiced a concern that many Americans have. They probably don’t have the courage to say it, but (interruption). My own staff, even in the spirit of Christmas, sees fit to argue with me. (interruption) He’s afraid of it becoming Europe! They have their lax immigration standards over there. That’s the point that he’s trying to convey, as I understand it: If we don’t get a handle on immigration, we are going to end up like Europe — and if you don’t think that there are a lot of people that think like that, then that’s why you’re screening and why I’m hosting because you are out of touch.

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