Amnesty Wrong in 2007 More So in 2013

14 02 2013

Cross Posted From The Mortgage Guy:
Amnesty TraitorsAll of the reasons that led to the defeat of the 2007 Bush amnesty remain valid today.  When it comes to the economic reasons why it was defeated, those reasons are even more valid today.  In 2007, there were 7.4 million Americans unemployed.  Today there are 12.3 million Americans unemployed.  It’s important to realize that the 12.3 million number is understating the problem because of the millions that have dropped out of the labor work force.  A more realistic estimate of under employed and  unemployed Americans stands at about 23 million. It is estimated that 8 million jobs are now occupied by illegal aliens.

What possible justification is there for elected officials, who are supposed to be governing on behalf of their citizens, to support any initiative that would be cause for this trend to continue and grow?  How is it in the best interests of the constituencies of the supporters of amnesty to allow 8 million jobs to remain occupied by people who broke our laws, violated our sovereignty and don’t belong here in the first place?

Not only is the employment situation much bleaker this time around, government spending is out control and threatens to bring down the entire economy.  How would adding 12 million people to the Obamacare roles improve that situation?  It won’t.  It will worsen it by billions.  State and local budgets are equally strained.  Providing social benefits for illegal aliens keeps them that way.  We couldn’t afford amnesty in 2007 and we certainly can’t afford it now.

Then there are the brainwashed open borders liberals, and some republicans, who spew the “but illegal aliens do pay taxes”.  I’ve already seen this popping up on comment boards and forums.  But just like in 2007 when they tried to spread this hollow propaganda, it is false this time around too.  Yes they do pay taxes.  But what they pay pales in comparison to what they cost.


In fact a 2007 CBO study states…

The tax revenues that unauthorized immigrants generate for state and local governments do not offset the total cost of services provided to those immigrants. Most of the estimates found that even though unauthorized immigrants pay taxes and other fees to state and local jurisdictions, the resulting revenues offset only a portion of the costs incurred by those jurisdictions for providing services related to education, health care, and law enforcement…”[The Impact of Unauthorized Immigrants on the Budgets of State and Local GovernmentsDecember 2007]

Studies cited in the CBO report show revenues paid by illegals fall 20% to 60% short of the costs they impose on state and local governments.

This only addresses state and local costs.  There are federal costs as well.  A 2010 study done by the Federation of American Immigration Reform puts the total net costs of illegal immigration at $112 billion.  That breaks down to $29 billion on the Federal level and $84 billion on the local and state level.  The average American household share for paying for illegal aliens is $1,114.  Keep in mind this is before factoring in ACA (Obamacare) costs which will skyrocket under amnesty.  The bottom line is despite the fact illegal aliens are forced to pay some taxes, there is an exorbitant net cost.  Why should the American taxpayer be forced to pay these costs to keep people here that are taking their jobs, social services, education and medical care?  It’s like being forced to pay for the bullet used to kill you by firing squad.  Don’t believe the lib talking points regurgitators that believe if one says something enough, it becomes true.

It’s not just about costs or the economics of illegal immigration.  It’s about the rule of law. One set of laws for everyone with no one above the law.  Amnesty provides a separate set of laws for illegal aliens and puts them above the laws that the rest of us must follow.  The rule of law is a pillar upon which this country was founded.  Amnesty directly erodes this pillar.  Especially at a time when the current administration has trashed the rule of law time and time again with bailouts, executive orders, gun running, gun confiscation and on and on.  It is clear that the political elite no longer have the consent of the governed and if you don’t know what that ultimately leads to, I suggest you do some research.

When it comes to getting the truth on illegal immigration issues, just like most issues of the day, you cannot rely on mainstream sources.  The mainstream media no longer resides in the role of disseminating truthful information.  They have taken on the role of leftist propagandists and will unashamedly push anything liberal with lies, obfuscation and half truths. This is how the most failed president in the history of the nation was re-elected.  The illegal immigration issue is no different in this regard than say the bailouts, the economy, Obamacare and Benghazi.  So be very aware of where your information comes from and what agendas are being served.

schumermccainrubioSo why is amnesty being pushed by our political elite?  For the democrats, they want the votes.  They will get them too as they very adept at buying votes with taxpayer paid goodies.  The vast majority of the illegal alien population is needy.  They will vote with their pocket books and put anyone in office that promises them freebies.  For republicans, it’s votes too.  Somehow they’ve been convinced against logic and history that if they cave to amnesty, they will reap Hispanic votes.  History, of course, doesn’t support this.

No matter the reasons for either party supporting illegal alien amnesty one thing is clear.  It is a betrayal of the American citizen and they are the majority of these traitor’s constituencies.



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28 03 2018
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Amnesty Wrong in 2007 More So in 2013 | Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

26 06 2016
Robert G.

Children born here of illegal parents are not legal citizens. They are not subject to the jurisdiction thereof. They’re illegal alien parents can take them with them when they leave.
Check the 1898 case of Wong Kim Ark vs. The United States. This tells the truth versus mainstream media.
For politicians illegals equals votes.

20 03 2016

I hate this talk about all illegal immigrants being criminals.

What about the illegal Italians, Irish, Jews and other Europeans (diamond/women/drug/alcohol smugglers, terrorists (IRA), money launderers, mobsters, drug dealers (made drugs possible in this country that started the whole drug revolution that now is blamed on the Latinos), murderers, rapists, drug abusers, liars, thieves, and don’t pay taxes on their dirty money? The first generation of them became legal and now their descendants are legal. Should we look into that and are they any better for our society? Cubans (another Latino race) and Haitians get into this country illegally and are granted legal stay and worshipped.

The whole legal thing DOES have a double standard and as with anything else money and politics talks.

I know of a model citizen that holds a professional degree and licensing (paid in cash from hard work by parent and student), owns real estate property and pays all taxes all her years, helped 100’s upon 100’s of Americas (White, Black, Brown, Yellow), with severe bodily pain issues (loved by patients). She does not have a green card because her mother crossed the Mexican border (not Mexican) over 30-years ago. Her mother brought her here at an age of 8. Mother filed papers for daughter, who became legal, BUT the daughter was left out of the filing by a corrupt or incompetent (or both) New York City Lawyer, that simply “forgot” to put her name in the legal filing process after taking their cash money. They couldn’t sue because Lawyer had then retired and they didn’t know what else to do. Daughter (close to 40 now) refuses to marry for a green card and has no children. She has alway paid taxes. The mother and daughter never collected welfare. She is a god loving and kind hearted individual. You would never ever tell this person apart from another American, her English is perfect, and she is American in every regard. Anyone that would get to know her would love her kind heart and intelligence. All illegal immigrants are NOT a burden and should NOT all be measured by the same stick.

You see:

Jesus faced a mob that was eager to execute a woman caught in adultery. He put a stop to it with a simple challenge: anyone who has no sin in their life should step forward and throw the first stone. That sentence is often cited as a reminder to avoid judging others when there are faults in your own life that need to be addressed.

Even if you do not believe in Jesus, this verse holds true in life and in this case. So what is my point? Stop pointing and Judging with long contorted finger and spitting venom from the forked tongue and open your clouded eyes. That is the Demon inside you talking.

29 11 2015
A concerned citizen

I really respect your articulate, passionate argument throughout the entire blog, until the last paragraph, of course.

“So why is amnesty being pushed by our political elite? For the democrats, they want the votes. They will get them too as they very adept at buying votes with taxpayer paid goodies. The vast majority of the illegal alien population is needy. They will vote with their pocket books and put anyone in office that promises them freebies. For republicans, it’s votes too. Somehow they’ve been convinced against logic and history that if they cave to amnesty, they will reap Hispanic votes. History, of course, doesn’t support this.”

First of all, I don’t know what you mean with ‘pocket books’. I am assuming that you meant to express that illegal immigrants are voting their heads off for democrats. But perhaps you have forgotten that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS CANNOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES vote. Which is a plus for the rest of us, U.S. citizens don’t you think? Please correct this silly mistake in order to strengthen your argument.

Second of all, you are racializing this crime so much to the point that I fear no ‘socialist’ will be moved by your cause. As a person of deep concern to all US American citizens, your primary concern is to rid of propaganda by being more specific about your cause. Are we here to assume that the only race that can come to the United States and break the law are Hispanics? And what about the Hispanics that came here with official permission (meaning legally) but let their visas expire? To what extent should we criminalize their forgetfulness? And last but definitely not least, could you please cite your sources at the end of the blog MLA style so that I can track them down? You speak with such fervent passion to ignore the media for information, but then where exactly do we get the information then? Whatever tells us what we want to believe or reliable sources? And what makes a source reliable? As educated, natural-born citizens, shouldn’t you be educated enough to at least make a critical analysis about the interpretation of data? I demand this and so much more.

By now, you should realize that I, currently, stand against “stronger” border laws. I came here to this blog to read your argument, however, in the attempt to understand someone’s beliefs without being biased. I really really tried to be convinced of your argument, but you lack the essentials of an elaborate thought. Regardless, I do not regret reading this because I feel a tad bit more educated. It is my strong belief that not everyone has the ability to determine what is morally right and wrong unless they have gathered deep moral reflection of their beliefs and core values. Meaning, you should always try to reflect upon this question of “What if what I believe in is actually wrong?” like I did by reading this article. This is my first article, and I plan to read many more anti-illegals articles before making my own assumptions about “southern right-wing crackers”.

Hopefully, I have not insulted your cause but simply motivate you to make your argument stronger so that even people like me can change my mind and follow your cause. In order for you to that, you have to put yourself in our shoes. What do you think?

12 09 2014
charlotte ploss

please help. i am technologically inept. I rarely, if ever comment on such sites because of my tech ignorance. But I know the illegal alien invasion will be the fatal blow to our country and i want to do SOMETHING.
National pride, cohesive and common beliefs, and UNITY in respect and honor of America made us great. illegals have none of that. We are simply suckers and jerks to them. They don’t give a hoot about our country – except what they can take from us.

I went to a rally some months ago and someone gave me a leaflet. It was a clear, concise, step-by-step, PEACEFUL yet powerful way to stop the gov’t from declaring amnesty and to force deportations.

I cannot find this group/movement listed in the flyer. SSSUSA. If that group has been shut down by the gov’t how do i get this flyer to a blogger who can ‘pick up the “standard” and lead the organization? I saved the flyer and retyped it into my computer. (Didn’t know how to scan it in. Told you i was inept). But I do know how to attach it to an e-mail or put it in snailmail.

What was great about the SSSUSA plan – is – no one had to do anything – no calls (except a few at the very beginning – then no more). No rallies, no marches, no letters to uncaring politicians – no nothing. Simple and effective.

please direct me. How do i get this to anyone who can send it out nationwide and begin the internet organizing? ‘Cause that’s all that’s needed – sending the info to patriots or adding it to a website.
Stopping this invasion CAN be done.
The SSSUSA plan was brilliant – outlining that we have the power IN OUR WALLETS. NO! No spending required – just the reverse. Use money (actually the ‘non-use’ of it) as a ‘weapon’.
Anacronym stood for Stop Spending, Save USA.
When banks, retailers, chambers of commerce, credit card companies, etc are informed that spending will be curtailed, diminished – we citizens will stop being ignored and disrespected.
Please help me send this where it will be effective.
G’Ma Charlotte

9 02 2014

I would like to ask one question of all the folks who would like to continue allowing illegals into our country, our HOME, undetected.

Do you practice this same idealistic lunacy in your own home? Do you leave your doors to the outside world wide open, inviting any, and all comers into your home, WITHOUT KNOWING who you’re inviting in?

Also, do you offer them “free” healthcare, access to your bank account, your bed, etc, because they are poor? If you think that Socialism is so good, do you practice running your own household in the exact same Socialistic manner?

Hey! Since you’re so much in love with this Socialism thing, heres one more question for you to chew on….

Can I send, over some real American citizens, who tell you that they can’t work, but they need a “handout?” Now these are able-bodied human beings, but they won’t try to support themselves, or their ten or eleven kids.

They will come over to your house, flop out on your couch, watch your T.V., and not lift a finger to help out with housework or the food, so that way you can offer up your money, food, shelter, and clothing…..ALL OF THIS PAID FOR BY YOU! Just think! Then you can feel sooo good about yourself!

I mean, this must be ok with you, if Socialism is the “way of the future!”

Heres a clue………….

The only thing that is “broken” in our immigration law is the fact that the duly-elected officials of our country who swore a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution Of The United States Of America, have broken their oath, thus the Rule Of Law!

22 06 2013

I would rather deport all the southern right-wing crackers like you.

6 07 2014

Would you really? Then who would pay for your food, housing, clothing and everything else you depend on for a living?

18 02 2013


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